The fail of modern civilization in Afrika—Addendum

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am not sure who they were, that originally made this statement, but I perceive that the corrupting force affecting anybody in a position of power lies primerely with money. As Afrikan people we must overstand that everything done to us, under the sun, has three components. And those three components (a) a strong need to survive (b) A strong need to covet, and (c) A strong need to elevate themselves through artificial means over us. Those component has at its base,wealth.  Wealth of land, wealth of culture and wealth of resources.

When the Asiatics, followed by the Hyksos and later cultures, first went to Afrika, it was to live comfortable in an hospitable environment. Once there and seeing the wealth, knowledge, possessions and relative quality of life, they began to covet it. Lacking the necessary morality, knowledge, integrity, or patience to build from there they were, the foreigners decided to steal and build on top of what was stolen. To this very day non Afrikans, as well as Afrikans with a yurugu’s soul, continue to steal from Afrika, hoping to build on their theft so it can benefit themselves. Such savage outlook, fails to take into effect that long term, one cannot continue to take and deplete and not think that creating an imbalance in nature, surrounding environment or in peoples soul, will not have a deleterious effect that will eventually blossom outward and affect the thieves.

After all, how many times can you carry that bucket to the well, before the bottom drops out? The scramble for Afrika still continues. It is more sophisticated and even more disastrous, because it is not as overt as, for example, what Leopold did in Belgium, the wild pigs (Boers) did in Azania or the Germans did in Namibia. But we still had Rwanda, we had Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria and still are dealing with the Kongo. Conflicts, whether inter-tribal or cross borders are both the lingering results of the infestation of cave savages into Afrika and the continuation of the need to conquer and subjugate instead of coexisting.

Recently Donald Drumpf claimed he though recolonizing Afrika would be a good thing, regardless of the fact that Afrika is already recolonized ( or never stopped being colonized) through missionaries, NGO’s, corporate pirates and AFRICOM’s presence on the ground, I find it dispiriting to here local Afrikans on the continent agreeing with this pile of shit, presidential hopeful.

Africom: The New American Empire in Africa


Rest assured though that the savage believes and does practice a scorched earth policy. Thus when the earth is scorched, those left to fend for themselves, those left out of the hierarchy of imperialism, will sound find themselves picking over the bones of the deceased entity, which is Afrika. After all, in a time of disaster, carrions and scavengers arise to out of the bushes to feed on the dead carcasses. It is where civilization meets decay and give birth to capitalism, which is really piracy.

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In the end it is imperative for Afrika to survive, the continent must cut out the cancer causing lifestyle and infestations. Failure to do that then our children…those who survive..will for sure beLIEve, that we truly had no story to tell and that we indeed, did come from under a cotton patch, or famine riddled environment. Along with the economic corruption plaguing Afrika, there is still the issue of cultural and economic poverty, making Afrika ripe for savages to infect and infest the continent, both from with in and without. The prevalence of these form of savagery is beyond hurtful. It’s about time Afrikans, particularly the men,  right this listing ship and deal with the animals that continues to violate both the land and the people.