emasculating and effeminizing of black men

“We Are At War” Dr.Frances Cress Welsing

Many of us have heard of or read Mwalimu Baruti’s book, Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan MalesMany of us have heard Neely Fuller and more so Francis Cress Wellsing’s lectures about how white supremacy strives to turn black males into black females, through a complex series of social conditioning, making them nonthreatening and uncompetitive in a competitive world where men vie for social and gender relevance. Then there is the Irritated Genie, whose excellent campaign against the effeminization of the black male, has created a Straight Black Pride campaign, that seeks to bolster, pride in being black and loving black women. A campaign that encourages marriage and social responsibility in men, women and families.

Right now this champaign is being attacked by white sex practitioners and promosexuals, who don’t know how to stay in their own lane, but always swerve into other people’s lane, trying to influence or contaminate others journey,  if it doesn’t support, celebrate or even acknowledge the white sex lifestyle. Often times when other people seek to push their personal feelings or view point unto others who disagree or is going about their business, conflict occurs and the inevitable verbal or physical fight start falling.  Which brings me to the one modern social philosophy that continually irks me.

Those who manipulate our world view, through media propaganda and public fool indoctrinations, have for the longest time been promoting the idea that a man should not hit a woman. This seems fine on the surface, but tends to get into murky waters, with the advent, over promotion and conditioning of equal rights of woman to do and be anything a man can do. At all cost and in anything. For several decades ago the NBA championed the idea that a female could play NBA basketball with men….to their utter embarrassment, when implemented. So they championed the idea of females playing lower level football with boys…but not with men…to avoid the same inevitable results. Women are touted to be equal to men in many a sporting ventures, as long as its not outright physical competition. Recently the idea of a fight between MMA female superstar Rhonda Roussy and Boxer supreme Floyd Mayweather, had most people guaranteeing that she would beat him up and or submit him on the ground. This false sense that the average female can physically compete and or hold their own with a man, fell hard on its face, when a male surgically operated on to be a female, entered an MMA match against a natural female. After leaving her with skull and facial fractures and unconscious, all of a sudden, a “man” should not be fighting a woman. Of course this just shits on the whole male as female, crap, as much as female can fight with male crap. In the end refusing to hold females accountable for abusive and aggressive behaviors that causes an equal reaction from males, while primerely criminalizing males for doing things women have been suggested to do…..defend themselves….only emboldens them to continue to live outside their lane.

Having a professional tennis player like Billy Jean King, beat a coach potato journalist was celebrated as the strength of a woman over a man. This is the irksome part that i allude to. As i stated no man should go out of his way to lay hands on a woman. But no man should be expected to be verbally and physically confronted by a woman, bent in hitting him and do nothing. Doing something could mean restraint or a knock down. Unlike in hollyweird, restraining woman female is not as easy as one would think and requires a great deal of strength or stamina to hold off a full grown adult determine to separate your balls from your body. I know of what i speak of from my earlier days competing in martial arts AND teaching women self defence. The doers of isfet and many females have taken what is a basic overstanding and turned it into an excuse to be abusive, socially shaming and criminalizing of men who retaliates…in self defence mind you…of aggressive and attacking women.

The impetus for this mornings rant happened recently when 19 year old freshman football player De’Andre Johnson, was kicked off FSU’s athletic plantation, and denied the opportunity to be a gladiator performing for free for the NCAA, until he can hopefully parlay those opportunities into a paid gladiator gig with the Larger NFL plantation. Social media and moralists, who some probably enjoy smacking a female, a child or a black person around, have jumped on this young brother, vilifying him while throwing out the old mantra….a real man shouldn’t hit a lady! The noise of braying jack asses are both deafening and irritating and has become quite tiring.

The linked article sort of breaks down what transpired. But outside of clear video evidence that normally would exonerate a female, is the mealy mouth bullshit coming from the people, who should be in his corner. His family. I am so tired of knee-grows failing to stand up to blatant anti Afrikan hatred and will cut the balls of a youth or a man, in order to appease the savages who continue to savage us as a people. Below is an except from the linked article.

[….. According to the Tallahassee Police Department incident report, the woman, an FSU student, suffered bruising near her left eye, swelling of the left cheek and upper lip, and a small cut near the bridge of her nose.
State’s attorney Willie Meggs, who decided to charge Johnson after seeing video of the incident, said the woman still had a black eye when he met with her last week.

Johnson’s family has retained prominent criminal defense and trial attorney Jose Baez, who is best known for obtaining an acquittal in the Casey Anthony murder trial in Orlando.

“While it is clear from the video that De’Andre Johnson was not the initial aggressor, his family wants to take the lead in helping him learn and grow from this experience,” Baez said Monday in a statement. “He is currently participating in community service and faith-based programs focused on battered women, substance abuse and the empowerment of children.

“De’Andre is extremely embarrassed by this situation and would like to express his heartfelt apologies to everyone, including those who were directly affected, Coach Fisher and his teammates, the entire Florida State University community, as well as his family and friends.”

Johnson, who enrolled at FSU in January after graduating early from high school, wasn’t thought to be a contender for the Seminoles’ starting job this coming season. Junior Sean Maguire and Notre Dame transfer Everett Golson, who enrolled at FSU this summer, are believed to be the top choices to replace 2013 Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston, who was the No. 1 pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in April’s NFL draft…. ]

Can someone, much smarter and level headed than i explain to me what this particular statement means?

“He is currently participating in community service and faith-based programs focused on battered women, substance abuse and the empowerment of children.”

Are they implying he has a substance abuse problem? I college student at a college pub and you can ascertain this? Empowerment of children? Were any children armed in this incident? Battered woman? Fuckery like this cause real battered women a hard time getting heard. Of course the doozy…faith based programs. In my estimation reLIEgion and the reLIEgious addicts and drug pushers are more harmful and detrimental to us as a culture than any amount of crack or gang banging. Because reLIEgion, suppresses our natural urges to express hurt and pain in a way that is a catharsis against white supremacy, public lynching and oppression in the wester (white ) world. ReLIEgion, turns males into emasculated bitches, turned females into deluded and even more irrational beings, preachers into megalomaniacs and the government wealthier from our tithes. At least since they found out how to prevent strong Afrikan women and men from using reLIEgion as a tool for freedom, ala Nat Turner and Gabriel Prossor or Harriet Tubman.

Dr Amos Wilson Self Hatred and the Effects of White Supremacy Psychological Warfare

Irritated Genie effeminization of the black male part 1

One thought on “emasculating and effeminizing of black men

  1. Thank you for the great videos brother. I have a few of Genie’s dvd’s. He speaks from the heart whether people like it or not. I agree with a lot of his lectures.
    I feel the media is going to go hard at De’Andre Johnson. It will be interesting to see if he gets the Ray Rice treatment. Rice was at least fighting with his wife. But De’Andre just smacked some random white chick. I also heard she was calling him a n*****r and she struck first. I’m not big on men hitting women but in this case it maybe justified. I don’t feel no sympathy for this cave chick. She needs to learn to keep her hands to herself.


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