scandals, betrayals and reckonings

Last week i had posted this article on my spy-book page, regarding doctor Umar Johnson. I very close friend had referred me to an instagram post, where a knee-grow questioned Dr. Umar’s expertise on homosexuality, which in turn made him questioned the Dr.’s credentials. Two nights ago I saw something on my news feed, where Dr. Umar Johnson publicly confessed to a situation he found himself in, that has now been banded about on a level soon to surpass the interesting opposition to his school idea. Soon to surpass you say? Yep…soon to surpass, because it contains the key elements of the kind of story that often enthralls the knee-grows. Sex scandal, money, women of ill repute and the weak men that are involved. So far i have read the responses of many people…mostly males….. who were savaging Dr. Umar Johnson, for having sex with a woman, who happened to be a stripper. Also for supposedly having two women with children and for been weak and not upholding the ideals that is expected of a “leader”,  of keeping his dick in his pants.

Eventually the same criticism eventually refocused on his all boys academy and why he should not be trusted with the peoples money to build an all boys school. To top it all off, there is a recycling of a madamenoire article, explaining why Dr. Umar should not be the one to head an all boys academy, because he objects to the homosexual lifestyle. I kid you not. The article implies that what Dr. Umar states about an homosexual agenda in the public schools makes him unfit to lead boys in his own school. The clear evidence from his own clinical involvement with actual practicing homosexuals and their tales of rape, and emotional abuse and conditioning, which made him conclude that homosexuality is a social conditioning that further preys on already victimized youth…makes him ineligible to head an all boys school, where boys can be trained to be functional men, who can then contribute in a positive manner to the lives of other black people.

I guess madamenoire is more pleased with the following than what Dr. Umar is advocating..

or this

or even this

The following was taken from his facebook confession:

“By now many of you may have heard about the female who is on a campaign to not only assassinate my character, but destroy my life’s work, which is to help our people, by specifically helping our children. I met this woman at the Garvey Day celebration in Ft Lauderdale(FL) 8.17.14. I was never in her presence until 3.27, 3.31 & 4.10.

I didn’t know she was from Philadelphia but a few months ago she contacted me and said she had moved back. Whether she returned to Philly to entrap me or for some other reason I cannot say for sure. These were the only dates that I was alone with this maggot in my life (3.27,3.31,4.10). We met at the same center city philly hotel, 100 N. columbus blvd; and each of the three encounters was after midnite. We never went on a date, and we never “dated” as she claims. We saw each other on 3 separate midnights, nothing more or less. Some of those texts are real while others have been fabricated.

I didn’t know that she was a dancer upfront, that’s something she confessed later, during this 2 week “escapade.” She talked about her struggles of being a single mom, with an incarcerated son, only recently obtaining her GED, and about her other 2 sons.

The only reason I’m divulging this information is because a supporter of mine, who supports my FDMG campaign, who has been working tirelessly to bring my work to the attention of their NBA superstar cousin, and had finally made inroads. This superstar’s charity was scheduled to meet and discuss my FDMG campaign this week, the donation amount, as I was informed directly from a board member was to be $1,000,000. This one million dollars would’ve allowed us to either acquire the Christian college in the south, or with the fundraiser donations already in hand, put us extremely close to matching the $2,000,000 pricetag on St.Paul’s (if the gov’t didn’t buy it first).

However, it all crumbled on Wednesday while I was in DC. As I was preparing to begin my workshop with the juveniles and their parents, the email I was waiting for from the NBA superstar’s charity board member came through and said, “I was planning on giving him the OK to support you in the amount of one million dollars. However, i went online to do some research on you and saw that you were in the center of a scandal involving a stripper. He cannot be associated with that type of drama and regrettably we cannot go forward with the donation.”

My heart dropped, and my stomach curled, I don’t know how I managed to get out that chair to offer my workshop. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a pain in my stomach like that before. We had the money in our hands, but my careless association with a tramp, disguised as a Queen, may have cost me my dream. But she’s still not done, multiple videos, multiple false tweets & instagrams have now left me no choice but to take care of this situation myself, after all it’s my fault.

From the jump I would rather discuss this fall out then whatever that Rachel Dolezal in black face did, with the complicity of the NCAAP and her husband, to fool a bunch of people who are still in love with colorism and self hate.

One of the first questions i would ask of Dr. Umar’s current detractors is…how does this impact on his works in the black community with black children, in particular, black boys. I am not talking about the Fredrick Douglas Marcus Garvey Academy. I am talking about his actual clinical work in homes, in schools..before he was denied access, because of his views of homosexuality. A lot of kats have said that this is the reason why they wouldn’t donate money to the school. Then there are some who said they regretted donating money. This tells me that they were never interested in the plight of black boys and jumped on this opportunity and distraction to NOT get involved in “raising strong black men, instead of repairing broken ones”. They donated money because they could brag about it.

One of the prevailing theme in the criticism of Dr. Umar’s current episode is that he was a hypocrite, for telling men to practice restraint around women, when he didn’t do the same. This appears indeed hypocritical and speaks of his weakness in a time when he needed to be a strong example. I will not defend his action…nor condemn it….because I wasn’t there. But one thing I can say is, I have seen numerous pictures of women, all up under Dr. Umar at his lectures and the energies they exude in his presence. I have personally seen these kinds of action, back when i was more involved in the community and the inevitable fall out, when peoples pussy or dick play didn’t pan out to their liking. It was not a pretty sight. I wonder how many heterosexual males would be 100 percent oblivious to the charms and interests of many of these women? Women who are qutie pleasing to the eyes and senses and would make sure you know they are present? As a man that has been around the conscious movement since I was in my teens, I have seen many conscious pimps and conscious prostitutes. People that would prey on vulnerable people for their own self aggrandizement and….AND….as COINTELPRO has shown us…some of them do it as agents for the government. Last year I had a sister asked me what would be the best way to catch Dr. Umar’s interests. When I asked her what she meant by that, she stated quite clearly she wanted to catch his attention and wanted to know how she should dress, because she KNEW there were other women there that were going to be marking him. My conclusion is that women know things that us men don’t. And I always to back to Miriam Makeba’s sober comment that “a woman can make a man do anything she wants, if she knows how to do it” . Women know….!

Trust me when I say as a man, it is quite easy to move from pleasant conversation to flirting to actual sexual encounters. And the acrimony that develops when you don’t go the final stage…or even if you go there and nothing pans out…is on a next level shit storm.

Do men know, as well? Sometimes! Sometimes not. Sometimes we know and go with the program and sometimes we know and resist. But women always know. Which then raises the question, was this woman a plant? Did she intend to bring down Dr. Umar for her own joy? or was she paid to do so? Apparently she IS…. not WAS….IS a stripper. Which meant that she hid it from him while spending time with him. So now the question that comes up is…why was a stripper attending Dr. Umar’s lectures. Why did she deliberately insinuate herself into his confidence so much that she had late night “sessions” with him. I very much doubt that she was discussing the academy or the effeminization of black boys. Also if this was a private session and they…according to Dr. Umar…spend a total of three times together…how did the anonymous NBA player find out about it? I mean who knew he was considering funding Dr. Umar’s academy? Now nowhere in his confession did Dr. Umar had sex with the woman. Most conscientious is that he did. So the natural conclusion is that he consorted with strippers. Which then makes is actions quite interesting in light of his position. But if he didn’t know she was. If she was a “conscious” woman, then both he and she bares responsibility for their actions, either way. A conscious woman should not be in a position to take advantage of or be taken advantage of. And neither a “conscious” man. Yet we have not heard anything form her. But wait. She will inevitably come out with her version and I hope she is severely scrutinized in the same vein he is. She has already released intimate text messages between herself and the Dr. Interesting how these things are conveniently coming out at a time when Dr, Umar’s popularity and school idea is picking up steam and following and growing rapidly.

The next issue people are claiming that he misappropriated funds. How they arrive at that conclusions I don’t know. But to me it seems an excuse to accuse him of stealing money from donors. But if you read and listen to Dr. Umar’s presentation of his academy, he TOLD people he will not be given a refund, because in his mind, if he missed out on the original building, he is going to use the money and pursue another one. yet mother fuckers are lamenting the fact that they aren’t getting a refund. I hope you ask the government to give you back your lotto money when you don’t when they big prize. Shit like this makes me hate knee-grows severely. Bitch ass knee-grows would rather support a racist business establishment, but don’t ask for their money back or even boycott or sue if they are insulted by other people, who take our money and shit on us.

The final issue is that he has children for two women. For me that’s one too much. However, did he hit and run? Did he have a relationship that fell apart? How did those relationship got started? Why did he not use condoms, considering that he is a big opponent of bitter women taking fathers to family court for everything under the sun?

I am not going into my usual long diatribe, but I want all you people to consider this what would you do in this situation? If not being honest with me, be honest with yourself. Think back in your past about being in similar situation and tell me if you did what you said Dr. Umar should have done? I will say this though, this is on Dr. Umar, because he should know better. This is on him because he had set himself up as and example. yet will we question this so called “conscious stripper?” Or will we sympathize with her and feel she is a victim? What does she gain or loose in this situation. And the very big question in all of this…how does it impact on his clinical work and his efforts to get his academy up off the ground?

I conclude with this excerpt from an interesting book, by the author of the 48 laws of power. There are levels to this shit for real….

By the way…if you are notinterested in supporting Dr. Umar’s school, there are numerous private and small academies that are doing a wonderful job with our children I recently saw where Mwalimu Baruti is doing fund raising for his school. This is something this brother should not be doing…if we claim to be concerned about the plight of our people. Support this brother if you hypocritically feel Dr. Umar has nothing for you to support. In fact it shouldn’t even be an either or…

Akoben Institute Video Tour

or support this movement. Its a noble and necessary one.