Why do black people watch other black people’s money

Over the past 20 or so years, I have noticed that many of us have turned “consciousness” into a new reLIEgion and anybody not part of this cult is ripe to be attacked for a myriad of reasons. While we continue to grow this cult of consciousness, the cave savage is waging constant war against us, from sun up to sun down. They have done a masterful job of turning us against each other and are not sitting back while we continue to savage each other for some of the most petty or misguided reasons. Each incident building on each other. While we are doing this, your mulatto president is signing secret papers to erode whatever is left of our rights as people on the planet, much less in amurdikkka.

Still we continue to waste time on things beyond our control, instead of focusing on those we can. One of the things we do so well, is fail to handle our money, but do so well in watching another man’s own. It is because we are influenced by this cult of personality worship, that we swing from uninhibited praise of the rich and famous, to reckless accusations, while not knowing or should care what they do in between those two extremes. So far in the last 36 hours, a rehashing of an old story keeps popping up that, lets me know that something is going down, that will have the savages ecstatic for the right reasons and we for the wrong. We have to remember that under the ideology of white supremacy, all people not of the same class or status are in a war. None more than the Afrikan people. No matter if you describe yourself as Dominican, Caribbean, Negro, 1/25th Germanic coon….what they see and what they will do to you, will color your world…not white, but red. One of the things the cave savage does to the modern black person is to abuse and destroy their image in the media. This makes it easier to eradicate them to your cheers and contentment.

When the cave savage watches a black mans money, rest assured he is not pleased that the proverbial stereotype has broken the mold and is utilizing the very same methods they used to grow wealth. We see it in the attacks on Reginald F Lewis. We see, it in Michael Jackson, we see it any self made man or woman, who did it with out a Jew or another savage in his pocket, doing his books, or fronting him money upfront and charging him an arm and a leg in the back end. Bill Cosby was fine until he wanted to buy a “white” owned icon of a station. Jackson was fine until we bought the Beatles collection…and gave Little Richards back his intellectual property rights. Recently the worst boxing promoter and the worst company manager in the boxing game…Bob (rob) Arum and Oscar Dela (cross dresser) Hoya, decided they were going to sue boxing advisor AL Hymon for violating the Muhammad Ali act of being both a promoter and manager. Boxing is one of the dirtiest business, where EVERY boxer is exploited by promoters and managers of ALL ilk. Two of the largest and most famous promoter crooks still remain Bob Arum and Don King. Now Al Hymon is wealthy. He made money in concert promotion, where came up with this weird idea that the act should get the majority of the money instead of the organizers. He took that idea into boxing, backed by boat loads of investment money from white investors he made money for. Because of this, many boxers, who traditionally have more courage than common sense. More heart than education, seeing that they could make money off a very dangerous profession, threw their lot in with Hymon. So those who cant hang, decided they will steal the mans money.

Al Hymon’s best pupil is Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather is hated for two reason and two reasons only. He is good and is not shy in making you know that. He is rich and is not shy in making you know that. Now this is where confidence is mistaken for arrogance by folks who either lack confidence in themselves or who are slaves and fear when a Nat Turner rises up and yells “break free!” If you have ever been around a boxing gym. Been around boxers, you can overstand why it is easy for a boxer to be exploited. Now I am not saying boxers cannot be good people, or they are any dumber than the average Joe. What they lack is perspective and have this puppy dog attitude of loyalty to someone who would make them a little money doing what circumstances has forced them to do. this is why the best boxers tend to come from a very poor or hard scrabbled life. Just being able to get their first paycheck…however minor…for busting someone upside their head is a high they would seek over and over again, and not worry about the mechanism behind that check.

Along came Floyd Mayweather and broke the mold…tore it off the hinges and burnt the building down…..Floyd Mayweather paid $750,000 to get out of his contract in 2006, and it made him hundreds of millions. However, he couldn’t have done it with out a black man,with a conscience, who had the financial know withal and the ability to execute the vision Mayweather had about how to promote himself. Rest assured that the vision of Floyd Mayweather plays a big part in his success. Where I come from, their is an old transplanted Afrikan saying…”the higher the monkey climb, the more his ass is exposed”!

Note: I can see the savages having a field day with the monkey reference.

Like any celebrity Mayweather has his fair amount of supporters and detractors, with the detractors either being more vociferous or given more air time, by the media. When a black man can go hard into another man’s past like this…. Floyd Mayweather has a disturbing history of domestic violence..skilfully using half truth and speculations. One rightfully has to question the motive and purpose of such an endeavor. I said that they two and only two reasons why Floyd Mayweather is hated is because of his purported arrogance and his flaunting of his wealth. But they disguise these excuses with other excuses,such as domestic violence, inability to read and other sensational things geared to get support in their witch hunt.

Recently another article came out about him buying a 4.8 million dollar car. Note this site is the one that came out with the list of Floyd Mayweather’s domestic violence cases. A black site. This buying of car has been a thing to passionately debate more than his boxing skills. But wait, I have googled a list of celebrities who also buy…or the operative word here…collect cars. I don’t know the science behind their numbering system, but they have Floyd at number 15. Take a look who is at 19 and 18. isn’t interesting that when Floyd does it. He “buys” cars. But when Jay Leno does it, he “collects” cars. With a little research some of us would have seen that he doesn’t keep a car past 6 month. That when they APPRECIATES, he sells them and gets another. Car collectors call that investing.

Making money
A collector’s car can be an investment. Buyers snap up cars in the hope they will increase in value over time, much like a fine wine or piece of art. Some investors may enjoy the thrill of taking a gamble with a vehicle. After all, there is always a risk in the future price development of a car.
Collectible significance
Collecting cars can be compared with collecting art. In both fields, collectors possess a similar vein of fascination with their favourite works and a sense of pride of owning a piece.
Making a statement
Owning a great classic car that stands out makes a social statement. “Collecting cars is one of the few expensive hobbies you can show the outside world simply by using it the way it was designed to be used,” says Seidl. “Other lavish hobbies involve a more direct way of showing off, such as inviting someone into your house to show off your collection of African Art.”
The community
Collecting is a sociable hobby. There’s a whole community, with clubs and events centered around these objects of mutual desire. Collectors become a part of a social circle of enthusiasts, and simply driving or working on your car gets people talking to you. Owners of the highest-valued vehicles see themselves as a part of an exclusive group, socializing at events like Pebble Beach in California, Concorso d’Eleganza at Lake Como and Mille Miglia in Brescia. The scene, though, has drastically changed over the last 30 years. “Before, these great cars were the realm of real car mechanics and handymen, for people who had a passion for cars and enjoyed renovating them,” says Seidl. “Today it has become a more exclusive field, where wealthy people have recognized the potential for making lucrative investments. You still see enthusiasts from all walks of life, but there are a lot more investors than there used to be.”
What Gives a Collector’s Car its Value?
Not all cars become collectors’ items. There are a number of factors that make some cars more desirable, and thus more valuable, than others. Because a car is old or scarce doesn’t automatically make it a valuable collector’s item. The most valuable cars are usually those that were special when they were new. This special feature could be a certain technological breakthrough at the time, custom coach work, a certain unusual design, or even a minor deviation from a standard model.

Thomas Hanna is CEO of the German company Die Pontonmanufaktur (www.mercedes-ponton.de) , which restores and maintains classic Mercedes cars. “If an automobile was already exclusive when it was new, that’s a big advantage for its status as a collector’s car,” Hanna told us. “A limited number of specimens and proven reliability also go a long way to increasing its collectability.”The following list provides further points that determine the financial and collectible value of cars.

Professional collectors are looking for something that is rare. There’s little pride in owning a car that has been made five million times, so a limited amount of specimens on the market increases demand and therefore value. Many models weren’t manufactured on mass in the first place, so became valuable commodities fairly quickly. This is especially true of pre-war cars. For example, Ettore Bugatti built a mere six Bugatti Royales from 1929 to 1931. In 1987, one of them was sold at auction for 8.7 million US dollars. Cars made in higher amounts can become valuable too, since their numbers can dwindle over the years because of accidents, wear and tear and poor maintenance. The website of American auction house Gooding & Company includes numerous examples of how much top cars can reach at auction.The original value often determines current value. Usually, the most collectible cars were already highly priced when new.The more original and authentic the car, the more valuable it is to a collector. The car immediately loses value if any parts have been replaced, such as engines, gearboxes, axles, body parts, and even upholstery. The vehicle should be as close to the original as possible. When buying a car, independent experts should check these details. That’s why maintenance is vitally important when owning a car – whether it is already a collector’s item or has the potential of becoming one.
As with any collector’s item, condition is paramount to value. Is the piece a well-kept original or has it been neglected and now needs restoration work?The value of a car is drastically reduced if it has been in an accident, has been incorrectly restored, or converted to another type of car (for example from a coupé to a convertible). In fact, many experts would advise against purchasing such a car at all. This is one reason why documentation of a vehicle is important regarding the history of the car.

You could have two identical cars, both original and in excellent condition. But one could attract far more attention to a collector than the other because of previous owners. “If a car was owned by a member of the royal family, a Hollywood star or racing driver, the car’s value can increase by up to 40 percent,” says Seidl. Sports cars that have been successful in famous competitions, such as the 24 Heures du Mans are also generally higher in value. The 967 Ferrari 275 GTS that sold for four million US dollars in 2005 was one of only ten built and had appeared in the 1968 film The Thomas Crown Affair.

The above piece was taken from an article on car collecting. So in essence, Floyd Mayweather is a collector of specialty cars. Have them appreciate and then resell them. With his name as the owner, he nets a fair price above the original purchase price. Plus he gets to show of and drive them occasionally. Win-Win. Is this the actions of a man who wasts money?

Speaking of wasting money. They reason for this article is again to caution the cult like folks in the reLIEgion of black consciousness, to stop watch other peoples money. Stop watch, how other people do business. Stop demanding other people give you money to build shit, you don’t attempt to do with your low income tax paying ass. While I rave against the conscious community and their “vow of poverty” mentality. acting like making money is a sin. I also rave against the schizophrenic view where they sit and expect some wealthy benefactor to come along and fund whatever project they believe should be funded. We need to stop watching another man’s money, how he spends it and who he gives it to. Floyd Mayweather is not a “conscious” brother, so to expect him to engage in projects suitable to what you like is a bit too much. Yet the media doesn’t do stories of the things he does for PEOPLE in general. His support of breast cancer. Women abuse shelters. Feeding the homeless. Paying for funerals of many boxers, including Joe Frazier, whom everybody loved and nobody stepped up to pay for his funeral. This includes many of the white people in Joe’s family. Floyd also hires people from different ethnic backgrounds, including black people. Go ask Jay Z for his roster of black employees. Or even Oprah. Magic Johnson and Michael Jordon are worth as much or more than Floyd because they are part owners of sports teams worth millions. But they don’t get the same amount of criticism as Mayweather. Why? because the media will protect those complying knee-grows, but not the rebellious one. This article I am concluding is not even and shouldn’t even be about another mans money. But we are obsessed with that so much we forget that we need to get up off our asses and form collective, of like minded people who are willing. WILLING to put money where ideology is and build from the ground up. Or we continue to be cults of a new reLIEgion that is a turn off for many.

Other charities that Floyd Mayweather is associated with:

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. foundation

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation charity event


3 thoughts on “Why do black people watch other black people’s money

  1. “Go ask Jay Z for his roster of black employees. Or even Oprah. Magic Johnson and Michael Jordon are worth as much or more than Floyd because they are part owners of sports teams worth millions. But they don’t get the same amount of criticism as Mayweather. Why? because the media will protect those complying knee-grows, but not the rebellious one. This article I am concluding is not even and shouldn’t even be about another mans money. But we are obsessed with that so much we forget that we need to get up off our asses and form collective, of like minded people who are willing. WILLING to put money where ideology is and build from the ground up. Or we continue to be cults of a new reLIEgion that is a turn off for many.”
    Great post brother! I put this on Twitter.


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