Dutty likle secret

It is trendy for the past several decades to attack the Island of Jamaica, just as much as it is trendy to view the Island nation as a place of laid back, easy going, smiling and musical people. Non-Jamaicans even recognize that Jamaicans engage in other things outside of Rasta, Reggae music, Ganja and nice beaches. These other endeavors includes a variety of sports and entertainment, the most widely known of course…track and filed.

Jamaica is also widely known as a place where violence and rebelliousness lies ingrained in the fabric of that nation. Or that is what those who care little about the Island will state. Yet in every propaganda, a kernel of truth must reside to make the propaganda seem believable.

After all, Jamaica was notorious as the place where rebellious prisoners of the colonial and imperial invasions of Afrika, are taken to be broken and made a capitulating slave, before shipping them to other parts of the known slaving worlds of the west. Those to difficult to break, remain on the island, out of site of most of the western world, were even more atrocities, perhaps not envisioned in amurdikkka,  are heaped on the enslaved. Ourstory of Jamaica is ripe with rebelliousness from day one, up until present. From the Maroon rebellions, to the story of Nanny, Dutty Boukman, Paul Bogle, Sam Sharp, Marcus Garvey and a slew of asafos, constantly made the savages of Europe and elsewhere, question whether their lust for profits on the backs of Afrikan men and women, was worth the headache these rebellious people show.

Jamaica like many places, once beset by colonial savagery, such as the united snakes, Brazil, Afrika and many other islands in the Caribbean, had never had therapy to heal the people from the ravages of the Ma’afa of the Atlantic trade in black bodies. Being the first Island in the Caribbean to achieve independence…. on paper…Jamaica seemed to always be in the cross hairs of yurugu, more than any other Island. In particularly from the united snakes,  when the amurdikkklan government decided to intervene in the election process against Michael Manley, by supplying the opposition with finances and arms. This created the unprecedented culture of the gun, drugs and huge gang existence, which both parties supported and fostered on the people.

Impoverishment and disenfranchisement created economic destruction and created the pursuit for alternative opportunities for survival. The aforementioned guns and drug culture are two very obvious ones. As well that need search for an alternative opportunity for survival, under the duress of poverty and disenfranchisement, was created on the backs of the legacy of slavery and the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), that European nations to this day refuse to believe or care that is happening in their former colonies. One of the effects of PTSD are the self destructive acts perpetuated on the population. This includes the most vulnerable sectors of the nation. Women and children.

Jamaica’s Silent Children

In Oct 2015, Al Jazera put up an article and a video on the internet detailing one of the results of this PTSD effects of high rate of child sex abuse in Jamaica and the government’s failure to protect its children. This is the dirty little secret that many from that Island nation has known from birth and many carry to their graves.

Among the lines in the article that stands out included the notion that “Jamaica likes to portray itself as a tropical paradise – its sunshine and laid-back atmosphere attracting millions of tourists every year. But behind this idyllic picture lies a more sinister truth: this is a nation where child sex abuse is endemic.

According to the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, 40 percent of Jamaicans say that their first experience of sexual contact was forced and while still under the age of consent. More often than not, the perpetrator was someone close to home: a family member, teacher, community or religious leader.”

Human rights groups, as reported in the article, have claimed that taboos about reporting incest, rape and the abuse of power by older men are so entrenched that thousands of young Jamaican girls still continue to suffer in silence. And in a society where women are by and large still dependent on men for financial support, poverty and lack of employment opportunities are also driving sexual exploitation of teenage girls; sometimes their parents are even complicit, seeing sex as a legitimate way for a young girl to earn her keep.

Whether a Jamaican national wants to complain about this international highlights are not, the harsh truth is that, this Island which gave birth to so many international luminaries, also have gestated numerous devils and cannibals, who prey on the most vulnerable. Even bullying mothers to give up their daughters for staple food stuff.

This was not the first time Al Jazera did a story on Jamaica though. Under the title, Impunity cloaks abuse of girls in Jamaica, the organization, in 2011, wrote about the acquittal of a pastor accused of child sex crimes, which at the time was supposed to focus attention on the violent abuse of young girls.

According to official data, put out in 2004, teenage girls accounted for 70 per cent of reported sexual assaults. In 2006, 78 per cent of sexual assault/rape cases admitted to hospital were children and adolescents. Girls under the age of 16 accounted for 32 per cent of all sexual assaults.

Amnesty International in 2006 reported that “Sexual violence against women and girls in Jamaica: ‘Just a little sex'”, attributed the high rate of under-reporting to “entrenched discrimination” and the “trivialization” of sexual violence by family and acquaintances as “just a little sex”.

In fact, local police believe that carnal abuse – in which adults engage in sexual relationships with minors – is frequently covered up after monetary payments are made. And despite recent legislative reforms, officials say the problem is growing. Since the start of 2011, sexual attacks on 11- to 15-year-old had increased. There was also a spike in the number of attacks on very young boys, something many human rights organizations do not highlight as much as they should.

“Incest has become a worrying trend. Also, in the case of carnal abuse, teenage boys are now targeting children ten and younger,” 

Several years ago, I wrote a piece blasting international promosexual organizations for focusing primerely on the small series of attacks on homosexual men, yet completely overlook the daily rapes, sexual abuses, forced incest and sex for pay placed on young women and children. The tourism industry is full of cave savage female and males going to Jamaica for sex. And while many of us either laugh or shake our heads at the Rent-a-Dread phenomena, many of us turn a blind eye to these tourists paying young girls and boys for sex. I am not sure which comes first, the sex tourism industry inspiring the local sex abuse, or the other way around. But what i do overstand is that Jamaica’s most vulnerable is being savaged from both sides and the future of the nation suffers big time from it.

Do you really think the nonsense currently going on in Dance Hall culture, with younger and younger females allowing themselves to be made props or toys in musical pornography and violence in the name of  entertainment?

For boys in Jamaica, whether initially sexually turned out or not, they inevitable become part of the whole vile oppressive underground environment of sexual abuse


This video below, about the Gay prostitutes living on the Island, get sympathies from promosexual around the world and on the Island. But these people care not that many of these young boys were themselves products of child sexual abuse, as well as continual sexual abuse by men well placed in the upper echelon of society. This is not something that promosexuals and female rights organizations fail to or refuse to look at deeply. I am not pitting male sexual abuse victims against female sexual abuse victims. Nor I am overlooking the fact that many older females are willing to prostitute themselves to achieve social gains, in a highly competitive environment saturated with poverty and disenfranchisement.

I am saying though that child sex abuse, rapes, forced incest and other vile acts against women and children, including straight physical violence, are all a part of the over all break down of that society. A society that boast more churches per capita, than any other society on the planet.

If a nation can rise no higher than the moral position of its woman. If a nation can never prosper if it mistreats its women. How then does a nation look by how it treats its children and babies?




Reggae versus Dance hall—Addendum

The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Changes in the levels of vitamins can affect energy and well-being, a person’s physical and mental powers, typically as applied to a particular task or activity. Energies have a frequency that it vibrates on. Sometimes the vibration will be off and the frequency will not harmonize. This vibration is said to keep one stagnant on a particular frequency, preventing it to raise its vibration to an harmonical state, necessary for said energy to flow consistently. Dance Hall music, like many things in Jamaica are vibrating off kilter or on a off beat frequency, that resides on the sexual or violent frequency. This level of vibration in turn attracts similar energy, which becomes an entity in and of itself.


Just in case one didn’t follow up on the video at the end of the last post, I am posting parts 2 and 3 of the BBC documentary on the oustory of Jamaican music. The audience may have a somewhat deeper overstanding of how Reggae music transitioned to its current state of cannibal music.


Reggae versus Dance hall

Cannibal music versus wellness music


This comment by conscious Reggae artist Chronix, elicited a storm of reaction from fans of Dance Hall icon Vybz Kartel, that included death threats and numerous accusations of jealousy and other unflattering remarks.  The idea of cannibalism flew so far over the head of the ignoramus, many are alarmed that Chronix would even suggest that their Dance Hall don would eat human meat. Clearly missing the metaphor, and also missing the fact that Chronix stated emphatically the Vybz Kartel has done a lot of good, but that the media and the industry promote the cannibal mentality to appeal to the lower nature of the retarded.

Above video is an example of what the cannibal mentality and the cannibal music elicits. During the 2003 sting concert, another Dance Hall icon Ninja man was performing, when Vybz Kartel called him a pussy, a dire affront in any black culture, but more so in Jamaica. When Ninja reacted, he was set upon and pummeled by Kartel and his crew of bitch nukkas. As the dust settled, Kartel disappeared. He disappeared because he realized that Ninja man was not any old musician, but an actual connected O.G., with enough connection and power, to make Kartel disappear for good. Even while things were being sorted out the organizers attempted to right the listing ship, suggested this segment of the show concluded, the angry mob, in their cannibalistic mentality, hurled bottles and other items onto the stage.

Kartel had to apologize to Ninja man, but it didn’t stop this kat from continuing down the destructive path, that eventually landed him in jail for ordering the murder of a former associate.


A cannibal is a person who eats human flesh, especially for magical or religious purposes, as among certain european tribal peoples. A cannibal is also any animal that eats its own kind. In the context of Chronix’s statement, a cannibal is pertaining to or characteristic of a cannibal. This means an individual or group of people, whose mental outlook is a savage desire to immerse ones self in social scene where violence is the norm. And the more steeped and horrific the violence is the more ones reputation is enhanced

This is one of Vybz Kartel recent music:

 The sad thing is the movie, City Of Gods, which this video was made for, could have been Jamaica without the white people. All one has to do is some research on the garrison communities in Jamaica.
Below is a music by Chronix. Note the difference between the content of the two and the energy delivered.


Reggae music originally was created by the Rastafari community, as far back around 1933, as both a spiritual expression of their reLIEgious stance and a vehicle to indict the colonial government in Jamaica since the inception and decades long battle with the old colonial government and the new colonial puppets, currently running the Island nation into the ground.

Reggae music came out of the struggle for citizen and hue-man rights of a group who aligned themselves with Afrika, whilst still embracing Christianinsanity and Marxist ideology. Experiencing state sanctioned violence, many which were swept under the rug by the government, reggae music become the rallying cry for the poor and disenfranchised, mostly the blackest of Jamaica’s citizens. Reggae music became somewhat a flavor of the month during the independence celebration, but was quickly regulated to back yard  and “dance hall” scene, after the lights were turned off. Up until the death of Bob Marley, the industry’s selected spokes person for Reggae, reggae was long loved more internationally than locally. Yet when he died, a void was left that the industry decided to fill with frivolity and bullshit. Instead of promoting the Dennis Browns, the Peter Tosh, the Mighty Diamonds and others on the same level they promoted slackness music. What soon became modern Dance Hall.

With artist like Yellow Man, sister Nancy (yellow Man’s sister) and others with minimal talent and lots of hubris, dance hall drifted from a place where unsanctioned musical events were held, to become an entity of its own. Spawning its own unique styles…. men looking more feminine, pornography, violence and drugs, becoming the norm instead of the exception. Fast forward to today where the negativity of the Dance Hall scene is inseparable from the violence of a nation that has lost its moral way.

No one can say Dance Hall and Reggae can’t work together, as evidence by the offering from this star filled video

Yet contrast this positive musical lyrics and imagery to these videos…

There is no evidence that poverty and disenfranchisement has to be expressed in a cannibalistic way. Because the ourstory of Reggae music has always expressed the disenfranchisement in as positive away as possible

The economics of violence

Socioeconomic status (SES) is often measured as a combination of education, income, and occupation. It is commonly conceptualized as the social standing or class of an individual or group. When viewed through a social class lens, privilege, power, and control are emphasized. Furthermore, an examination of SES as a gradient or continuous variable reveals inequities in access to and distribution of resources. SES is relevant to all realms of behavioral and social science, including research, practice, education, and advocacy.

Community level risk factors for violence include increased levels of unemployment, poverty, and transiency; decreased levels of economic opportunities and community participation; poor housing conditions; and a lack of access to services.  In contrast, protective factors buffer individuals and communities from these risks. In communities, these buffers include a stable economy, positive social norms, abundant resources, high levels of social cohesion, and rewards for pro-social community involvement.

Research finds that PTSD, a common product of exposure to violence, has negative consequences for income and employment.

  • Individuals with untreated PTSD had significantly lower long-term income and employment rates than those receiving treatment (Murdoch, 2006; Savoca & Rosenheck, 2000).
  • A lifetime diagnosis of PTSD was associated with a nearly 50 percent lower probability of current employment (Savoca & Rosenheck, 2000).
  • Individuals with more severe PTSD symptoms were less likely to have full- or part-time employment (Smith. Schnurr, & Rosenheck, 2005).
  • Research finds that declines in academic attainment are common after exposure to or experience of violence.
  • Abused and neglected children showed significantly lower levels of academic attainment in adulthood (Perez & Widom, 1994).

Elementary schools that participated in bully and violence prevention programs had significantly higher student achievement scores than schools that did not incorporate such programs (Fonagy, Twemlow, Vernberg, Sacco, & Little, 2005).

  • Community violence was moderately associated with poor academic achievement in children. (Schwartz & Gorman, 2003).

It has been stated that there is a direct correlation between Violence and bad governments, and western countries while not immune from this, have done a better job than some of the smaller nations, with series of temporary band aid application, promoted by the media.

Lovers of Dance Hall are no different from anybody who lives a certain reality and strives to live and express that reality. Yet just because this is your reality, does not make it a healthy one. Reggae music used to be a healthy music. Soothing for the spirit, while at the same time inspiring the soul to grow the self into a better person. Dance Hall is about who can shoot how many, chop who, or fuck the most whatever…! This is primerely due to the fact that kneegrows, like any other of our cultural possessions, gave our legacies away to colonialists and pirates. They in turn tell us what we should like and reward certain chosen ones for promoting the worse element of this impoverish mentality. All the while the pirates take the best of what we have and make it their own. This reached its apex when cave savage Joss Stone won a Grammy Award in 2005 for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, over legitimate performers, last year.

Many modern Dance Hall artist lack the anchor of spirituality and morality that was evident decades ago. Many are responding to their own anger and frustration with a government…a succession of governments…that promises the world and delivers shit to the people. A government that keeps asking why there is so much violence among 2.5-3 million people, all the while promoting said violence through neglect and support of gangs, who act as enforcers for members of Jamaican parliament. Again follow the garrison community, its origin and how it grew.

Eventually the cannibals will run out of flesh and start consuming itself. Or there has to be an intervention by the people, who have chosen to stop being hyped and influenced by the fuckery permeating Dance Hall as it currently looks.

Note: I was gonna post up a few Dance Hall videos, to show the pornographic element pervasive in the industry, but the content was so tasteless, I am going to suggest you research  it yourself. I am weary of being accused of promoting pornography.

Still…Jamaica is at a cross-roads now between cannibalism and health. As far as I can tell, health is not looking too healthy right now. However, as more people get fed up with the level of violence, murders, rape, child abuse and other acts of depredation on the Island, perhaps this outrage can motivate people to focus on the music industry AND the two parties that take turn oppressing the people. Perhaps then, we may resuscitate reggae music from its sick bed and finally kill slackness and violence in Dance Hall.

BBC Reggae The Story of Jamaican Music