And when it comes time for the end

“When the revolution comes
When the revolution comes
When the revolution comes
But until then you know and
I know niggers will party and
bullshit and party and bullshit
and party and bullshit and party
and bullshit and party…
Some might even die before the revolution comes”

All I want to ask is….”Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?” What the fuck?

I know hollyweird has been stuck in neutral, regarding their creativity. for awhile now, so I guess this constitute as creativity in the vein of stupidness. What next? Macbeth vs Dracula? I mean, they already produced “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter”, for white geezus’s sake.

When i used to watch tel-LIE-vision with my third eye calcified, I used to see entertainment as just that. A distraction from a mundane life of living a life like an hamster on the wheel of a white pathologists construct. Now that I have cleansed and am now able to see through the mirror darkly, I now view movies as warnings of things that have passed, is current and will be coming. Because I am now more in tuned, I watch primerely documentaries and when I do watch the odd hollyweird pig slop, I am able to pick nonsense from the nonsense out there. Many years ago I listened to a lecture by our ancestor Richard King, he of the “Black Dot”  (African Origin of Biological Psychiatry) fame.


I remember specifically him stating that, with an open Pineal gland, the Afrikan dream dreams of angels and of powerful creative ideas that lead to the establishment of high cultures. He then stated that with their calcified Pineal glands, the Caucasians dreamed of werewolves and vampires and monsters. In that one statement he explained my curiosity as to why yurugu is so forever fascinated with movies about vampires, werewolves, monsters, serial killers, aggressive aliens, zombies and shit like that.

Eventually I was able to peep into the psyche of yurugu and have now overstand that he suffers from collective psychosis, with a deep, deep residency in psychopathy and sociopathy. His psychosis makes him construct a moving reality of violence, devastations and horror. His psychosis triggers his latent psychopathic and sociopathic nature, bringing it to the front as he acts out his psychosis. Or as they say…“Life imitates art!”

 This fascination with death and destruction. This white vision of a bombed out like landscape, apocalyptic in nature, with supposed civilized nations, reduced to the type of savagery not seen or imagined since the “dark” ages of Europe, after the fall of the Roman Empire. During this time, the elderly, the children, the weak, the sick, sickly or the individuals would be set upon by the stronger band or groups of vicious marauding savages. Raping, stealing, murdering and out right devastation of people already coming to grips with devastation.

Of all the images that Yurugu could conjour up in his demented mind, the two that often stands out is a world that is devastated by societal breakdown, either through a apocalyptic war….or a world that is reduced to a plantation, where elites control everything from ivory towers through technological and military means.  This is why movies like the book of Eli, Planet of the Apes, Children of Men, the Terminator series, the Mad Max series, I am Legend or movies like the one below, that has stirred the imagination of many who are not in comatose and do actual believe there is something happening.

Grey State

 If something like the Grey State ever does occur, my first question would be, am I prepared and do I have the survival skills and fortitude to endure. My second question would be…how many of us, Afrikan people are prepared, have the skills and do have the fortitude to endure. I have heard it from the mouth of those more aware than I, that when the shit hits the fan, the ones to go easily, are the elderly, children under 10 years old, the infirmed and sickly, those who are handicapped, fat and out of shape and the largest segment would be those dependent on the system. in fact apart from those who have survivalist training, those most able to make it in a world like the Grey State, would be the Gang bankers, because they already have a collective and are ruthless enough to protect it. Even most interesting, those less likely to survive, would be the females, particularly black females, more so, those without a man and obviously those who don’t“need a man”.

Any social scientist will tell you, that a man can survive or at least endure, savagery much better than a woman. Worse if the is a mother, double worse if she has no man to protect her and her child(ren).

Survivor UK Women vs Men

This is not to say a woman wouldn’t have the strength and knowledge to endure a Grey State or even a Zombie Apocalypse. Neither am i saying it would be easy for a man to. What I am saying though, is our state of disunity makes it more difficult for us to form strong survival unites. This is evident with what happened in New Orleans after hurricane Kathrine. And our dependency on the system makes us more cannon fodder, than any other ethnic group, who are more unified, will kill to preserve their safety and who will perhaps even be proactive in taking the fight to outsiders. When it comes time for the end, neither Jesus, Muhammad, your degrees or job title, will save us. And neither will integration and or Civil Rights.

Something to ponder

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