Why the plantation overseers mentality of sports media will never change

Among the numerous incidents of immaturity, “thuggishness” and fakery, that Carolina Panthers’ star QB Cam Newton has come under fire for, including walking out of a press conference, you would think that he was the worst human being in football. And this includes how the cave savages think about Michael Vick and Ray Lewis. Two go to excuses, the pathological inbreds, usually trot out in seeking to promote how the black male athlete is a trained animal that should be uncaged only to run, jump and perform for them before being re-caged. White pathology dreams of black demons every sleeping and waking moment and nothing anybody can say would ever change their minds.

Yet to call how white people view black people, much less black athletes, as just another frustrating example of the double standards applied to us, in particularly,black sports stars, is to diminish the utterly diminish the pathological hate and fear of a “black planet”, that has occupied white people’s lives, even when they themselves are unaware of it.

When that troll under the bridge, wrote a letter lambasting Cam Newton for dancing in such a way that offended her daughter, you must realize that rumors of southern white inbreeding is more than a rumor. yet even her ignorance and stupidity could be ignored as the mewling of a bitter sexless heifer.

However, journalists are said to have more responsibility…often proven not to be…when delivering a balanced news story. Keep in mind that.

I have copied the following from the business insiders website, which details something that is on one hand remarkable and on the other hand not surprising.

According to the website, the following “infographic created by Jason at Frugal Dad shows that almost all media comes from the same six sources. That’s consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983. NOTE: This infographic is from last year and is missing some key transactions. GE does not own NBC (or Comcast or any media) anymore. So that 6th company is now Comcast. And Time Warner doesn’t own AOL, so Huffington Post isn’t affiliated with them. But the fact that a few companies own everything demonstrates “the illusion of choice,” Frugal Dad says. While some big sites, like Digg and Reddit aren’t owned by any of the corporations,Time Warner owns news sites read by millions of Americans every year.

Here’s the graphic:”

media infographic

So with this information, a reasonably intelligent person can postulate that the media is not black people’s friend. And many talking heads in media is not black people’s friend. This includes the “lawn jockeys” and “porch monkeys”, in sports journalism. Such as everybody’s fat piece of shit disturber…Charles Barkley! That is those who are not slugging around in the slime ball world of politics (folly tricks), entertainment or social commentary, which are a different and more pathetic time of low lives one can ever encounter.


I have personally read and heard former football players, like even Deon Sanders, act dismissive of Cam Newton. Or others who claim that he is culturally ignorant. One question sambo? Whose culture are you putting Cam in? Now contrast the attack on Cam Newton, especially after walking out of the news conference. Despite his explanation, which a lot of people use as excuse to further crap on him. I mean even if Cam suddenly left that news conference to go save a cat in a tree and a little old white lady who has fallen and can’t get up. His detractors will be that. After three years in the league and the reported good deeds he does, with children charity and the like. All these neanderthals…including the chocolate covered vampires, care to talk about is his dancing and him being in possession of a stolen computer in college.

I recently read a story, where someone put forth the theory that since the alleged victim refuse to testify, that the computer was a gift, but since an NCAA plantation slave, could not admit this, or risk the whole program put on probation. So like a good kneegrow, Cam took the rap and the subsequent narrative of a thief that comes with that label. Which brings us to Cam’s opponent on the other side of the ball. The quarter back that everybody praises as a class act and a man you would probably vote for as president if he decided to run. I mean anything is possible, after all Donald Trump has a large following and Ronald Reagan and George Bush WERE actual presidents.


It is ironic that Manning owns 21 papa Johns. A racist company that won’t even pay its staff more than minimum wages, even though it is one of the more successful, if not the most successful pizza franchise in the country. A match made in hill billy heaven.

Anyway, Peyton Manning apparently is one of many white athletes, who not only get the benefit of the doubt, but sports and news journalists will contort themselves, not to portray as less than perfect. This is why white athletes that have worn out the last good nerves of white people have shown to be, in the words of Paul Mooney….”a waste of white skin”. I mean getting so many chances and still screwing up, at some point your white skin can only take you so far, right?

Below are three articles that details Peyton Manning’s less than stellar character and show you my readers, how much the media crafts the narrative and drops subliminal information into your minds.

  • Peyton Manning is Lucky Social Media Wasn’t Around in 1996 When He Allegedly Sat on a Female Trainer’s Face
  • Peyton Manning Is a Far Bigger Prick Than Cam Newton
  • Shaun King: Peyton Manning’s squeaky-clean image was built on lies, as detailed in explosive court documents showing ugly smear campaign against his alleged sex assault victim
  • Shaun King: The racial double standard between Cam Newton and Peyton Manning is on full display after Super Bowl 50 

The links to the articles I have posted here, goes deeper into the conspiracy and definitely educates the uneducated about the nefarious hand of the media, which in fact is an extension of he United Snakes government and a bellwether to millions of drones and sheep in the stolen land of amurdikkka.

 the leading sheep of a flock, with a bell on its neck. It is also an indicator or predictor of something. Example…”college campuses are often the bellwether of change”harbinger, herald, indicator, predictor”a bellwether of change”


7 thoughts on “Why the plantation overseers mentality of sports media will never change

      1. You’re doing a great job. I like how you cut right to the chase. And you never bite your tongue! That’s the mentality we need to have at this point. We are truly in a WAR for our minds. This battle is really psychological. Not sure if many of our people realize that.


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