The voting circus and the stupidity of voting…

“When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his ‘proper place’ and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary”.——Carter G. Woodson

The voting circus is perhaps the most significant indicator of the mental and spiritual retardation of the manufactured entity called the kneegrow. Rest assured the circus doesn’t only stop in amurdikkka, but any and everywhere the yurugu styled political selection process infests. This so-called democratic process, often gestates the most insipid of bottom feeders—-the folly tricksters–and the voter suckers they feed on. The kneegrow sucker is the worst of them, because he has traditionally voted against his or her best interest. Instead the kneegrow votes based on some obscure formula, which is puzzling on the surface and even underneath.

The kneegrow votes on emotion. And not even intelligent emotion. Yes! there is such a thing. Just as there is emotional intelligence. But you have to vibrate on a higher consciousness to overstand this. The kneegrow however, is low vibration. Like a lap dog or a domesticated pet, he will go anywhere he gets the best head rub, belly rub or a full dish. Hell! the kneegrow is so conditioned, like Pavlov’s dog, the kneegrow will salivate at the thought of getting fed. Over, and over and over. The three main candidates are the Rethuglican idiot, Donald Drumpf, a man who does not know his ass from a ham sandwich, but whose neanderthal appeal resonates in the minds of dumb fucks from no wheres-ville. Even those two dumb fuck old bitches that are paid..PAID I say to endorse this batty fish as dictator in waiting.

The other two candidates on the Dumbocrats side, are Bernie Sanders, a traditional Jew, who loves to insinuate himself around black folks. The kind of black folks though who don’t question him trying to lead us to some promise land. As if that was ever the mandate of a Khazar, spy. And the leading contender, for dictator in waiting, is the publicly indicted war criminal, hate monger and professional liar Hillary Clinton. An evil viper, kneegrows just can’t seem to get enough of


Those whose DNA ensures they are descendents of the traditional house slaves, opted to continue to sup on scraps from the floor off massa’s table. They have fooled many of the supposed brighter bulbs in the package to get involved in the voting process, because….” our ancestors died for us to vote!”.  

The sheeple are right in a sense, that some of our ancestors were lynched because they attempted to vote, or involved their energies in areas they should not be and should not have been. Sort of like a Donald Drumpf rally, attended by Black Lives Matter members and other suckers bent on appealing to the psychopathic personality.

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However, more of our ancestors died for attempting to separate from the savages. They were devastated because what they built made the savages own shit, look like…SHIT! Be that what it may, intelligent people. Those overstanding what freedom means and looks like, believe …

“Blessed are those who struggle, oppression is worse than the grave, it’s better to live and die a freeman, than to live my life a slave!”

Because many of us believed that the savage will give up his power, fail to overstand that not only is legal process flawed, but that because of this flaw, the proverbial goal posts keep moving every time one of us figures how to position ourselves in it. We incorrectly ASSume, that getting a kneegrow in the political machinery will ensure honest efforts in helping the mass of black people achieve a better quality of life. Besides failing to overstand that even if an actual honest politician attempts to do right by us, they will either be obstructed by the mechanism of the system, murdered outright, or that we are not equipped to do anything but have our hands out, while we watch enviously as other ethnic groups, some recent refugees, get financial help, but still go out and create their personal space.

Having kneegrow officials representing us, or giving us some trickle down funds, will do nothing if we still wait for others to feed us, bath us and wipe our asses. All the while we complain about others building over our dead carcasses.

The above video indicts  the corrupt kneegrow lackeys in the Democratic party and how they have become the automatic go to party of black oppression. Yet in the end, the brothers, brothers who are serious in pointing out the election deficit, still regurgitate the same old bull shit about voting and voting wisely. But is voting…any kind of voting on a state or national level a necessity?

Voting and the circus surrounding this farce is a thinly disguised attempt to continue to beg yurugu for inclusion in their lily-white world, devoid of anybody not belonging to the Anglo-Saxon inbred set. No! The voting set are in fact, still appealing to the conscience of a group lacking a conscience. And they are smug about voting between one set of savage and another set, both of which would continue to devastate the black community, to continue white pathology.



People who clamor for the intelligent among us to vote, are those who sees the world through Yurugu’s eyes and despite extensive evidence to the contrary, believe that attaching their hearts and lips to the rear end of some candidate, will ensure that they get included into the fabric of this so-called amurdikkklan landscape. the refuse to do what is natural, remove yourself from an oppressive and poisonous atmosphere and refuse to come together and build for the betterment of the group. In fact, many of these kneegrows are afraid to work with other kneegrows, many themselves who are afraid of working with another. This constant failure to work together, due to ego and self-hatred, makes us easy putty in the hands of demented potters, who will mold us to the desired shape the want. All to elevate themselves over us, because they know we hate ourselves and will do anything to be them. Don’t believe me? Check out the voting defense crowd and how they express themselves around “their” candidate, their reason for voting and their reaction to NOT voting, but doing something else that removes them from the macabre circus.

“People who flaunt their infatuation with a different culture are expressing a disdain and contempt for their own. They are using the outward appearance of the exotic to separate themselves from the common folk who unquestioningly follow the local customs and laws, and to express their sense of superiority. Otherwise they would act with more dignity, showing respect for those who do not share their desires. Indeed their need to show their difference so dramatically often makes them disliked by the people whose beliefs they challenge, indirectly and subtly, perhaps, but offensively nonetheless.”

One thought on “The voting circus and the stupidity of voting…

  1. “Even those two dumb fuck old bitches that are paid..PAID I say to endorse this batty fish as dictator in waiting.”

    BWAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHHHAAHAHAAHAAHAAAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!! you must be from the Caribbean. You would think that majority of us by now would be hip to the game by now. After the tragic failure that was the Obama administration, what makes us think that voting for that Medusa-Witch-Beast-Grimplork would yield better results. It seems some of us are so addicted to that Kool-Aid tequila that we would care if we took a leak hanging upside down…

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