Pussy politics and the myth of the good pussy

My friend, Sandra, was speaking to her male friend on whats-app recently, about a local Dj/producer who used to be friends with a certain singer. This kat also produced some of the singers music when he was coming up through the ranks. Their friendship was made them so close that they were as inseparable as ass cheeks and a sturdy bench. During the conversation, Sandra told her friend that she noticed that those two guys didn’t seem to move in the same circle any more. The fellow on the the line, said he wasn’t too sure why, but there was talk about a woman coming between them. He ventured a guess that “good pussy” would always be a problem between friends.

Sandra was puzzled by that statement and decided to ask me for my opinion on what I thought a good pussy meant. Me being me, and being ever so politically correct and diplomatic, i replied…”what the fuck is this shit!”….”that’s some bullshit right there!” Politically correct and diplomatic as they come, for sure.

The following is an expanded version of the short series of answers I gave Sandra. It is my belief, culled from years of being a man and interacting with men, while being friends with lots of females, that most men AND women, have little clue what good pussy is.  Growing up black in Jamaica and Canaduh!, I, like many others of my gender have been subjected to the kind of bullshit, mind bending fuckery that some adult males and females push onto little boys and girls. Shit that damages their perspectives of themselves and each other as complementary genders. The ruination of young girls has been seriously documented, as little girts are taught to be Jr ho’s, growing up to be Sr ho’s, tricking their bodies or the promise of their bodies for likes from boys, teens and grown ass men. Black people and kneegrows lament the numbers of teen pregnancies, venereal diseases, abortions, unwed mothers and heterosexual pedophilia plaguing us; yet they fail to draw a connection between the urban myth of good pussy and pussy politics and the warped world views we have around women, men and relationships.

This video right here is a testament to what this little boy has endured in his short life on the planet. I have witnessed boys i grew up with, forced to go outside of their personality in order to appear as some kind of a gash man, to prove he is a man or a man in the making. The tall tales and false bravado, has gotten many a youth in trouble, because they felt saving face by lying is better staying real and being called a pussy. As a boy I was once counselled by an elder to never lie on pussy, because it comes back to haunt you. Something I took to heart more than I overstood at the time. After seeing how shit can go sideways fast when some kat lies about sexing a woman, I overstood what that elder said a long time ago.

I remember a time when I was laughingly called a pussy, because I told some rough neck, who would rather gamble away their hard earned money, why they don’t share some of it with their girlfriend or children’s mother. They said I was weak, because I brought all my pay check home and gave it to my ex-wife. I didn’t give her my paycheck of course, but that was not the point of the lessons I was trying to share.

After the laughter died down, i went on to drop some science on them. “hey man…I can embrace being called a pussy!” The response of course was “what! You like being called a pussy?” “Of course!” “Pussy is the best thing in the world!” Everybody wants pussy, even many females, these days!” Then i hit them with the phantom punch. “What…don’t you like pussy?” Now this is not something you ask these hyper masculine fugazzi’s. Cause you are now questioning their manhood. But hey, they stopped calling me that….LOL!

Just as much black women as black men disrespect the female genitalia, as they ignore the male’s. We live in a society where the male genitalia is an after thought. A useful tool to talk about in passing…until somebody gets pregnant. Then the penis becomes the deadliest and most unforgiving weapon known to man. The vagina on the other hand, get’s reLIEgious like worship. Forests of trees are slaughtered to create reams of articles about the virtue of the female, vagina, Yoni, sweet spot, pussy…. whatever the current verbiage said it is.

The pussy politics, practiced today, is a deadly and misleading ideology which unknowingly supports the notion that “good pussy” is an entity all of its own, becoming sort of an holy grail. In my experience and current view there are three reasons why men talk about good pussy.

  1. Getting any kind of pussy is getting good pussy: This is evident by the types of females that kneegrows lay down with. It is another reason why kneegrows will lay down with any old savage, because they heard that this, fat, greasy, stank,used up hole, was “good pussy”
  2. When I female squirms about: A majority of females lack any kind of sexual experience, intelligence or skills and most kats lack the same. So he cannot really tell if what he is doing is actually working. Most kats are big porn viewers, so they believe pile driving up into a woman’s womb is what good sex is. Most women also don’t know what good sex is, so they settle for some big dick beast, who is trying to damage their kidneys, believing this is what its all about. I know of many females, that have never enjoyed sex or achieve serious orgasm.
  3. When she screams and make noises: Have you ever watch a porn scene, where the woman starts moaning as soon as the tip touches her vagina lips? You are saying to yourself..“bitch, the shit has even gone in yet!” yet she is moaning up a storm, while looking at the camera, her face totally having a different look than the sound she is making. Well…many females have learned to do that for kats who swear up and down that he is putting in that work and he his getting some good sound effects. But that’s what it is sound effects.

Now don’t get me wrong, many of us instead of picking up a book, learning about permaculture or getting financial education, are bent on learning how to properly apply cunnilingus or fellatio. How to helicopter or deep throat. Many have earned their doctorates on their backs or knees and think this is the end all. They think walking around with a degree in fuckology guarantees that you have good pussy or have experienced good pussy.

This is why the movement No pussy For Boys, sort of inspired by that Spike Lee movie, Chiraq, is stupid and a waste of time. Stupid because…the movie is about a sex strike until waring gangs stop fighting.

This is April Lawson, who inspired by the movie, decided to organize her own protest

Chicago Woman Inspired By Spike Lee's "Chiraq" Calls For Sex Strike To End Violence [Video]

And there is a closed Facebook page called, no pussy for boys, of which I have no interest in joining just to see what they are about. However, what the little I did find out about the Facebook page came from some hard in the face lesbian taking umbrage with the supposed anti-lesbian slant of the Facebook page. So she went on YouTube to curse out the women, who didn’t want no lesbian trolling for fresh meat. My thing is not to bash the Facebook page though, since I am not on it, my information is limited.

However, I feel like if you needed a movie to inspire you as a woman and inspire you to close your legs, then it says a lot about the gullibility of this generation. Secondly the reason behind the no pussy for boys is wrong headed, because they are focusing on the “boys” and not themselves. Not valuing their bodies, mind and spirit. Not developing a sense of what a good man looks like or should look like. It’s not all up to the females though, because the biggest inspiration and teachers of all these boys in men’s bodies are of course men. Not every mother is going to “love” her son and raise her daughter. Some mothers actually raise their sons. But after age 7 or 8 the male child needs the guiding hand of a authentic masculine male. Not some failed pimp and pussy hound, who seeks adoration from impressionable adolescents.

And it brings me right back to the notion of good pussy and the politics of pussy, which has grabbed the heart, mind and souls of many females and males. Too many females are building temples to the Yoni. Talking about you are god, because all life comes through the vagina. Worship the Yoni. Exercises for the Yoni. The Yoni, the Yoni, the Yoni. What about your mind though? What about your spirit? Or as I once told a teen who thought her vagina moved mountains….“what would you do if no man wants your pussy? Or worse, fucks you and then ignores you? What would you do then? This is why you should relate to men above the level of your pussy and why you need to fix your self above anything else!”

You gonna have to break some eggs to make an omelette!

The myth of the good pussy is a feminist idea, designed though to promote either the freedom to get fucked by random men or to appeal to lesbians. Good pussy is not about how wet, or hot your box is. It is not about how much circus tricks you know, because often times one partner is out of rhythm with the other, which creates a disappointment in the sex. In fact the kneegrow male’s ego is so fragile that for many, good pussy is being wet and inviting and available….but not too skilled for then he is going to get paranoid about his skills, efforts and what you do when you aren’t putting it on him. Many female who enjoy sex, are forced to tone it done or risk being accused of being a whore and a player. This is where the pussy politics takes a divergent course.

Good pussy may seem like all of that sex gymnastics, but it is not.  It is how much you value your body. If you couple that with being clean in your neither regions, safe from the kinds of disease that comes from a lack of transmittal or dietary disease. And add to the fact that your personality, life experience, intelligence, desire and ability to learn and grow and your domestic ability ( more important than modern culture admits) is of the kind that would be of interest to man. Then that’s “good pussy”. Good pussy is not s separate entity from the rest of her. Good pussy starts from the mind and stays in the mind long before it goes down between her legs.

Too many females are man-less, because they care too much about pleasing the man, instead of finding a pleasing man. Too many males are busy looking for good pussy instead of finding a good woman. We dance around each other, playing games of the heart, while falling short, because our criteria and standards have dropped into the gutter of cliches and pseudo sexuality, based off of pornographic tastelessness.

These are the journalists of the new millennial and how as experts they detail what good pussy is…

Some MBA scientific dissertations on good pussy

This is the Phd version of the science of good pussy

Perhaps it is me and I am as dry as as tumble weed in those western movies. Or perhaps my definition of good pussy radically differs from many others. What I can say though is no wonder we as an ethnic group and an oppressed group in a nation that views women as commodities, continue to drop the ball when it comes to sex and the value of our bodies. I have heard many equate the current dog and cat sex show we participate in to the old sex farms from the plantation. Couple this with the women liberation movement and feminazis era, what we have are child like adults playing with loaded gun without the safety on. When one of us gets shot we blame the gun or the manufacturers. Never the ass playing with a loaded gun.

One final thought. Fellas…if you are going to make a female, or in the female’s case, a male come between your friendship, you never had a friendship in the beginning.  And if you are that selfish ass hole that comes between friends for shits and giggles, you are a parasite. Still as a parasite I will hold you less responsible than some one who would give up friendship over fleeting sex. Or sex in general. But hey…I aint no pimp, so what do i know!