The fall of the white man’s society…part 2

On March 14, 2016 it was reported that a bill, was being considered, that would allow adult biological males to shower or change alongside young girls. This has earned the endorsement of two prominent teachers unions in Massachusetts. Unions…please re-read my previous post on cultural Marxism. State legislators in Boston, are considering a bill that would specifically open all public restrooms, shower facilities, and locker rooms to transgender people.

An Act Relative to Gender Identity and Non-Discrimination” (H.B. 1577) would add “gender identity” to the state’s protected classes able to access all public facilities, such as private changing areas. Lawmakers specifically exempted “lawfully sex-segregated facilities” when it passed a 2011 ordinance granting transgender people protected legal status, but included school restroom facilities. “The issue with the latest bill is not that it opens up opposite sex restrooms in the schools, because they’re already open in the schools at this point in Massachusetts,” Sean Ryan, director of communications for the pro-family watchdog group MassResistance, told LifeSiteNews, where this article was lifted.

“This pending legislation opens the floodgate to adults being able to victimize children in public facilities,” Ryan continued. “Erasing the distinction of sex and allowing men to use opposite-sex facilities is a predator’s dream.”

The Massachusetts Teachers Association – the state affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA) – and the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts announced that they support H.B. 1577. So have two professional organizations of public school administrators: the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents and the Massachusetts Association of School Committees.

“Groups that should be advocating for children’s safety have turned against parents and endorsed a legal concept that by nature puts children at risk,” Ryan told LifeSiteNews.

The group has compiled a list of incidents in which men have physically threatened, attempted to rape, or otherwise sexually revealed themselves to women and girls in private facilities.  It’s not merely public sector unions fueling the bill with compulsory union dues. Titans of the private sector have also backed the bill.  Business members of Freedom Massachusetts, the key group lobbying for the law,include Facebook, Twitter, Google, the United Way, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the online backup service Carbonite, Planet Fitness, and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, along with dozens of other firms.

“The transgender lobbying organization ‘Freedom Massachusetts’ is backed by dozens of insurance companies, law firms, big banks and San Francisco tech companies trying to force their values on all of us,” according to the Massachusetts Family Institute, which is also fighting the bill.

But Ryan says the teachers unions’ support calls into question the underlying quality of public schools.

“Educational development demands that children are taught facts, not a subjective notion advanced by radical activists that has no basis in reality,” Ryan told LifeSiteNews. “Teachers endorsing such phony concepts should make one wonder about the quality of education in general in the Bay State.”

In Atlanta, they have opened up a public school geared towards homosexual children. Not children of homosexual children, but homosexual children. Therefore, your 5-7 year old, who these demons insists knows they are homosexuals, long before they overstand the functions of their sexual organs. Western (white dominated) Society, have channeled their inner Greco-Roman perversity, which previously heralded the decline of those two societies.

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Back in 2008, when i started blogging, I came across some far out shit, called the Mandingo Club. This was my first introduction to the phenomena of cuckolding: When a man makes another man, a cuckold, by having a sexual relationship with his wife. Or if a man’s wife makes her husband a cuckold. The Mandingo club, is a collective of sexually promiscuous professional kneegrows, who hired themselves out to horny white women for sex, while their latent homosexual, but definitely emasculated husbands, watch or sitting around downstairs and discuss decorating and baking. While researching this phenomena which went into my blog, I came across and even more fascinating one in the practice of Objectum Sexuality.

Objectum sexuality is an unusual psychological phenomenon in which an individual feels powerful affection toward a particular inanimate object – for all intents and purposes falling ‘in love’ with the object which may be a particular table, a train or a door.

All About Objectum Sexuality – Health Guidance

Objectophilia, Fetishism and Neo-Sexuality: Falling in Love with Things

Some people love their laptops more than anything else in the world. Others are sexually aroused by musical instruments or buildings. Experts are trying to understand a bizarre sexual obsession known as objectophilia.  An article in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, written by Amy Marsh argues that objectophilia is not a paraphilia but a sexual orientation.

Here’s the paragraph:

Based on statements made by objectum sexuals and on the research discussed in this article, it appears that objectum sexuality can be distinguished from a simple paraphilia by its complex array of emotional and affectionate qualities, in addition to its sexual characteristics. The most striking feature of this research was the discovery of the array of emotions and depth of connection that OS people feel for their objects. Judging from the thoughts expressed in open-ended responses, OS appears to be a genuine – though rare – sexual orientation. The emotions and experiences reported by OS people correspond to general definitions of sexual orientation. For example, an article on sexual orientation and homosexuality, published on American Psychological Association Help Center website, refers to sexual orientation as involving “feelings and self concept.” If references to human lovers were stripped from this particular article, it would dovetail with the experiences and feelings described by OS people.

There is an international website about objectùm-sexuality, (widely known as Objektophilie in Germany), it is designed to offer a support network for objectùm-sexuals (Objektophile) and education for friends and family about objectùm-sexuality (Objektophil), and insight into that way of accepting, living, and adapting as individuals who are in “love” with objects.

This site The Red Fence -by Röda Staketet, was the first site I came across that alerted me the the fact that this underground perversity has now come up out of the sewer and is proudly gallivanting and prancing in our face

According to the movement, the decision to use the Red Swedish Fence or Röda Staketet as their emblem of Objectùm-Sexuality, was deliberate.

The Pioneer

Eija-Riitta Eklöf has been living out her life in North Sweden, the village of Liden where she was born and raised.  At 54 years old, she has braved every censor of her orientation.  However, in the early days, Eija-Riitta did not face retribution for her connection and relationship with objects.  Her family and village did not pass judgment.  Why should they?  She was a well adjusted and talented model-builder who was not offending anyone and most importantly, she was happy.

Eija-Riitta had hundreds of pen-pals all over the world and was very open about her sexuality with little to no reprisal.  She wanted to educate people and to include a typed flyer explaining her sexuality.  So, in the early 1970’s, Eija-Riitta with two close friends, Lars and Frank, decided on a term for the orientation to love objects, a name she could tell people that summed up her sexuality.  They chose “Objectùm-Sexuality” and it is this Latin terminology that we still use today and often the acronym OS.

June 17, 1979, Eija-Riitta Eklöf followed her heart and married the object of her true desire, the Berlin Wall, unofficially adding Berliner-Mauer to her surname.

In 1996, Eija-Riitta started the first website dedicated to OS in 4 languages.  More or less a personal account of her own life and sexuality but also an informative site directed at the nature of OS.  It was from these early hand-coded pages that objectùm-sexuality became known in the trenches of the internet.

In 1999, Eija-Riitta launched the first internet group with an extended invitation to anyone interested in discussing objectùm-sexual issues.  People poured in but it was unclear if they were actually OS or simply curious and discussions never developed.  While this first attempt failed to bring about an open dialog, Eija-Riitta decided to close and reopen another in 2002 with focus directed at providing a more private environment for discussion.  Membership required approval and from this selective process came the first active and sincere members of the Objectùm-Sexuality Community.

The Breakthrough

From the founding OS members, Oliver Arndt, a talented artist from Essen started the largest network in Germany for Objektophilie in 2002.  These objektophiles have been actively educating the public and courageously addressing the media for many years.

Another founding member was Erika Eiffel, a world class archer and martial artist.  She travelled extensively to meet with Oliver and having a kinship love for the Berlin Wall also met with her close friend, Eija-Riitta, in 2006.  Later Erika set out to meet all the OS membership in an effort to gather data and learn more about the enigma of objectùm-sexuality.  Together, Oliver and Erika successfully adapted their German OS group for English speaking objectum-sexuals in 2004.

In September 2006, Erika came out about her long-time affection for the Berlin Wall and also iron Bridge structures, including the matriarch of Bridges, the Eiffel Tower, which she unofficially married April 8, 2007.  Erika later founded Objectùm-Sexuality Internationale and started a new international forum in February 2008 inviting the assistance of Oliver and Eija-Riitta to help to share the hope started so long ago…  to know we are not alone.

The Symbolism…

The Red Fence is cherished by Eija-Riitta as an object she holds dear to her heart.  As a tribute to her courage and devotion,Röda Staketet is to the objectùm-sexual community…  our symbol.

The Meaning…

Fences exist throughout society.  We put them up to protect ourselves but not to shut people out.  One can look over a Fence and see what’s on the other side.  If the grass is indeed greener or not…  this we decide for ourselves.

Twelve years ago, Eija-Riitta Eklöf from North Sweden took a chance and braved hoards of criticism from faceless critics on the internet in an effort to find others like her: people who love objects…  objectùm-sexuals… aka OS people, also known as objectophiles.

Since then, Oliver Arndt from Germany and Erika Eiffel from America have built the largest network of objectum-sexual people from different countries.

This website is not meant to change the minds of people… We are not looking for a following, rather a reckoning of other objectum-sexuals so we may provide support, realization, and hope to one another.  Thank you for opening your mind and looking over the Fence.

Strange love series

Married to the Eifel Tower

Guys with Dolls

Of all the steps to Western Society’s decline. Sexual perversity and the attack on traditional family are the most onerous and systematic. With so many mental health and perverse behavior removed from the DSM and deemed acceptable or alternate, it is no wonder many young people and quite a few willing adults are equal parts confused and eager to participate in activities that appeals to their lower nature. Scientists, through agribusiness, food wars and mind control through social media and teLIEvions has made us believe that straight pride, much less straight black pride is the outlier instead of the natural way of things.

Alfred Kingsey..the father of modern perversity

6 thoughts on “The fall of the white man’s society…part 2

  1. so disgusted i cant even watch the videos…smh anyhow knick-knacks have no clue as to who or what is behind their motive; as for the saying ignorance is a bliss and increased knowledge increased sorrow. i’ll also say Negroes these days have clearly forgotten who and what they hail from….the rabbit hole has become a black-hole; yurugu keeps adding bits and pieces of themselves in hopes of us eradicating ourselves from the planet.

    On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 6:51 PM, Blackmystorys Weblog wrote:

    > posted: “On March 14, 2016 it was reported > that a bill, was being considered, that would allow adult biological males > to shower or change alongside young girls. This has earned the endorsement > of two prominent teachers unions in Massachusetts. Unions…please re-r” >


    1. Their whole existence for world domination rests on corrupting nations through sexual perversions, economic dominance and ethnic hatred. They are the direct force behind conflicts such as the French Revolution, the Russian revolution, World Was 1-2, up until what’s happening in Syria. Ever since they came our of Khazars, they have been like pestilence to the planet. But they are masters of psychological warfare and misdirection though.


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