Until the Lion has his her own story…


Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story                                                                              

 ——-Ewe-mina (Benin, Ghana, and Togo) Proverb

My spybook family asked a very pertinent question. But you know, they won’t even do a film on Public Enemy. So how they hell they gonna do a film about X-Clan. not even gonna expect knee-grows to do it, because the idea of Gorilla movie making in the vain of the early Spike Lee..She’s got to have it, Mattie Rich’s straight out of Brooklyn, Charles Lane’s Side walk story or any of Charles Burnett’s independent gems, will be difficult to create when art is trumped by dollar signs and wanting likes.


Its gonna be hard to find even the most trifling of knee-grows to play Chuck D or professor Griff. Or professor X and Grand Verbalizer. I am sure their would be a line up to play Flava Flav though….yeeeah! boyeee!



Th education of Sonny Carson

to Sleep with anger


She’s got to have it


6 thoughts on “Until the Lion has his her own story…

    1. Afrikan….at this point, I suggest you swear only for yourself. I have believed that since I was in my early 20s and though I fell off that wagon, i am now scrambling to get back on that bitch. Had a conversation with a sister who went to a X-clan concert years ago. She went in on them as fraud. When i asked what the deal was, she recounted, that after the concert, with all these young fresh black females willing to drop panties for them (not that I was condone this) but them kats took five white woman backstage with them. Now you know they weren’t reciting bible verses or expounding on “grand verbalizer what time is it”. It sounds far fetch, but I recently saw grand verbalizer in a spoken word presentation, to a room full of white people, asking them to raise the black fist and reciting some verse from their signature call out! WHAT THE F…? Then I remember that public Enemy is now very commercial and Griff is not with PE, but Flav is with them. As for Ice Cube, once he got commercial success, he conveniently revert back to his middle class upbringing, and made up with old homosexual Dr. Dre. Yes middle class. That’s why Monster Kody called him out for being a fake gangster and Cube was as quiet as a church mouse. The up shot is…he who gets paid by the piper is often asked to bend over and grab his ankles, or risk not getting paid…! Look at who is authentic and who is not!

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      1. WTF??!! That X Clan story is crazy!! I hope to God that’s not true about the white girls backstage. That’s really insane! But even Grand Verbalizer raising the fist with them is crazy! Some of these dudes get soft as they get older. have you noticed that? It’s like they just give up on the struggle and side with their open enemy. They want to go out like straight punks! Yeah I liked the old Ice Cube better. At least his cd’s from the early 90’s spoke some truth. But he sided with that faggot Dre. Tupac called Dre a faggot way back in 1995. Everyone got mad at Tupac but he just spoke the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. I can’t support this silly ass NWA film. It’s just going to glorify black death,drug use and black on black crime. And yes you’re right,all these dudes bend over for their master. They sell their souls and can never get it back. I can’t go out like that. I have to look at myself in the mirror everyday. Bending over and sucking a man’s penis not what REAL men do! You have to have a sense of pride,dignity and self respect. Which most of these actors,rappers and singers do NOT!!!


  1. Growing up in Cali everyone loved NWA. Eazy E,Dre and Ice Cube were looked upon as heroes. I listened to them as a teenager in the 80’s myself. But I also liked Slick Rick,Dougie Fresh,LL Cool J,RUN DMC and Kurtis Blow. But I as I got older I realized the NWA was pushing a self destructive behavior. They may have said “f*ck the police” but they killed a lot of black people on their records. Not to mention calling sistas bitches and whores. That’s when I got into Public Enemy,KRS ONE,Queen Latifah,X Clan,Jungle Brother,A Tribe Called Quest and Brand Nubian. Those was the “golden age” of hip hop in my opinion. I still have some of those old cd’s from back in the day. We need that type of hip hop more now than ever.
    I personally would love to see a film about any of the artists I mentioned above. I think an X Clan or Public Enemy film would be great if it was done right. I think ATCQ had a documentary about them a few years ago. I think that white actor Michael Rappaport did it. But we need a film by a black person to tell our stories correctly. And I’m not talking about that faggot Lee Daniels either. I don’t feel to good about all these homosexual/lesbians writing and directing our stories. I know you see where I’m coming from. This post is on point as well brother!


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