The Asian colonization of the Afrika World

“What became of the Black people of Sumer?’ the traveler asked the old man, for ancient records show that the people of Sumer were Black. `What happened to them?’ `Ah,’ the old man sighed. `They lost their history, so they died.”

–A Sumer Legend

“According to Chancellor Williams’s research the history of the Black race began in Ethiopia and Sudan (formerly southern Ethiopia). The meaning of Sudan is ‘land of the Blacks’ just as Egypt was once called ‘land of the Blacks.’ In ancient times Upper Ethiopia became rich in food production and “stirred the envy of Asia and Europe which caused migrants from these continents to settle in Africa.” Asian and European occupation of the seacoasts of North Africa was easy and first welcomed by the indigenous Black population as trading opportunities but then poor nomads started to flood the most fertile and accessible areas in North Africa. According to Williams the weaker and more submissive Blacks remained in Asian-occupied territory and became slave laborers. The sexual trafficking of Black women produced a new breed of Afro-Asians who were classed as white or Asian, but not as Black people. Williams writes that many of the mixed race Africans objected to identification as Black and became known as Egyptians. These mixed race Africans joined with their Asian fathers to enslave Blacks until all of North Africa fell into their hands. The Asians and Europeans took over the best quarter of African land, the most fertile and inhabitable, leaving the remaining three quarters of virtually uninhabitable land to the indigenous Africans: “[They] became a wandering people, forever migrating in their own vast homeland, fragmenting from great united nations into countless little splinter societies, considering themselves quite different from their original brothers who were then regarded as strangers and enemies in the endless wars that ensued.” According to Williams the Blacks had everything the world wanted: ‘gold, diamonds, ivory, copper, iron ore and themselves.’………!”

—-Excerpted from the The Destruction of Black Civilization:
Great Issues of a Race from 4500BC to 2000 AD
by Chancellor Williams

The bold in the excerpt above, is happening today, because he who is ignorant of his-story is doomed to repeat it. Katanga’s forgotten people. Last month the world was informed that China Begins Military Colonization of Africa, Building Base at Key Oil Choke point, in the redrawn and and colonized country of Djibouti.

According to Scholar Chancellor Williams, the so called “Asiatics”, was an obvious amalgam of the first Afrikans to venture outside of that continent, into what was once called” Eurasia”. The map above shows our sojourn from Afrika, into Eurasia or Central Asia and how we branched out into that continent and to other parts of the planet. Seeing that many historians and ourstorians have indicated that the Asiatics actually did travel to Afrika, long before the hyksos did, it shows that it was not yurugu or the so called Arabs, that first invaded. But the Asiatics. So to be sure. China, Japan, India and the rest, are not doing anything new and certainly not some Johnny come lately, in the matter of colonizing and invasion of Afrika

The East Asians…the Asians in general…but the East Asians have an interesting culture and worldview. Their foundation is either Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintoism or some amalgam of all, plus other worldview. However, the main strength of this culture lies in the group dynamics. Everything is done with the success of the group in mind. Even if they fight each other. Or fight among a particular group. When outsiders interfere, they circle the wagons and face the outsiders as one unified group. One of the philosophies that they have gone strong for them, is the idea of long term planning. It is said that the Chinese plan 50 years in advance. This is not new, but it is quite impressive in a modern world where the attention span is 5 minutes tops. And i am talking about our so called “leaders”, not the average Joe. In studying Asian philosophy and worldview, is to overstand that they are quite versed in the workings of the human mind and are very adept in manipulating human behaviour, on a level that yurugu is till learning how to appreciate. The Asians believe in moving quietly and subtly and only a brute…..yurugu…..uses force, when blood less persuasion can be used. But be not fooled. They can be as or even more brutal than Yurugu, when called for. For they are some of the most practical set around. Asians are like the yurugu, in that genetic survival is paramount in their mind. And anything they can do to further genetic survival or prevent genetic annihilation they will engage in and employ forth wit. Where as Yurugu will come to offer gifts for exchange and failing that will take from you violently. Asians prefer a similar approach with a twist. They use selective honesty and generosity to disarm.

One sincere and honest move will cover over dozens of dishonest ones. Open-hearted gestures of honesty and generosity bring down the guard of even the most suspicious people. Once your selective honesty opens a hole in their armor, you can deceive and manipulate them at will. A timely gift—a Trojan horse—will serve the same purpose.

There are 7 Ways You Can Disarm Anyone

  1. Through an act of apparent sincerity and honesty.

This is called selective honesty. Who will distrust a person literally caught in the act of being honest? This is an unexpected, well-timed gesture that conflicts the emotions and distracts the one being disarmed and have the most brutal and cynical beast in the kingdom eating out of your hand. In ancient China this was called the “giving before the take.” The giving makes it hard for the other person to see the taking.

  1. Learn to give before you take.

It softens the ground, takes the bite out of a future request, or simply creates a distraction. And the giving can take many forms: an actual gift, a generous act, a kind favor, an “honest” admission—whatever it takes.

  1. Use selective honesty on your first encounter with someone.

First impressions last a long time. If someone believes you are honest at the start of your relationship it takes a lot to convince them otherwise.

  1. You must build a reputation for honesty based on a series of acts.

A Chinese leader, Duke Wu of Cheng married off his daughter and killed one of his ministers in order to take over the powerful kingdom of Hu. The ruler of Hu heard that the minister was executed for telling Cheng to conquer the kingdom of Hu. Hu’s ruler also considered the marriage of Cheng’s daughter and other acts of kindness from Cheng and let down his guard. A few weeks later Cheng forces swept through Hu and took the country, never to relinquish it.

  1. Give a gift.

Few people can resist a gift, even from the most hardened enemy, which is why it is often the perfect way to disarm people. A gift brings out the child in us, instantly lowering our defenses. Although we often view other people’s actions in the most cynical light, we rarely see the Machiavellian element of a gift, which quite often hides ulterior motives. A gift is the perfect object in which to hide a deceptive move.

  1. Practice the tactic with caution

The Asians believe that, “unless you can make the gesture seem sincere and heartfelt, DO NOT PLAY WITH FIRE. If people see through it, their disappointed feelings of gratitude and warmth will become the most violent hatred and distrust”.

  1. It is better to play the rogue

When you have a history of deceit behind you, no amount of honesty, generosity, or kindness will fool people. In fact it will only call attention to itself. Once people have come to see you as deceitful, to act honest all of a sudden is simply suspicious. Overt deceptiveness will sometimes cover your tracks, even making you admired for the honesty of your dishonesty. Consider Asian history with its people and its neighbors. Yet when they come with endowments, offer of loans to build Afrikan and Caribbean infrastructures and help individual economies, we often and quickly forget how and why I call them scavengers and scourges of the earth.

The Asian colonization of the Afrika world

I while ago I posted these thoughts on my FB page. I share it again in this blog…

“China’s his story has a philosophy. A philosophy also mirrored by Japan and is now a staple with yurugu. That philosophy is to give before you take. Ever wonder why the scavengers always “donate” monies to different countries, as soft loans? Offer to help build their highways. Buy up institutions in that country and “hire” local members on the board? Of course with majority scavengers as board members. They are also not above sussing out who is a greedy pig and who is willing to bend over and take it for some coins. The idea of giving before taking is to be so generous in your financial gifting that you ensure the “loyalty” of the ho, you just bought. When it’s time to start taking, no demand is too high for that ho! After all, they ass so deep in the prostitution, the Judas silver so nice, these ho’s will look the other way as the scavengers take. And take. And take. In light of what is happening in Afrika, where China and Japan is building whole economies, whole communities of scavengers, purchasing large tracks of land to farm Asian specific foods to send back home. In light of these scavengers now, also claiming to and being “given” Afrikan status! In light of Jamaicans conveniently forgetting the ” free trade zone” debacle of over a decade ago and is now selling off the whole island to everybody, but especially to China. I say well done. Well done black people. Your efforts in going back to the plantation has born fruit. Well done. Now you can pick cotton and sugar cane for the rest of your life and you all can be as happy as a “n***er in da woodpile”. Take a bow, Portia Simpson, Uhuru Kenyatta and all the other ho’s, in Sudan, Nigeria, Angola, South Afrika and all the others i may have missed. All of you who are working hard for your pimps. Letting some foreigner build your economy, while your populace starve and the nations remain underdeveloped. Keep your head down and your ass up because Afrikan lives matter and you gotta get paid!”


Rest assured Asia has always had a colonialist bent in Afrika and has been maneuvering itself into position to ride in as a hero with the yellow hat to save the day. After centuries of brutish yurugu and Arab violation of the continent, through slavery, colonialism, invasions, neo colonialism, blatant anti-Afrikan violence and whole sale theft pf property and resources. They have quietly gotten the support, endorsement and welcoming arms of Afrikan misleaders and those ignorant to who and what Afrika contributes to the world. A case in point is how rapper Akon is being touted as some Afrikan hero, for bringing solar lighting to parts of Afrika. Yet behind the curtain we see, A Chinese hand sponsoring this project. Those too ignorant to overstand that business is war, opine that nothing is wrong worth Chinese help, yet fail to see that those countries who get the lighting have to BORROW loans from the Chinese in which they have to pay back. Yet the engineers and trades men who are putting the panels together are Chinese, because only Chinese can overstand the mechanics of the program. Rest assured that any ditch digging or menial work will be done by the Afrikans with Chinese overseers, cracking the whip. All the while wealthy Afrikans and their respective leaders, will fly to Europe and purchase European fashions, dwellings and sundry materialism, but fail to build the economy back home. Many of these people won’t even send well diggers into the rural areas to dig well for the simple folks and their simple life.
They leave it up to foreigners, many of them who end up physically or sexually…or in the matter of reLIEgion…abuse and take advantage of Afrikan children and women.  Unless we inculcate the notion that Afrikan genetic survival must be paramount to our existence. And until after making that declaration, practice war as a hueman interaction with anybody who opposes this. Afrika will be the playground, dumping ground, cesspool and grave yard to foreign excess, foreign invasion and foreign dictates. There are two many military bases in the non Arab parts of Afrika. Too many self interests groups like Arabized kneegrows, Christianized kneegrows, Socialist kneegrows, Capitalist kneegrows, homo-sexualized kneegrows and slave minded kneegrows. Yet not oner has the basic foundation of an Afrikanized Afrika in mind. And this is why continual invasions happened, is happening and will happen to the beloved Continent. Beware the foreigner bearing gifts…he will be giving before he takes. And when he takes, he is leaving a hole in your existence.

The Destruction Of Black Civilization – Dr. Chancellor Williams

Addendum to this post:

Akon is the face of African Investment, but the Chinese are pulling the strings

 “New York City of Africa”: Chinese Investors Building a $84 billion Hub in South Africa

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