Pandora’s Lament: Part 1…. woes and sorrows!

  1. A passionate expression of grief or sorrow. “His mother’s night-long laments for his father”.
  2. Wail, wailing, lamentation, moan, moaning, weeping, crying, sob, sobbing, keening;
  3. To mourn (a person’s loss or death). “He was lamenting the death of his infant daughter”.
  4. Mourn, grieve, sorrow, wail, weep, cry, sob, keen, beat one’s breast”the mourners lamented”

The story of Pandora’s box (originally a jar) is a classical Greek mythology, about one of the first people…. a woman, created by the god Hephaestus and the goddess Athena, then life was breathed into that “clay shell”. The goddess Aphrodite made her very beautiful and Hermes taught her how to be both charming and deceitful, at the behest of the conniving, homosexual, pedophile rapist, Zeus.

Zeus, being the epitome of the jealous, covetous yurugu archetype of god hood, allowed her to be endowed with all womanly graces and then treacherously presented this flawed creation to Epimetheus along with a box,  in which Prometheus had confined all the evils that could trouble humanity. As the gods had anticipated, Pandora, endowed with the female characteristics of inquisitiveness and excessive emotionalism, gave in to her curiosity and opened the box, allowing all the evils to escape upon what the gods had created.

In some versions, the box contained blessings, all of which escaped but hope.

Note:  I now know why they called that stupid movie Prometheus. It’s a story about an Alien god like beings, as our creators…or engineer. Who ingested some deadly bacteria that would eventually infect the creator’s creation and annihilate them. Sounds like a version of the Hebrew god, who created mankind and then killed all of them but one family, in a flood. It also is indicative of yurugu’s belief that man can contend and try to kill god AND god can be jealous of man and try to kill him.

Pandora’s Lament

Pandora represents the modern everyday immature woman.

I believe that if one could go back to ask Pandora, why she chose to disobey very strict warnings against opening that box, she would typically deflect the question right back, by demanding to know why was she and her actions being attacked? She , as the modern immature female, would ask why was the questioner being so mean to her? She would probably accuse the questioner of being sexist, oppressive and she would fault the gods for putting the box in front of her. She would whine that these are the actions of men oppressing her for being a woman…. a delicate creature, worthy of being worshiped as she who carried us for nine month, who the gods purposely tempted for some male chauvinist purpose.

The story of Pandora is a cautionary tale of disobedience, curiosity and the committing of acts that results in the kind of pain, that blows back not only onto her, but onto countless others affected by her irrational and rash disobedient choices.

Pandora represents the modern everyday immature woman.

Pandora represents the modern, everyday, immature female. The kind who sincerely believes that she should have her cake and eat it too. Such a person believes that if the cake she baked with her own hands, turns out nasty tasting, then she as the modern everyday woman, would blame the ingredients, the manufacturer, the oven or even you, the diner…for lacking good culinary taste.

Pandora represents the modern everyday immature woman.

As long as this current system and its current architect and engineers, continue to dictate to and negatively affect the rest of the planet on how people must conduct their lives, we will continue to reap the fall out from Pandora’s unwise decision to open that box. The system I speak of is called by a variety of names. Capitalism, Socialism, Marxist Leninist, communism, Democracy, etc. Regardless of the name, it is a system of white nationalism….white male nationalistic patriarchy…which is absolutely pathological.

It is a white pathological and dictatorial system, designed and enforced to oppress any and all opposition to a what male, patriarchal and nationalistic worldview. In order to fool us into believing that it is not paternalistic and dictatorial, the architects of the current system created a feminine front with a patriarchal controlled mechanism.

Overstand clearly what I am stating! Men created this defective and oppressive system. And he created a particular onerous mechanism in the system called feminism. Feminism despite what the shrews and harpies in streets and board room insist on whining about, is not about female respect or treating women as an equal partner in this life we live. Feminism is, for the men who physically, militarily and financially, run the planet, a mechanism of control. A mechanism of control to tax the other 60% of the Western population AND to cynically manipulate the yurugu female’s desire to be treated as more than a pet.

What came out of this manipulation was “radical”, where females decided that they don’t need men and men are defective females, who should be done away with. The men who control the planet, wanted very little competition or war of opposition, which historically and ourstorically, came from other men. What the manipulators did was direct the radical feminism to become incorporated into our everyday lingo, with the sole purpose of destroying traditional family and the natural order of female-male existence and place in nature.

Opening Pandora’s Box

In 1969, the radical feminist organization Redstockings published its Redstocking Manifesto.   It is considerably less violent, than the previously published S.C.U.M magazine, but it was no less hateful as the influence of S.C.U.M left an unmistakable shit stain on the Redstocking Manifesto.  It characterizes “all men” as oppressors of women. It characterizes individual male-female relationships as “class relationship(s)” and provides that all individual male-female conflicts are political, not personal and “can only be solved collectively.” Men are identified as the agents of oppression and the users of physical force to subjugate women.


“All power structures throughout history have been male-dominated and male-oriented. Men have controlled all political, economic and cultural institutions and backed up this control with physical force.”


In SCUM, publisher Valerie Solanas outlined a similar concept:

“Authority and Government: Having no sense of right and wrong … the male feels a need for external guidance and control. So he created authorities — priests, experts, bosses, leaders, etc — and government… he sees to it that all authorities are male.”

Redstockings states: “We call on all men to give up their male privilege and support women’s liberation in the interest of our humanity and their own… In fighting for our liberation we will always take the side of women against their oppressors. We will not ask what is “revolutionary” or “reformist,” only what is good for women.”

This is quite similar to Solanas’ call for men to assist in their own extermination and /or work towards women’s goals:

“SCUM will kill all men who are not in the Men’s Auxiliary of SCUM. Men in the Men’s Auxiliary are those men who are working diligently to eliminate themselves, men who, regardless of their motives, do good, men who are playing pall[sic] with SCUM. A few examples of the men in the Men’s Auxiliary are: men who kill men; biological scientists who are working on constructive programs, as opposed to biological warfare; journalists, writers, editors, publishers and producers who disseminate and promote ideas that will lead to the achievement of SCUM’s goals…”

Redstockings did not take the ideology to the same extreme as Solanas, but the hatred that Solanas felt towards men was obviously present as was Solanas’ influence. The prevailing attitude of the SCUM Manifesto is that men are to blame for everything wrong in the world and that ridding the world of men will automatically result in improvement. The first portion of this was outlined by Carol Hanish in The Personal is Political in 1969. Hanish states:

“The most important is getting rid of self-blame. Can you imagine what would happen if women, blacks, and workers (my definition of worker is anyone who has to work for a living as opposed to those who don’t. All women are workers) would-stop blaming ourselves for our sad situations? …We are only starting to stop blaming ourselves.”

The passage above clearly outlined how the radical feminist, under the manipulation of the doers of ISFET (chaos) intended to eliminate men. By incorporating this men hating and feminine female hating agenda, into the struggles of working people and Afrikan people, both of whom were fighting different battles than what the feminist embarked on.

In her Manifesto, Solanas spends a great deal of time demeaning and demonizing men. She begins:

“The male is a biological accident: the Y (male) gene is an incomplete X (female) gene, that is, it has an incomplete set of chromosomes. In other words, the male is an incomplete female, a walking abortion, aborted at the gene stage. To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples.

The male is completely egocentric, trapped inside himself, incapable of empathizing or identifying with others, or love, friendship, affection of tenderness. He is a completely isolated unit, incapable of rapport with anyone. His responses are entirely visceral, not cerebral; his intelligence is a mere tool in the services of his drives and needs; he is incapable of mental passion, mental interaction; he can’t relate to anything other than his own physical sensations. He is a half-dead, unresponsive lump, incapable of giving or receiving pleasure or happiness; consequently, he is at best an utter bore, an inoffensive blob, since only those capable of absorption in others can be charming. He is trapped in a twilight zone halfway between humans and apes, and is far worse off than the apes because, unlike the apes, he is capable of a large array of negative feelings — hate, jealousy, contempt, disgust, guilt, shame, doubt — and moreover, he is aware of what he is and what he isn’t.”

Is there any wonder feminist hold up Margaret Sanger as an Icon of female power and is the most celebrated of “feminist”? The passage above sounds a lot like how Sanger described unborn babies, particular those undesirable as mentally handicapped, blacks, and other inferior to the white men…and women.

She then continues:

“Eaten up with guilt, shame, fears and insecurities and obtaining, if he’s lucky, a barely perceptible physical feeling, the male is, nonetheless, obsessed with screwing; he’ll swim through a river of snot, wade nostril-deep through a mile of vomit, if he thinks there’ll be a friendly pussy awaiting him. He’ll screw a woman he despises, any snaggle-toothed hag, and furthermore, pay for the opportunity. Why? Relieving physical tension isn’t the answer, as masturbation suffices for that. It’s not ego satisfaction; that doesn’t explain screwing corpses and babies.”

“Fatherhood and Mental Illness (fear, cowardice, timidity, humility, insecurity, passivity): Mother wants what’s best for her kids; Daddy only wants what’s best for Daddy, that is peace and quiet, pandering to his delusion of dignity (`respect’), a good reflection on himself (status) and the opportunity to control and manipulate, or, if he’s an `enlightened’ father, to `give guidance’. His daughter, in addition, he wants sexually — he givers her hand in marriage; the other part is for him.

The demonizing of men, turning them into something sub-human and obsessed with sex would be a recurring theme of radical feminism. The obsession with sex would evolve into “all men are rapists” or “all men use rape to control all women.” The desire to “control and manipulate” would become the “power and control” of the domestic violence industry. The concept of the male as a biological accident sets the stage for concepts of “testosterone poisoning” and “toxic masculinity.” Both are concepts claiming that being male is by its very nature, a disease.

Keep in mind, these feminist fail to mathematically apply the formula, that these defective males are product of a diseased female womb and mentality. Then again, even among black people, many of us believe the universe came about by a random explosion, that women can spontaneously give virgin birth, without men’s involvement and men are born diseased and defective from a whole and diseased free womb. Worship the womb, they cry! Ignore the scrotum!

This right here is a nugget to the architect of the white pathology system:

“If men were wise they would seek to become really female, would do intensive biological research that would lead to me, by means of operations on the brain and nervous system, being able t to be transformed in psyche, as well as body, into women.”

This lays the foundation for the Redstocking Manifesto’s claim that women need not change, but men must be changed. The feminist call for masculinity and manhood to be “redefined” stems from this concept as well. The “redefinition” is the changing of men.

“Eliminate men and women will shape up. Women are improvable; men are no[t].”

The result of the confluence of the S.C.U.M  manifesto, the Redstocking Manifesto, the 1960’s sexual “revolution”, removal of Homosexuality from the DSM and the current laws making transgenderism a normative in this society. The legislatively aggressive bullying and demand that homosexuality and transgenderism…and soon pedophilia being forced on us under the penalty of fines, financial blockage or imprisonment, is all part of redefining what manhood is and how men should be women in order to be accepted by the feminist mouth pieces of a cabal of manipulators, who’s highest example of love and “sex”, is man on top of man, man on top of boy and man on on top of animals..

The introduction of feminism, which is really radical man hating and hatred of traditional family and feminine women is a Pandora’s box of vile destructive shit, that was released onto the planet, by Pandora (the white female savage) with the hidden manipulation of the gods of Olympus ( White male savages).

I will post up part two of this blog in a bit