Act Like a simp, Think Like a woman

Poster Alan Roger Currie of Hollywood Men’s Dating Advice column, wrote an article on Steve Harvey, after seeing this YouTube video of the ask Steve show.

You can see the full article here. However, the article and video, inspired me to write this post dedicated to the urban legend…or in hopes of dispelling the urban legend, that women and simps, like Steve Harvey who urge black males in particular to behave as the kind of men women wants them to be.

In case you may have forgotten, Steve Harvey, outside of the Kings of Comedy concert tour, was not internationally known, until he wrote the attack piece on men called: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is a book by Steve Harvey which describes for women Harvey’s concept of what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy and commitment.

The  book is entirely predicated on the idea that men and women think essentially differently and that women must scheme (“think like a man”) to get the attention of the men they want/need. This book spawned two movies of the same name. The first movie to show examples of the various ways black men behave “badly” on the dating scene. Then it offers solutions to that kind of bad behavior, supposedly designed to change the men into people with whom these women can feel proud of being involved.

There is a child like male who won’t grow up and won’t commit to his female “friend”.  In the book Steve Harvey suggests that a dating woman should force the man to “man up”, by getting rid of his tacky apartment furnishings and making him shop for grown-up furniture.

There is the mama’s boy who expects the women he’s involved with to share him with the first woman in his life — his mother. Despite the black community chastising black men about remembering that “yo mamma black” or some sniveling shit like that. Steve suggests that the woman make him choose between her and her mother.

Then there is the gash man. The “hit-it-and-quit-it type”, who stops acting romantic and starts acting like he’s on a booty call after the first time a woman had sex with him. Steve Harvey’s suggestion to all women is to put a 90-day rule before she surrenders “the cookie.” The first movie showed a black woman with a weak white man, a career woman, who looked down on a light skinned black man who was about being his own business owner. The second movie had nothing at all to do with the book except for the loose association to the book.

Think like a Man Too is an example of hollyweird’s lack of creativity especially around black subject matter— this time the plot is centered around a low-stakes battle of the sexes about which group can throw a better party.  The stereotype of black men and woman…and of course the token whites, was in full effect. The wanting the same thing: a crazy bachelor /bachelorette party; a fun night with friends; a relationship that can move to the next level; a beautiful wedding for the couple that brought them there. Still never separated the way the men act or think from the way the women act or think, which means there wouldn’t be anything to pretend even if they wanted to.

Think Like a Man Too

A “simp” is a modern slang, describing a guy who acts all tough like he doesn’t care about his girlfriend, around his friends, but acts all whipped in front of his girlfriend. A simp is synonymous with another slang ….pussy whipped! A pussy whipped male willingly puts himself in a situation where he is at an undeniably mercy of his high-maintenance girlfriend & answers to her every beck and call, usually followed by the reprioritizing of girlfriend over friends, family, school, food, water, and air. These dudes ultimately makes decisions based on the incentive of sex.  Overstand that the female equivalent of the pussy whipped male….the dick whipped female is alive and well and do behave in a similar fashion. But this is not about the dick whipped female, but the simp and pussy whipped males, who are utter disgrace to manhood.
Listen to me carefully and believe me later. After doing your own research. We live in a matriarchal society, disguised as a patriarchy, with homosexuals and pedophiles pulling the strings. The game of chess is a powerful board game that simulates, taking opposing pieces in a power game of control and subjugation. In a society increasingly grown liberal…a secret term for Marxist Communist view point…the greatest opposition to cultural and ideological Marxism is the unity of the family and the individual mind set of the singular or the group.
Even when we are in the defiled and weaken state we are in, the black family is still the greatest problem for not only white pathology, but to its bastard children, Pan Arabism and Pan Asianism. We are still feared not for what we are, but for what we can become. So a book like Act like a woman, think like a man, is a calculated reinforcement for men in general and black men specifically, to shrug off the cloak of authentic black masculinity for the burgeoning effeminism and emasculation, that years of enslavement, lynching, family break ups, wars, segregation, Jim Crow laws, police violence, citizen violence, education reconditioning, media propaganda and the co-opting of the minds of the feeble black women from feminism, could not do.
I read on Facebook where one female asked at which point in a relationship, must a man become responsible? Others reading that post thought she was talking about, sex, commitment to the relationship or something that would designate that man as a qualified compliment to a woman. But no! The question was, at what point, should a man start spending money on a woman.
In 2016. After telling us that women can get their own. That women are strong and independent. That women are more educated, career oriented and in some cases…don’t need a man. We still have women EXPECTING men to spend money on them, as a means to show responsibility and commitment.  Let me tell you a story about a former co-worker. Cute as a button. Dumb as a bag of cement. She went out on a date with a playa. But he was cute. They were sitting in a restaurant, getting ready to order, when she told him in no uncertain terms that if he was trying to get sex off her, she is worth much more than some cheap dinner. Being the play he was, dude asked well how much does she think she is worth. The bag of cement said at least $150. I guess she mean that he should have had to spend at least $150 on her for a dinner.
Well playa, rolled out $150 on the spot and offered it to her. The rest as they say was his-story. In the article by Alan Roger Currie, he mentioned how thinking like this, would assuredly get a bunch of lying men, who would do and act like what they woman expects, just to hit-it and quit-it. Stupid women like these think they are slick and really can only catch simps and pussy whipped kneegrows. Kneegrows who are conditioned or buys into the men getting into his feminine side to make a woman feel safe. Women don’t feel safe around feminine men. They see comic relief. They see another “girlfriend” that is regulated to the friend zone…forth with! They don’t see a ;life partner, unless he is rich, then she is willing to give up sex and even marry him for the financial security, but her heart and vagina will be available for a masculine man, who won’t play the feminine male shit!
Also…if I know I am going to get me some sex after 90 days, I can wait you out, get me some and then bounce. If sex is all that you are offering. And in the meanwhile while waiting, I maybe hitting up some other chick-a-boo on a dating site, where a whole lot of thirsty, frustrated females gaggle.
No matter how slick a female hustler is, socially she can never occupy the same stratosphere of a male. As one dude told me…even if she initiates sex, she is still the one really getting fucked! unpleasant as it may be to some, but a man getting fucked and a woman getting fucked carries different connotations, feelings and reality. So why are women still talking this bullshit about being catered to, when they offer nothing for a man to cater to? Because this feminist run society, falsely promote the separation of the sexes, by reversing the gender roles and placing unsustainable expectations on both. It is uncomfortable, it is limited and it creates a division that they are all too glad to exploit.
It will be a man’s desire to spend money on a woman he is feeling strongly about. He will also want to protect her from some of the foolish shit that women engage in, including out of control spending habits, how she portrays herself in public, and his expectations of how she should cater to him. Yeah! Cater. Suck it if you don’t like it.
A man wants a support system in his life. And the best support system is his woman. The person he wishes to be intimate with. But before a man can have that. Before a man can get a woman to submit to his manhood. He has to first develop one. And despite what the narrative states, manhood is not predicated on acting like a simp, female or a bitch nukka. So many kats claim to be manly and masculine, until you ask them what it means, then all of a sudden they start biting their tongues. Ask any woman what is a masculine man, you hear all the thing they would like done for them…or you hear wind rattling inside their empty heads.
A woman can tell a man how she should like to be treated, but she can’t tell a man how to be a man. She can ask him to be responsible, in the vane of owning up to certain responsibilities or universal virtues. But this doesn’t include how much and when he should spend on her to show his affection. I can assure men, that if more of us wake up and grab our nuts…or take them back from the cult of emasculation, by acting and being authentically masculine, not only will women appreci-love this. Many would start getting the requisite respect he deserves from the only people that matter. Other black people.