kneegrow shenanigans, the symptom of mental and spiritual retardation

In all my years blogging, i can safely state, this will be one of my most controversial posts. It will be controversial, because weak minded individuals will take umbrage with it and will cry for my neck in a noose. I have never shied away from looking into the face of truth and embracing it. Whether for my own growth or to correct that which needed correction. So gird your loins and lets get ready to rumble….


Among black people, especially those who suffer the most under the system of white pathology, is a debilitating disease that affects the mind and spirit. It is not the run of the mill disease that was let loose up on us after over 500 years of European imperialism, colonialism or Holocaust. Nor is it the 1200 years of same under the Arab oppression, that mostly affects our family on the continent. This disease is a product of all those and them some. Because of this it has become a self inflicted disease, that we refuse to remedy, because we have become comfortable with it. It is a retardation of the mind and spirit. We have become an intellectual and spiritual retarded people, willfully embracing our retardation, to the point where any attempt to fix it, is met by hate, anger and sometimes even violence or the threats of violence.

Mental Retardation is described as the sub (below) average intellectual ability, equivalent to or less than an IQ measured below 70. This intellectual state is accompanied by significant deficits in mental acuity and functional abilities, (as in communication or self-care). These things are necessary for independent daily functioning. It is usually present from birth or infancy, and is manifested especially by delayed or abnormal brain or personality development, by learning difficulties, and by problems in social adjustment. Retarded is a word to describe someone who is mentally slow. It is a medical word that is used as slang, and is today considered very insulting and inappropriate.

Mental retardation is one of the most tragic and least understood of social problems. In previous years the mentally deranged were regarded as beyond help and were locked up often under hideously deplorable conditions in fortified institutions and left to vegetate. Institutionalized patients are held out of sight of people considered normal. Personally having worked for more than 12 years with with homeless population, many of whom had mental cognitive impairments or became so after years of abusing illegal substances, which caused their mental capacity to be severely impaired, I now overstand that quite a few people are walking around the streets, people who you or I may interact with daily, also have symptoms of mental and spiritual impairment, which often affected their judgment or social interactions. The ability to first recognize when some one has mental impairment, based on clinical parameters, is just as important as having the ability to effectively and positively counsel, or interact with them in a way that is both collaborative and functional.

If we can see the enclave of black folks as one body (just view it so for a minute), and view our general behavior, an alien, visiting us for the first time will no doubt conclude that this is a painfully retarded group of people. A people that appears functional outward, but behave in such away that one wonders if hope for a cure is lost.

Evidence of mental and spiritual retardation on the enclave of kneegrows:



There is no doubt as to which came first in these pictures and our collective ailment.

The resulting effects of the two diseases above created the following false dichotomies…









How many of us can answer the age old question, in the so called black community of which comes first, the disease of feminism or the retardation of black males and females? And at this point why are we more focus on the cause ( when we have already identified it) and less on the continual symptomatic behavior and refusal to adequately fix it?









When a person is mentally retarded he or she lacks an instrument with which to reason communicate and fully control the body. That instrument includes the skill or capacity to be discerning, or make cognitive transition from a one dementional assessment or view, to a three or even five dementional one.

The ability to judge well is called discernment. Despite what the buy bull thumpers insists, the ability to judge is rational and correct and often can be the difference between the public embarrassment, physical accidents or even a tragic occurrences. Crossing a busy two way street against the traffic light, requires depth perception, overstanding of your reaction level and motor skills, as well as the necessary overstanding of speed, and reaction and awareness of drivers. All of this requires quick judgment and ability to discern whether or not such an endeavor is a good choice or not. From a social interactive aspect, the ability to discern or judge, effects, reaction or the social impact of personal choices is necessary difference between been seen as a pariah, a danger to ones self or others or just retarded.

Mental retardation is rightly regarded as an illness. Spiritually and emotionally, like any other illness, it is said to be suffered by an individual engendered solely by his own behavior during the present or a previous life. Under the Law of Consequence we reap precisely what we sow and if we engage in excesses or depraved conduct of any sort, a comparable toll will be taken on our ability to function during a future physical embodiment, and to make consequent evolutionary progress.

This is where recognizing the mental illness or retardation and being able to put forth effective and positive counsel, that can help the individual. Unfortunately, the retarded person, just like an addict will live in denial and in fact, point to you as the retarded or mentally impaired one, and will resist all overtures to help them correct their anti-social behavior. We all know by now, the effects of Stockholm syndrome and the more recent research in to generational trauma, that can create a defect in the DNA, that damages gene, creating a deformed spirit or mind.

I have harped on the deleterious effects of social media on the lives of numerous individuals, that could be described as retarded, if not mentally, at least emotionally, ever since I hopped on this runaway train.

Recently three specific posting on social media came to my attention, which was both head shaking and infinitely disturbing, based on the initial acts and accompanying dialogue which ensued. Below is the third of the three stories I came across. I put the last story in first because while the responses, in my estimation was retarded, believe it or not, its impact was not as harmful as the other two post, further down on in the blog post.

1 2 3


2 thoughts on “kneegrow shenanigans, the symptom of mental and spiritual retardation

  1. Our race has been compromised far too long…why aren’t we reflecting righteousness to those who are unaware of what’s to come in this unnatural state of living…smh; we are too welcoming with who and what our children are exposed to…the time to be just is now our else all OUR story will be wiped for ever.


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