Who will weep for the children?


Until you overstand PEDERASTY, I mean, to really, know exactly what it is, until you’ve done that, everything you think you know about white people will only confuse you!!!

“The 2nd-century preacher Clement of Alexandria used divine pederasty as an indictment of Greek religion and the mythological figures of Herakles, Apollo, Poseidon, Laius, and Zeus: “For your gods did not abstain even from boys. One loved Hylas, another Hyacinthus, another Pelops, another Chrysippus, another Ganymedes. These are the gods your wives are to worship!”

The greeks, who represented the epicenter of european culture, where all white people embrace as the cradle of western civilization, they worshipped homosexual pedophile gods!!!! Zues the chief god of the whole dam pantheon, the greatest god in all of white theology, swooped down from heaven kidnapped a little boy child named ganymede and made him his sex gimp. And the perversion didn’t stop there, Apollo and other gods where worshipped across europe for sodomizing little boys. This sick demented salaciously gay culture can also be seen in christian theology. As Clement states, how do you women worship a god who sees more beauty in the backside of a little boy than you…today I ask the Black woman, how can you worship a Trinity with no femininity? A Christian pastor once told me that women couldn’t be angels because the Bible only has male angels, I looked, and he was right. So the christian god is just up in heaven with a son, a male ghost and a host of little angel gimps, the christian heaven is a straight sausage fest, no thank you, I’ll definitely pass, I ain’t going nowhere without the Black woman by my side lol the christian pie in the sky jih fruity ass shit, the christian god on his ‪#‎HemanWomanhaters‬, BEYOND GAY!!!! In Afrikan spiritual systems the Woman is the Heaven often represented as the Sky, ain’t no God without the Goddess. Look at this gay shit right here. Until you overstand that white folks honor and worship a god that rapes little boys, everything you thought you knew about whitey will only confuse you.

“Pederastic practices have been utilized for the purpose of coming-of-age rituals, the acquisition of virility and manly virtue, education, and development of military skill and ethics. These were often paralleled by the commercial use of boys by adult males for sexual gratification, going as far as enslavement and castration. The evanescent beauty of adolescent boys to adult males, has been a topos in poetry and art, from Classical times to the Middle East, the Near East and Central Asia, imperial China, pre-modern Japan, the European Renaissance and into modern times.”

So the cracker, the arab, the indian, the gooks are all a bunch of faggots. These are direct quotes from respected white anthropologist, not me. But there is ONE culture, ONE continent, ONE ethnicity that didn’t make this list of licentiousness…AFRIKANS!!!!

—–Mlimo Chimurenga

Rape has always been at the fore front of invasions and colonialism, yet very few documentations of child rape has been put forward, even though based on anecdotal testimony and research, this is perhaps the most significant part of rape. The first and most well known of these child rape episode, was that of Ganymede by the Greek Zeus

Ever since amurdikkka elected its first lycan president, many failed to see the signs of him being the first openly homosexual president as well. Today when the Arabs, according to their cultural paradigm, design to marry off 9, 10 and 12 year old girls to old men, many Christians become enraged. The hypocrisy though is very evident and showed a bias towards Arab culture, while ignoring the tales in their own European fantasy book of child rapes, homosexuality and licentious behaviors.

Based on the above words of Mlimo Chimurenga, everybody was not only into homosexuality as a social practice,including pederasty except the Afrikan continent. Even in Asian, where sex is very open and has taken on some of the most extreme personality, sexual divergence is normal and acceptable, because they never had Christianity or Islam…in the beginning to make them feel guilty about their choices.

The western countries continue to practice child rapes and child sex under cover, as evident by the number of stories about the clandestine activities in the Catholic churches, the boy scouts and with missionaries abroad in developing countries.

in an age where women are acting more like men, in attitude if not appearance. Where relating to people of the opposite sex is becoming more difficult, society has decided they would either engage in anonymous sex, sex with inanimate objects or go places where they can have sex with minors.

And while females are routinely harassed by cops who themselves are often rapists and child molesters, more and more law makers are being outed, not so much because somebody wanted to out them, but because their excesses have become too much to be ignored. And many celebrities who molest and rape children are given the benefit of the doubt or are attacked less than regular citizens. People such as Jared Fogle, Woody Allen, R. Kelly, Roman Polanski, Stephen Collins, that Bambaataa molester, and many others.

Some women have gotten into the act by using sex as a means of robbing unsuspected men. Such as the 15-year-old girl and mother of two toddlers, who was sentenced to prison for helping to rob prospective johns, who responded to an Internet sex ad on Back pages.

Or the three females who decided to get into the child sex trafficking business.

Sex Slave Arress

This video is interesting because even though it is talking about savages adopting Afrikan children to turn them into slaves, what is not said is the amount of homosexuals who are also adopting black children from Afrika and North amurdikkka for their own sex play ground.

The numerous cases of Christian missionaries caught,sentenced and often walking away from jail time in Afrika, because of child rape, indicates that children are very disposable in a society where they are not precious in the eyes of adult anymore.

As some of the stories the media are slow in revealing is how boys are continually abused and ignored by officials and society in general. The fact that feminists act as if only females are raped, does nothing to help the growing chasm between the sexes, when every rape victim needs as much support as they should get.


Some people who feel that legalizing sex with minors, would alleviate sexual abuse are deliberately obtuse and sick in their thinking. There is a big difference between legalizing prostitution and making it a state sanctioned profession, as it was in Holland, is quite different than legalizing pedophilia. Also the Dutch experiment has ran its course, as there is an increase in drug trafficking and incidents where kidnapped girls are taken to that country and trafficked to seedy characters.

The same thing for the animal brothels, where many are now calling for closures as too many animals are brutally raped in these places. It just proves that acquiescing  to perverted desire, does nothing to alleviate the sickness that created these desires in the first place.

However we as Afrikan people who believe in Ma’at and overstand that women and children are the foundation of our tomorrow, should reject all instances where rape and child molestation are not treated with the desired seriousness it deserve. Arguing about choices and alternative practices only opens a larger can of worms that is disastrous for the next generation.


3 thoughts on “Who will weep for the children?

  1. Looks like you beat me to it! I’ve been working on a post about pedophiles. This is slowly being accepted in society. This is beyond gross! We are really surrounded by devils! I know the white collective is sick but this is downright ungodly what they are pushing. I think it will only get worse over time. We need to get prepared.

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