Cultural Marxism and Afrikan people

I was listening to a talk radio show on the local kneegrow station where the discussion centered around a 13 year old female in the city of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, was arrested for constant truancy from school. In the Province of Ontario the government’s education act, stated clearly that a student is compelled to go to school, with incarceration being the results.

“Students and parents are reminded at this time that in Ontario it is mandatory for persons between the ages of six and 18 to attend school,” authorities noted.”

To hear how the kneegrows who called in state, the government has the right to arrest your child if they refuse to go to school. Being a former inmate of the public fool system, and well aware of the history of edumacation in Canada, amurdikkka and the rest of the world under white supremacy. In England, a parent can be fined if their children refuse to go to school. I am quite aware that many of these students see no reason why they should go to school. Let’s put aside peer group influence for a minute and focus on what the public fool system provides or does not provide to regular students, much less Afrikan students. Let’s start with the dissolving of shops class, home economics class or other life skills class, that were evident in the 50’s up to the early 80’s.

Today something called Common Core education which was first instituted as a standard educational initiative in the amurdikkka, and transitioned into Canada. it supposedly details what K–12 students should know in English language arts and mathematics at the end of each grade. Yet many have opposed the common core initiatives as a less than stellar stop gap measure, that replaced the previously failed program, where students are left unattended and channeled to failure. Now they are just passed along, without any preparation to compete against Asia and other parts of the world, where performances leave North amurdikkklan students in the dust.

However, this governmental heavy handedness does not stop at the school system. For years citizens have been threaten with jail time or loss of employment, if they refuse to inoculate themselves and their children with documented poisons by the medical drug pushers. I even heard that there is a provision in Obomba care, where if you fail to apply for this, you would be fined and compelled to do so. These Draconian acts by the people who the sheeples claim they elected to express their own thoughts and wishes, is what a tyrannical government does. It must be true, because the western (white) governments often talk about and rail against such types of governments in the Non- white nations.

Any citizen, living under the spell of the western media, would absolutely support any governmental interference in such a nations attempt to dissolve the rights of individuals. Yet here, we can’t even get out heads out of the toilet of teLIEvison programming and instant gratification, to recognize that 1984 is and has been happening to us since the turn of the last century. Not 10 years ago, not 50 years ago, but as far back as 1900’s.  Those ignorant of his-story, mouth empty sounds about fascism and communism, without truly overstanding that these are just names, used to fool us into choosing one set of evil over another. Yet while we trod foolishly about our business on the hamster wheel, they the doers of ISFET is herding us down a hallway into slavery.

Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is a branch of “western Marxism”, different from the Bolshevik Marxism-Leninism of the old Soviet Union. It is commonly known as “multiculturalism” or, less formally, Political Correctness. Bolshevism is part of the weapons the Zionists used to first topple the old Soviet Monarchy and was intended to be instrumental for a global Socialist-Marxist revolution. Many of us are or should be somewhat knowledgeable of the main principles of Socialism-Marxism, as practiced by adherents of Bolshevik Marxism. The idea is to remove culture, gender, social, economic and political barriers in different societies and eventually the whole planet, and make us one homogeneous, easily controllable entity.

The basic notion of Bolshevism is that the regular folks, the proletariat, also called “Lumpen Proletarians”, a term for the class of wage-earners (especially industrial workers) in a capitalist society, whose only possession of significant material value is their labor-power (their ability to work); a member of such a class is a proletarian, the backbone of a society. Under Marxism the proletarians struggle to bring down the middle classes. Because under Marxism, there are two basic classes in a capitalist society. Besides the proletariat, there is the social class which consists of capitalists, manufacturers, bankers, and other employers. These are the bourgeoisie, who based on the above examples, owns the most important of the means of production, through which it exploits the working class.

Under Marxism, in order to have an equitable society, the proletariat MUST replace the bourgeois class, with a classless and economic-less distinction between workers and owners. This is Marxism-Socialism in a nutshell. Unable to effectively fill the void of the missing owner class, the Bolsheviks proclaimed themselves the keeper of all truth and stewards of all economic gains, political thoughts, moral behaviour and social interactions. Under Marxist-Socialist rule, such a society’s production, land and other possession, would be owned by the state…or the Marxist government, whose ideology makes them most capable of  “KNOWING” how to run our lives. Much better than we do. Finally under Marxism, such ideology is enforced and reinforced by the state police apparatus, who are moral correction officer…or thought police….to regulate any deviance from “proper” socialist thoughts and actions.

Once Marxist-Socialist ideology failed to factor in individualism, individual thoughts, aspirations, cultural traditions and norms, it struggled in places where such an ideology is weakened or was seen as weak, when up against distinct cultural traditions and personalities. Previously I referred to, and equated Marxism and Socialism with the Bolsheviks and the Bolsheviks with Zionism. That was because ALL the architects of the Russian AND French revolution had Khazar-Jewish background. Many were and are devotes of the Talmud and the belief that the “JEW” (which is ourstorically, anthropologically, linguistically,  different from the historical Hebrew of the European fantasy book) has the right to rule over the non- Jew or the Goyim. Prior to Zionism, a Khazar was allowed to intermingle with other people, even practice their own particular cultural traditions….as long as they were removed from or closely monitored in the area of finance, politics, education and media. This was because their history details how disagreeable they were to live with for long periods, before they started pissing people off. It was the rise of Zionism, a radical political force, that became the most dangerous to world stability, through many avenues. Political assassinations, the military and financial overthrow of governments, the whispers in the ear of some political eunuch, that started multiple wars, eventually left the stench of Zionism in its wake of each destroyed national carcass.

It was the resetting of Marxism, from a political one to a cultural one, that has brought he world to its present condition. Confused, depressed, angry, immensely more destructive and on the brink of self destruction. By attacking culture, whether European, Asian or Afrikan…and other cultures, that have had a longer tradition than the Khazars and Marxism, the Bolsheviks were able to get people to act against their own self interest, in some vapid belief that a one world humanity would be safer, than a multitude of culture that may rub each other the wrong way. Yet for centuries, we have had wars among cultures, and while this is irrefutable,  for centuries we have also had longer stretches of peace and positive interactions. Until that is the Khazars came out of the mountains of the Caucuses and went on to pillage, rape and laid down a scorched earth policy on the land and peoples.

By using media, politics and reLIEgion, the Bolsheviks were able to implement cultural Marxism as the final solution to the Zionists one world order, as laid out in their hand book for ruler-ship….the Protocols of the elders of Zion. In it we truly have a push for the elimination of gender, social, economic, political, ideological and cultural barriers. Today the greatest example of this attack is observed around the gender and sex battle field. By insinuating itself into reLIEgion, politics and education, through the gender battlefield and opening was created that cultural Marxism inserted itself. When former conservative reLIEgious members of Christianinsanity can embrace homosexuality, despite what their buy bull stories tell them, you know some are buying into the barrier less agenda. The narrow minded and shortsightedness will of course believe this is about anti- white sex behavior and oppression of homosexuals. As quiet as its been kept and despite the conservatism of many in western and Asian culture, homosexuality was a natural acceptable part of their existence. So despite the so called fight against conservatism, it was the FORCING of that lifestyle onto non practicing white sex offenders, that has triggered the limited push back. Sort of how forcing reLIEgion on captive Afrikan became detrimental to their social, emotional and mental health.

By including equality of the sexes which was a misdirection, many have began to embrace the western patriarchal definition of equality, with a side order of sexual misadventure. Eventually they gave us a dessert of multiculturalism, which despite the name is about dissolving cultures as opposed to recognizing cultural differences. The curious reader may want to argue that multiculturalism is about celebrating your unique culture. On the surface this is what they sell you. But under neath, they include and impose the idea that we are all one. NO WE ARE NOT! Under western influence, and please understand that western (European) influence extends to all corners of the globe, most modern societies are matriarchal in behavior, but patriarchal in look, with anti-family, anti-individualism, anti-children, homosexual practicing, war mongers at the helm. By pitting the genders against each other, by pitting ideologies against each other, against different cultural groups. By starting fratricidal fighting, the doers of ISFET, have successfully herded us into the realm of cultural Marxism. By herding us so, they can implore us to DO AWAY with cultural differences in the name of sameness. Now they can further implement the continuation of political Marxism, regulated by the thought police agencies.

Cultural Marxism could not effectively grab a hold of our society without the surrender of our individual characteristics, individual rights and ability to think independent of group speak. And the foundation of ALL cultural paradigm lies first in the differences of our gender personalities. It is the distinction of our personalities that both make us different, yet able to come together as complementary forces, which was needed for cultures, political and spiritual thoughts and beliefs to rise. The male personality is inspired by the female personality to build, protect and provide for her. The female personality is in turn inspired by the strength and action of the male personality and thus seeks to nurture, support and be his balm against outside stresses of fighting against outside oppressive forces. She also gives him the highest praise by continuing his legacy AND hers. From this basic concept rises community, villages, cities, culture, nations and governance. Overstand that the male of any nation and culture, when stirred by oppression, will rise up and challenge the oppressors. And neither death and or destruction can effectively kill this uprising, so long as the female is there to keep the energy going, through the teaching of the traditions to the next generation.

In order to break this bond, the manipulators attack the male through the female and the female through the male. And nothing is as evident in this attack than the attack on the Afrikan couple. The heterosexual couple. They couple that lives their particular cultural paradigm. Since Afrika the continent and the multitude of Afrikan cultures, predates all other. And since homosexuality was not natural to a land where the complementary relationship is celebrated and acknowledged as part of universal existence. The attack on the Afrikan family started with removing the man’s ability to protect his woman and children, not through violence, but through domesticity, as practiced by Christianinsanity and its turn the other cheek, waiting for that pie in the sky reward. Then they, further influenced the men, by dangling his low hanging fruits in his face, in the form of the “forbidden fruit”… savage female, the lowest of that culture… to excite the males already compromised self esteem. Once the ability and desire to protect the Afrikan women and child was removed, the doers of ISFET, then attacked the female by showing her that he, the savage is more worthy of her devotion, because he can educate her, support her financially and “LOVE” her materially, like her complement couldn’t or won’t.

When a black man is unfulfilled in his life he seeks a distraction that adheres to his latent broken masculinity. These include living on the edge kind of activity such as ritual wars (sports) or ritual relationship (porn), which replaces real masculine acts of courage and the kind of innovations and creativity as is the specific domain of men. The males in this society are inundated with ritual or violent sports and ritual or violent porn. Most often violent sports and violent porn. It is masculine to test yourself against odds. It is masculine to go out and strive against nature or other tribes in order to stake your individuality. So this feeling of emptiness must be fed. However, society conditions us to do what it gives us their prescribed things to do. That is subsume your natural tendency to practice your different form of personal characteristics. Even to the point where society now TELLS you that any healthy thoughts contrary to proscribed social norms is ripe for sever repercussion.

When a black woman feels unloved or undesired, she seeks the distractions that adheres to her femininity. These includes embracing feeling whole through romance novels and soap opera. And trust me, Jerry Springer and house wives of which ever city you ride with, are soap operas. The woman yearns to be  loved by a strong masculine man, who can protect her and lead her. Society through feminazism, thought her that there is no such man…after removing the masculinity from the man. So she finds that man either in the savage or another female. Considering that the complementary personality of the gender is entrenched in the DNA, homosexual HAVE TO take on one of the feminine of masculine characteristic, or the “attractions” would be difficult to maintain.

The following group of images details how cultural Marxism has destroyed the Afrikan family and how it has made us in the image of the gods we worship. THE WHITE MAN!









The image below is considered cute in many circles, and many would question anyone who question this behavior. This is a little boy, is seen dressed in mini alter top and panties, and is accompanied in the picture with a mother, who is showing off her own wares for social media. If you see nothing wrong with this image, then the purveyors of cultural Marxism has achieved their stated goal. This is an example of what cultural Marxism looks like at its most primitive level. But this just a tip of the iceberg.


I saw a picture of a kneegrow female who had a sex change to look like a male, engaged to a kneegrow male who had surgery to look like a female. is there any wonder that today homosexuality, transgenderism and STD’s are said to be high among black people. Is it any wonder that practicing homosexuality is rising faster among the manufactures entity called the kneegrow, more so than any other ethnic group? For the true nature of yurugu is both anti-female and anti-children. It is a death style that is backwards and upside down. If you follow the circus called political elections in the western hemisphere, the main speaking points seems to revolve around jobs, government “support” for individual comfort, gender rights…including the many varied forms of genderism plaguing us today, and of course the right to bring western ideologies to those who refuse to embrace barrier reductions disguised as democracy or socialism. The idea that a child playing hookie from school is in line with this video, that uses double speak to warn you that you have no rights under the New World Order.

In western societies people are forced to give up personal freedom and individuality to the state or government, for their “protection”. This need for protection is the results of an over all design to create economic and political crises around the world, through making the world a frightening place to live in. This is being implemented to coerce regular citizens into accepting sameness as an antidote to differences, while removing the moral values and sensibilities that traditional cultures once embraced as an anchor to their own cultural relevancy and survival. We are not same. We are not automatons. We are living breathing sentient beings imbued with the mind and soul to create things unique to the earthly creators. After these things are created, they may or may not be shared with others outside the group, but they are shared and celebrated. Under cultural Marxism, creativity is frowned upon. Sameness is celebrated and enforced and this is the sameness the state tells us to embrace, in the form of becoming large bodies of poorly paid employee/workers,  instead of small pockets of business owners/employers. The sameness encourages your neighbors to do the state’s dirty work of monitoring your activities and report it to the thought police, who then drag you off to hidden rooms, for the safety of the state and its worker drones.

For Afrikan people, we are as different from others as we can be. In our cultural paradigm, the creative forces of nature is exemplified by the expanse of the universe. Of which there are  multitude of suns, existing in that expanse and in our own little sections. Around these suns are multitudes of their own planets all working in symbiotic relationship with each other. Together this little dance helps us to overstand the Afrikan paradigm of relationship in nature, in culture, with each other and with our selves. Once we deviate from this paradigm, we are lost in a sea of confusion, wondering aimlessly and purposeless in someone else’s paradigm. Keep in mind that the highest form of culture is its most basic. The man, plus the woman, plus the offspring. From that trinity springs all the necessary ingredients for culture, society, language, spirituality and freedom. Cultural Marxism is the antithesis of this and enslaves us to a tyrannical state.