What the Jessie Williams speech at the BET Awards tells me


“We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries, yo. And we’re done watching, and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us. Burying black people out of sight and out of mind, while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil — black gold. Ghettoizing and demeaning our creations then stealing them. Gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit. The thing is, though, the thing is, that just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.”

This was an excerpt from the Jesse Williams Speech at the BET Awards. Here is the speech that has had many in a tizzy or panties in a twist

After the speech and over the last couple of days, the pro Jesse Williams gang had some variation of ….

…..”It was electrifying. He was calm, poised, focused, unflinching… and light-skinned.” 

or….. “Black men suddenly care about colourism…they are so full of shit!”

and….“Yeeeeessssss, he is a very attractive biracial man.”

 The opponents of Jesse Williams have had variations of…
“Jesse Williams my new mulatto savior.” ( being sarcastic)
or….. @kendrickLamar you made an entire album addressing the exact same thing Jesse Williams said now everybody is WOKE all of a sudden.” 
Thus the battle was joined and the centuries long battle about who is black and who isn’t. About what levels deep melanin is acceptable and what isn’t. It’s called colorism and has been plaguing us as Afrikan people, long before the Ma’afa. Ever since the high culture of Kimit, decided that further civilization of the savage invaders from Eurasia, needed more than dining etiquette, good hygiene and separate bathrooms from the dining area. So we blessed them with our bodies and seed, encouraging the same savage to lust after us and rape us. On the way to becoming the world’s first dead beat dads, the savages also implemented the color code of conduct that still today has us confused and focused on it, than on his continual manipulation of us.
While the pro-black darker skinded folks have asked why is this mulatto’s speech was blowing up on the internet and in the hearts of black people….especially black women. When said same speeches have been done by numerous darker skinded men, with less fan fare? The Jesse defense retorted by slinging back variations of ….
“Black man have been trifling and cowardly.” “Black men need to step up.”  or “He has a black wife and a black father”
During all this back and forth, black people started to exhibit evidences of cognitive dissonance. This the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to our behavioral decisions and attitudinal changes. Black people first of all ignored that the same black man, that many black women accuse of chasing black women, seeded a white woman with  Jesse Williams . Yet neither his mother or father gets any hatred, because that same energy of hate, would sully Jesse Williams and his iconic status. So black people end up engaging in some bi-polar reaction. Love Jesse, Love Jesse’s speech, but ignore the fact that his mamma white! and his daddy was chasing Becky!
or the fact that our entire reaction is being manipulated and monitored, by agents of the state.
The question was never been about the speech itself. I finally had to listen to it in order to write this post. It was lukewarm and more pleading than demanding. But whatever. The only difference between his speech and many similar ones, was his platform. We know nothing good ever came from BET awards, even when Bob Johnson ran it. But good for him. I surmised that the reaction by the pro black dark skinded folk was due to the reaction of the pro Jesse Williams folk. The pro Jesse Williams folks became offended that the timing and occasion was questioned and reacted by putting up false flags, everywhere. Again I am clear. Most of the opposition was not to the speech, but why the group orgasms around it, when many dark skinded people have said the same. Then I realize that as quiet as it is kept, as reluctant as we wish to admit it. We still have an imbalanced thing for mixed people.
Imbalanced because we don’t see them as just light skinded, Mulatto etc. Naw! We see them as light skinded and mulattoes who cant seem to do or say anything wrong, as long as you are a celebrity.  And it’s the silent majority who has all of a sudden jumped out of the closet to battle the so called haters of Jesse Williams and light skinded people. Such an accusation deserves a measured and wise response. Which is why I am reiterating what I have heard. It is not the speech that was wrong, but the reaction of quite a few…a truly revivalist reaction.
Therefore to believe that the opposition to Jessie Williams’s speech was to the speech and not the timing of his speech, is an excuse ready made to attack not just dark skinded people, but the group that appears to be a target of derision of lately. The so called “black conscious” folks. I can’t begin to to tell my readers, how often I see references to “you black conscious niggers” or other derivative of the same. To use the excuse and to see the opposition as an attack on light skinded people, instead of an attack on how the shitstym, continually use light skinded folks to get the rest of us to act like the shit dark skinded people have been saying, was any different, since the first prison revolt on the slave ships. Is why we are still fighting on social media over this, instead of wondering why more people turned out to the Cavaliers championship parade, than did for the Tamar Rice protest.
Or for that matter, while said championship parade was going on, the government quietly moved military vehicle through OHIO on long ass train cars. The disingenuous or ignorant (willingly or unwillingly) would rather chose to counter attack the opposition by show pictures of Huey P Newton, Malcolm X, Fredrick Douglass or W.E.B Dubois as example of light skinded people talking truth to power.
The ignorant and conniving use of social media, will always trump using social media to start a honest to goodness revolution. The meme above, implies that Malcolm X would have said this. And the gullible will eat up that shit. Just like they ate up that Malcolm X had to have been a homosexual, because he went to jail and he procured drugs and prostitutes for old white men. If anybody has ever read the autobiography of Malcolm X they would know that his mother was a woman conceived through rape. And who hated that savages blood inside her. She sought out the darkest black man she could find, who happened to be the most heroic, she had met, as well.  There was no love lost between him and his raping, white savage grand father. But I am not surprised people would go out of their way to make up bullshit when they cannot qualitatively present a point of view.
Also as much as I love Malcolm and what he stood for, let us not forget that Malcolm was initially indoctrinated to love the pale skinded folks. From Fard Muhammad to the Arab invaders of Afrika, while in the Nation Of Islam. It was while he was finally waking up to his own colorism, that he got murdered.  To use men like the above as examples to tell us that white skinded people can be revolutionary is reaching. Yes…light skinded people can be and have been part of our struggle and have done it well. It is reaching yet at the same time, justifying what the dark skinded people were saying about the societal promotion and view of white skinded privilege.
In the case of the Black Panther Party. It’s start was influenced by the life and teachings of Malcolm X and many of the struggles we endured, up till that period. And while they did a lot of good, we failed to acknowledge the many bad they did. There was a lot of these kats fucking white women. Walking over beautiful black woman for that pork. Eldridge Clever was not the only kneegrow savage, infesting the party. Also…there were originally six members of the Black Panthers included Elbert “Big Man” Howard, Sherman Forte, Reggie Forte, Little Bobby Hutton, Huey P Newton and Bobby Seale. Yet they all took a aback seat to the only mulatto in the group, making people believe that HE was the only leader of the group.
I am all of a sudden reminded of the Wailing Wailers, who after the savage..Chris Blackwell took over, became Bob Marley and the Wailers, completely marginalizing the other two equally talented artists. Now you may think the two have nothing in common, but they do. Because the Euro-savage is constantly playing chess, while we constantly play with ourselves. And they chess pieces they move are the light skinded vs dark skinded moves, we respond to.
Let’s be clear Huey P Newton was a communist and supporter of homosexuality, over Pan Afrikanism. After all that’s what socialists and communists do. Fredrick Douglass was less important than many others of his time, such as Nana Harriet and Nat Turner…to name two. But he was elevated as some sort of supreme spokes man for abolition, mainly on his ability to articulate the situation AND his mulatto gene. Don’t get me started on old talented tenth, anti- Garvey, anti U.N.I.A behaving kneegrow Dubois.  A man who only fled the country after all of his nine half kneegrow lives had been used up, yet while he was there made some of the more derogatory remarks about Garvey’s blackness and look, a non savage could make.
So let me bring this back to old light skinded, “blue eyes”, “fine as hell”,  Jesse Williams. Those are some of the superlatives hurled his way. This meme should get you to ask some question.
Isaiah Washington is no Heru. He is no revolutionary. Just a man who got into an argument with a homosexual bitch as savage, who like a bitch lied and accused him of being a homophobic. And Isaiah, who was equally a bitch, tried to save his career by apologizing and throwing himself at the feet of Baal. To no avail. Jesse Williams is a member and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. Jesse Williams is a supporter of homosexuals. He has tweeted about this. It doesn’t make him a evil man. But these two position alone makes him unqualified to get excited about. He is not about Pan Afrikanism. He can’t be with a white mother. But he is not my idea of a revolutionary or even a man standing up against the machine.
One does not merely come against the machine, facing down poLICE guns with your hands up. Getting beat and pepper sprayed and getting criminal records. With out throwing one punch?
It may escape your basic understanding, that the Black Lives Matter Movement is a modern day civil rights movement. Fronted by two out of the closet lesbian and a hard core feminist ( which translate as the same anyway) and funded by George Soros. George Soros is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, political activist and author who is of Jewish-Hungarian ancestry and holds dual citizenship. He is chairman of Soros Fund Management.
An just like the Niagara m Movement, that turned into the NAACP, that was behind the Civil rights circle jerk, this Jew is behind the movements method of operation. It still hasn’t sunk in yet? The Black Lives Matter are big proponents of homosexuality and embrace and encourage white participation. These two factors are guaranteed to water down any so called organization claiming got be black. Also since it is not self funding… mainly because black people done’t fund our own shit on a certain level, and there are more than enough grant whores with their palms out….. we have the old adage…he who pays the piper calls the tune.
The Black Lives Matter would rather interrupt some city hall meeting, instead of doing something revolutionary. Which could mean anything from physically fighting against poLICE extra judicial murders…like the Black Panthers did. Or practice separation and building your own. Like the early N.O.I and U.N.I.A organizations promoted and actually did. NO! They agitate for inclusion and have no choice based on the organizational structure and philosophy.
Jesse Williams, however, has done something at the BET Awards show ( a show owned and ran by white people) that many other light skinded and dark skinded kneegrows haven’t done on a platform like this. Has something similar been done before? Yes! On that level? Maybe not. But This belief that one cannot respect the speech, while not elevate the speaker as some revolutionary agitator is quite the reach. To believe that one can object to how some of you act, like Jesse was the second coming of Jesus the Christ, by stating that he always agitating for us, and then demanding that black men (darker skinded ones) step up and stand up, shows me that it is not the opponent of Jesse Williams that need attention. It’s the supporters of Jesse Williams that need some type of validation.
I can’t believe the level of self hating bullshit coming from supporters of Jesse Williams. Even those who have stated that black woman is god and the back bone of the community. The same ones proudly proclaiming that black woman is the first teacher, all of a sudden turn a blind eye to Jesse’s mother. Who is his first teacher? Is it not his white mother? The Jesse supporters have even gone as far as stating its not about her. Yet if Jesse Williams was a dark skinded man, you know the narrative would be different. Now if she is his first teacher and she has turned out a “brave” man like him. Why you all hating on Rachel Dolezal, who by all accounts has done more among black people than Jesse’s mother?
And what about his daddy? Isn’t his daddy’s mama black?
No…the opposition to Jesse Williams lies in how kneegrows, particularly kneegrow females react to him because of how he looks. And many of us darker skinded brothers feel slighted, feeling like we can’t catch a break in this white pathological society. Until black people come to grips with our colorism and overstand how the white pathological system continues to pit each of us against the other, we will be talking shit and hating on each other to our collective detriment.
When Jesse Williams get to this level…especially with his celebrity status, then i will give him a second look.

The face of western equality battle

I want to make this very clear. A society based on a matrilineal inheritance or determining descent through the female line, is a very ancient and revered one. This specific social set up, ensures that the child knows who the mother was and always reminded them of their origin. In a matrilineal society men, respected and revered the feminine and mother principle, without being ignorant of their own place and position in that society. Such a society existed on Ma’at.

A matriarchy is a society where there is a venerable old woman, a female head of a family or tribal line or a woman who is the founder or dominant member of a community or group. Note the word dominant, does not indicate numbers, but influence. Something similar to a patriarchy, where men dominate in influence. 

The content of the show, this video is based on, is indicative of where feminazism has defecated all over society and how the oppressive “legal” shitstym, take advantage of family discords, to abuse and impoverish men and further damage the natural relationship between men and women. This is because of the matriarchal and closeted homosexual agenda to destroy the nuclear family unit. The language itself is anti-male, Man-imony, man-spreading and man-splaining (to name a few), is an offensive attempt to abuse men. When the legal shitstym has now been man-ipulated (ironic isn’t it?) by males who have gotten fed up with how the shitstym tilts to women…a majority of whom themselves abuse their ex’s through the court shitstym, then it becomes unfair and the whining starts.

There are always two sides of a story and no child should be placed in a position to only hear one side. Nor does it give either side the green light to financially or even legally attack each other at the expense of the state of mind of any children involved.

The hypocrisy of the modern female is beyond astonishment. But it pales besides the political and legal manipulations conducted by the rulers of western society, who in effect are the anti-feminine, anti- masculine, anti family, homosexual puppet masters, who put up a patriarchal facade, with matriarchal programming, in order to keep us at each other.


Nothing these females complain about, does not happen to men times 10 over. But even this show is geared to elicit sympathy for the females, instead of showing how flawed the system is and how we still are accepting of the flaws. Upon a divorce or separation, where children are involved, the courts automatically ASS-sume that the women would be the best care giver parent. While on paper this may appear true, incidents over the last few decades have shown that women should not be automatically given lead care giver status. Something the women in this video try to allude to, that the alimony given to men, affect their ability to child rare.

Then there is this set of nonsense, that takes the female privilege of having your cake and choosing when and how to eat it, shows the other flaw in feminazism and society’s enthrallment with a female dominance. Even with the explosion of dating sites, where people steady are reluctant to talk to their neighbors, but would rather chat to total strangers on the internet. We still have this double standard, where a man is seeing as a creepy stalker if he does this. These women who proudly proclaim their stance, are considered in some circles and in their own mind as…empowered!

Students are turning to “sugar daddies” to cope with rising college costs

Keep in mind that most males get on dating site for free sex. Or sex they can get away with, with little or no work. I overstand that and most people overstand that. Yet you have females get on dating sites or go on live dates, with a skewed approach that is not consistent with modern times.

There is also the current movement of college women posting profiles online, searching for a sugar daddy to pay for their debt. Listen to how this lawyer humanizes this activity. Companionship, dinner, Sugar babies, sugar daddies etc….smdh!

Even among women, there is an hierarchy of acceptability and discrimination, in that prostitutes are vilified for admitting they are prostitutes, but college students can glamorize this, by not calling it prostitution. Toronto is perhaps the most homosexualized of cities in North amurdikkka, so of course when males look for sugar daddies, it’s called homosexual male prostitution….they are not called sugar..er..bears?

One other thing. Poverty and oppression of women are real. You see it in original cultures undergoing impoverishment by colonial powers and multi national corporations. However these females are tsk, tsk for being desperate. Yet western women can have sex for money and glamorize it and it becomes acceptable.

Blessers! I have to use that line when i pull out my macking skills….



The black love campaign

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