The Hebrew Israelites and the fiction of!

Whenever a non reLIEgious person attempts to debate a reLIEgious individual around Afrika or the Afrikans place in ourstory and our place on the planet, the reLIEgious set, invariable refer to their varied books of stories. Attempting to, or expecting them to have a debate on the existence of man in Afrika, without using their varied books of stories, is asking for a serious reaction, bordering on confusion and further reactions similar to a crack head jonesing for his next fix. In other words, the reLIEgious sycophant becomes unhinged. Though I have personally requested a Christian or a Muslim to do so, I have yet to get a serious attempt from them. The one group I have never debated and hope I never find myself debating, however, are the Hebrew Israelite or Black Hebrews.
 With Christians, one overstand that they are just mindless sheep, who memorize things by rote and are frustratingly parochial in their debating. With Muslim, you can find them much better in their responses, but in the end they are still themselves sheep, who are slightly less parochial in approach. both can get heated, and both have a narrative of getting aggressive and borderline violent. In the case of certain sect of Muslims, very much so. However, I really don’t think either of the two have anything on the overt and extremely aggressive disdain of the Hebrew Israelites. I used to often watch them on YouTube, raging against Afrika, certain black people, Black women and everybody not a Hebrew Israelite.  I remember a particular video where one spokes person claimed that when the time comes, he will be quite excited to start lopping off the heads of disobedient black women.
This is disturbing, because I have yet to hear any of these kneegrows threaten to behead a white person, much less a white woman. But as they say where i come from the bully knows who to frighten. ( this is of course a translation of the original). Roughly two years ago, I started noticing this group in and around the down town core of Toronto. The general area where most Christian, Muslims, Hari Krishna and others seek to proselytize and if possible recruit new zombies to their cults. They were at their screaming, aggressive best. One day though, I saw a white dude standing among them, looking very comfortable and confident with this group of leather and purple (and red) clad soldiers for Yahweh.
One of the things I have noticed also,is the absence of any females. The absence was often believed, on my part, due to them being an all male club, which would be a problem, if one was a woman hating and angry kat, who was feeling horny and only had a bunch of dudes around them. After I actually met a died in the wool female, who claimed to believe in the ideology of the Hebrew Israelite and even seen some women on the internet, declare that they are also members of this sect, I have concluded that they were very good at keeping the women out of the spotlight. Which is in itself a whole other, interesting topic.
Still, in this post, I want to stick to the general question. Who are the Hebrew Israelites, not to be confused with the Nubian Hebrew israelites, which is one of the many name changes the former Dr. York went through, in his quest to be seen as the new Jesus figure.
 Who are the Hebrew Israelites and why did they come about?
Just like most former enslaved Afrikans, in the west, who have rejected Christianinsanity, many of us turned en-mass either to the Moorish science Temple of Noble Drew Ali;  the Nation of Islam under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, although did transition from the Nation of Islam into, either Orthodox Islam or Arabism of the so called middle east. Then again some embraced Rastafari, and various eastern spirituality. While still a few returned to Afrika, in the form of practices like IFE, the study of Kimit and various other Afrikan based practices.
To get a handle on the Hebrew israelites or the Black Hebrews, we might want to get to know one of, if not the most prominent figures associated with the Black Hebrews. Chicago born Ben Carter, founded and became the spiritual leader of the reLIEgion  known as the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. Known to his followers as Ben Ammi Ben-Israel, he first came to prominence, to most black people with his book: God, the Black man and truth followed by, God and the law of relativity.  Ben Ammi Ben-Israel Died: December 27, 2014, in Beersheba, Israel, at the age of 75, one year after finally receiving his Israeli citizenship, leaving behind 2,700 followers in Dimona, Is-It-Real.


Ben Ami Ben-Israel passes away at the age of 75. (Photo: Meir Azulay)
Ben Ami Ben-Israel passes away at the age of 75. (Photo: Meir Azulay)

Who are the Black Hebrews?

The community, which some labeled a cult, was established in Chicago’s underprivileged neighborhoods as part of a decades long, Black Hebrews movement, and followed Ben-Israel to the illegal state of Israel during the 1960s. Today the community has about 2,700 members, the majority of which live in Dimona.  The members of the community live a vegan lifestyle and fast every Saturday. The community sustains itself with vegan restaurants located in Tel Aviv and Dimona, where they call home.

Ben-Israel with members of the African Hebrew Israelites who joined the IDF. (Photo: Israel Joseph)Ben-Israel with members of the African Hebrew Israelites who joined the IDF. (Photo: Israel Joseph)

According to the grieving members in Dimona Ben-Israel devoted his life to the community, the state of Israel and the land of Israel. He created a unique model of social development that some say, should be encouraged and emulated.

“We love Israel with all of our hearts, get drafted into the army and see ourselves as an inseparable part of the State of Israel,” Ben-Israel said in the past.

Ben-Israel, a former Baptist, founded the community after a coworker enlightened him on the notion that he was a descendant of the biblical Israelites and in 1966 Ben-Israel claimed he had received a vision from the angel Gabriel.  In 1967, Ben-Israel gathered a couple hundred African American believers and led his followers, part of the Black Hebrews movement, to Liberia. After losing some of his followers, perhaps to disenchantment, Ben-Israel sent families to Israel and then moved to Dimona with the rest of his followers in 1969.

The group initially received resistance from Israeli authorities and other anti-Afrikan Jews – particularly since the community wished to become Israeli citizens according to the Jewish Law of Return. Eventually, Ben-Israel and the rest of the members of his group received temporary residency in the 1990’s and in 2003 they were given permanent residency. Over the last twenty years, the veil of stupidity has been slowly lifted from the eyes of some who used to believe that the Jew is or was ever a friend of the Afrikan man. Readers of this blog spot are definitely aware of how the Jews created Hollywierd as part of their efforts to hypnotize non Jews, as well as use cinema and the image of Black people to create further buffer between Anglo Saxons and themselves. Keep in mind that Hitler was not the only European that had a problem with them and in fact European history documents how they would get torn up, for always pissing the non Jewish European off.

However, in the fake state if Israel, they government and the people can and often practice gestapo like aggression against Afrikan people…not just Palestinians.

Israel boycott ban: Shunning Israeli goods to become criminal offence for public bodies and student unions

Outrage As Israel Refuses To Arrest Jews Who Lynched African Refugee

U.S. Financial Aid To Israel: Figures, Facts, and Impact

Of course student of that area called the middle east, will know that the illegal state was created to break up the Ottoman empire and control oil reserve, primerely through the Saudis and of course the strategic land area. In the case of the Black Hebrews in Dimona, the group consists of a hierarchical system which includes 12 consultants known as princes, and 13 priests which hold religious and spiritual positions. There are also ministers who are responsible for the management and the daily logistics of the community, and finally there are the members responsible for supervising the daily ongoing of the community.

In the United Snakes, offshoots of the Hebrew Israelites are situated in various major cities with state chapters. Accordingly there does not appear to be a central headquarter or leadership for the movement. Nor is there a primary leader today. The membership is said to be approximately 200,000 among the dozens of offshoot branches. However I don’t put a lot of stocks in census figures when it comes to black people. Unless it comes from the CIA, or FBI, because they are much better at keeping tabs on us, than the general census takers.  There is a vast amount of diversity among the various groups, however, who claim to be descendants from the ancient Israelites of the europe and fantasy book. It is difficult to distinguish between all the various offshoots and movements within the broad movement of “Black Jewish Identity.” Therefore, the range of possible adherents could be between 40,000-200,000.

Origins:  According to information found on the internet, Black people calling themselves Hebrews went back as far as before the Civil War, where one earlier sect was purported to have been created. There was another sect founded later in 1896, the Church of God and Saints of Christ, by William Crowdy. In the 1980’s, other sects began to appear, such as those lead by Yahweh Ben Yahweh (1935-2007) or Hulon Mitchell, Jr. There are a number of other sects of this broad Hebrew Israelite movement known as the Commandment Keepers, The Law Keepers, House of Judah, and the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, just to name a few.


  1. Some groups stand on the street corners of major cities and condemn people for their allegedly false beliefs while using vulgar language.
  2. The Hebrew Israelites are very combative and generally do not want to listen when their views are challenged.
  3. They frequently use Hebrew words such as Yah [the name of God, Yahweh, shortened as Yah], Yahoshua [Jesus], Shabbat [Sabbath], etc.
  4. They keep the Jewish Sabbath and many other Jewish customs including circumcision, dietary laws, and the observance of certain Jewish holidays and festivals like Yom Kippur and Passover.
  5. They use the Old and New Testament to support their teachings, especially the five books of Moses (Genesis to Deuteronomy).
  6. They do not consider themselves to be Jews in the modern sense of the term as associated with Orthodox, Reformed, Conservative, or Hasidic Judaism.

Source of Authority: It is difficult to determine where these Hebrew Israelites get their ultimate source of authority since they do not have any official writings. They apparently view the Bible (both the Old and New Testaments), preferably the King James Version, as an authoritative source, but they also argue that there have been a number of mistranslations. Nevertheless, some hint that the canon of the Bible is not fixed. They apparently use other writings outside of the Bible to support their ideas, such as the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (meaning literally “false writings”).

Teachings: Generally, the Black Hebrew Israelites teach that certain groups of black are the descendants of ancient Israelites and that white people (especially those in Israel today) are not true descendants. Some  adhere to the Talmud (Jewish collection of teachings, laws, and interpretations based on Genesis through Deuteronomy) while others do not. A very small faction considers white people to be evil. Following are some of the teachings that many Black Hebrew Israelites affirm. However, there is no universal consensus on all of these points, nor is this an exhaustive summary of all their beliefs. Not all divisions within the movement hold to all these teachings since there is vast diversity in the movement that has no official creed.

  1. God
    1. The Trinity is a false teaching.
    2. God’s true name is Yah as found in Psalm 68:4.
  2. Jesus
    1. There is no consensus on who the Messiah is: The true name of the Messiah in the New Testament is Yahshuah Ben Yah (Yahshuah the son of Yah). According to their website, there is no universal agreement regarding who the Messiah is. It is not a central component of what defines them as Hebrew Israelites.
    2. Virgin Birth: “Yahshuah the Messiah was an Israelite but He had no earthly father, so what made him an Israelite? He was born through the womb of an Israelite woman.”
  3. Salvation
    1. Salvation is only possible by calling on the true name of Jesus in Hebrew, which is Yahshuah Ben Yah (Yahshuah the son of Yah). “You have to call upon him by his Yah given Hebrew name, as it states in Acts 4:12 no other name can be a substitute, no translation of his name. Only his true name given from Heaven which can be spoken in every language, is your key to salvation.”
    2. Also, John 3:18 says that you are condemned if you do not believe in the name of the only begotten Son.
  4. Relationship to Judaism
    1. It is necessary to keep the Sabbath and observe various Jewish laws.
    2. The Talmud is not God’s revelation.
  5. Hell
    1. Hell is a metaphor and is not a literal place where people suffer.
    2. There is no heaven and hell. There is no place where people burn. “We are in the Caucasian heaven now”.
  6. Black People
    1. Black people are the true Israelites from the tribe of Judah. They argue this from various passages in the Old Testament including Deuteronomy 28 (cf. Leviticus 26) which references ships (Deut. 28:68), serving in bondage (Deut. 28:48), mockery (28:37), and being defeated before one’s enemies (28:25). Also, Lamentations 5:10 describes the Israelites who had skin as black as an oven. Therefore, to the Hebrew Israelites, this is conclusive proof that the original Israelites were black.
    2. Hispanics, Native Americans, and Negroes are the real Israelites
    3. (
    4. The Jews are the Negros in America. The Jews are one tribe of people from Judah. The Twelve Tribes of Israel are divided up into various ethnic groups in among Hispanics, Native Americans, and Negroes.
    5. Many of the popular people in history were black, including Moses, Pharoah, certain Roman emperors, etc.
    6. Jesus was black.
  7. White People
    1. White people are seen as conspirators who attempt to persecute the black people and hide their true identity as Israelites. Many Black Hebrew Israelites see white people as almost subhuman.
    2. People on this earth are in the Caucasian heaven right now since white people are dominating this world and subjugating black people.
  8. The Bible
    1. There are other books that belong in the Bible, including the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha (especially the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher).
    2. The King James Version is the best translation of the Bible, but there are mistranslations in it including the removal of Yah, etc. When quoting Romans 9:4-5, the author freely substitutes the Hebrew Yah for the Greek Theos: “Romans 9:4 Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of Yah, and the promises;
    3. Whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Messiah came, who is over all, Yah blessed for ever. Amen.” What gives him the right to substitute Yah in these passages? There is virtually no textual support in all of the thousands of manuscripts of the New Testament for such a reading of Romans 9:4-5.
  9. Eschatology (End Times)
    1. The Hebrew Israelites have some interesting views regarding the end times or eschatology. According to many of them, Luke 21:24 with its reference to the “times of the Gentiles” is actually a reference to the times of the Europeans. When the Messiah returns, all Israel (meaning black people) will be gathered back to the promised land near Israel of today.

In 21st century amurdikkklan culture, where black people have suffered greatly and continue to endure difficult social and cultural hardships, it is not surprising that many African men turn to such systems of thought as espoused by the likes of the Black Hebrew Israelites. Many African men are in prison. Many African continue to experience anti -Afrikan hatred and systemic oppression, from white people and those of other races. While the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s has provided q civil rights pablum for many black people, it has not reduced all social tensions and blatant racism that still prevails in America and internationally. As a result of these many hardships black people face, the ideas espoused by the Hebrew Israelites serve to empower and liberate them from their destitute condition . . . at least so they think.

So overall, the followers of the Hebrew Israelite reLIEgion are not much different from the modern Christians and  Muslims. Children of enslaved Afrikans, striving to find an anchor in a white pathological system, that demonizes them. Each have chosen to embrace a reLIEgious ideology of their historical and ourstorical oppressors (the Christians of Europe, the Muslims of Arabia and the Jewry of the Ashkenazi or Khazars of eastern Europe.

For further information read the 13th tribe, by the murdered Hungarian Jew, Arthur Koestler.

Where do we start with the incongruity of being Black and Hebrew?

incongruous : 
  1. out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming: an incongruous effect; incongruous behavior.
    2. not harmonious in character; inconsistent; lacking harmony of parts.
    3. inconsistent: actions that were incongruous with their professed principles.

The Black Hebrews have always argued that while they are Black, they have no association to Afrika at all. Even though both the Buy bull and the Jewish book described Is-It-Real as being in the general area that sounds suspiciously like the former North East Afrika, separated by the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal is an artificial barrier, built by the brutish empire and opened for commerce on 17 th of November 1869. All lands North East of the Canal has since been called the Middle east.  So to separate themselves from Afrika, despite what the biblical story states about the patriarchs, Moses, Joseph, Abraham and others in the Old testament is the first of the fallacies attributed to the Black Hebrews. The fallacy being that they have no association with Afrika.

Secondly they claim to speak Hebrew, which is a “Semitic Language”. Many Muslims have claimed that Arabic has a Semitic origin and even some Afrikan archaeologists have claimed association to the Kimtyu language and the Semitic one. In fact according to those who study linguistic….the term Semite refers to a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including and in particular the Jews and Arabs. Those claiming association with Afrika and the Semite Language also states that the Semitic languages are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family, originating in the Middle East. Semitic languages are spoken by more than 330 million people across much of Western Asia, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, as well as in large expatriate communities in North America and Europe.

So it appears that the Semitic based, language is associated with both the Jewish and Arabic culture and is spoken by many North Afrikans and Eastern Afrikans. Now consider the fact that North Afrika is mostly Arabic in culture and language and the few Black, very Black and original people, can and do speak both Arabic AND the language of their fore fathers, one should take a pause to sift through cultural racism. When one seek to apply Semitic to Afrika, one must be careful in also including imperialism, cultural invasions and race mixing, into the dynamics. For instance…the term Asiatic relates to or derives from Asia. Or to be specific…Eurasia, as the proper name of the continent, that include Europe and Asia as some geographers combines Europe and Asia into Eurasia, due them being one land mass.

I have even read that some kneegrow from the N.O.I or 5 percenter, claim that…. “Asia is the original continent and name of the plant Earth, home of the original Asiatic Black man. All original people are Asiatic; only the unoriginal (Europeans) are not Asiatics. Asia is the common bond of all original people. While geologists during the last century have gathered. Evidence to prove the continental drift theory to be fact, paleontologists (scientists who study fossils) have also gathered collaborative evidence in support of the same verdict.”

Talking about reaching far with short arms.

“Because these foreigners had maintained their identity as “Asiatic’s” and had not become Egyptians, they felt empowered to establish their own communities and live by their own laws. Eventually, as their numbers increased, they challenged the power of the Egyptian monarchy itself, and Egypt fell into disarray. We do not known exactly how the “Hyksos” took northern Egypt, but took it they did. The middle and last part of the Second Intermediate Period (15th-17th dynastys) saw northern Egypt ruled by these foreign kings for hundreds of years.”

Read some more of the above information on the Asiatics and he Hyksos from this site. There you will develop a better overstanding as to who the Asiatics are. Then there is also the case of of Men Kephra Tehuti Mase, better known as Thutmose III. The ruler who recaptured northern Kimit from the Hyksos invaders and put a whipping of mega proportion on them.

To tie the three fallacies together in one very plain knot. The present Jews are not native to Afrika, nor do they speak the made up language called Hebrew. It is made up because the Bible is not a archaeological, written, or anthropological source of ourstory. The 13th tribe, written by a Hungarian Jew and later confirmed by others that the present day people invading Palestine is not the same from the buy bull, but are a Turkish group, who choose a made up reLIEgion over being converted to either Christianinsanity or Arabism, during the time of the Crusades.  Now the authenticity of the buy bull itself has been proven wanting, but to go further, most Jews speak Yiddish, a Asiatic language associated with both them and the other Turkish clan called the Arabs.

Documents have shown and the video above as well, that the Asiatics are an invader group that fought for control of Northern Kimit. So in one instance if the Black Hebrews claim kinship with them, then I overstand why they reject same for Afrika. However, just because you have a different level of stupid, doesn’t mean i have to support it. I have stated time and time again, that reLIEgion, more than anything hinders and destroys us. More than a bad diet, crime and even fraternal wars. Because reLIEgion seems to be the impetus for all of these atrocities and then some. ReLIEgion keeps us enthralled in every and anything that is not associated with Afrika.  And like many Christians, Muslims, or kneegrows who embrace regionalism in the diaspora, being associated with a mythological land and a man made story that embraces anything but Afrika is more important and more loved, than Afrika and being Afrikan itself.




2 thoughts on “The Hebrew Israelites and the fiction of!

  1. “Documents have shown and the video above as well, that the Asiatics are an invader group that fought for control of Northern Kimit. So in one instance if the Black Hebrews claim kinship with them, then I overstand why they reject same for Afrika. However, just because you have a different level of stupid, doesn’t mean i have to support it. I have stated time and time again, that reLIEgion, more than anything hinders and destroys us. More than a bad diet, crime and even fraternal wars.”
    This is a very informative post. I can tell you really did some research on this one. I know when it comes to religion it can get very complicated. It’s an issue that hits very close to home for many of our people. I’m more into African spirituality and connecting to the spirit of my ancestors. It works for me….to each his own. I don’t know what it is but lately you’ve been dropping some bombs! This is good stuff. I had to share this on Twitter as well. This is the information our people need to hear. But they must have an open mind.


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