White tears and chocolate salty balls

The article above the picture is self explanatory. A gambler with money to gamble, gambles on a sporting event and wins. Normally this would be the end of it. Unless said gambler is retired boxer Floyd Mayweather, the most hated man in boxing over the last 10 years. If I would go further the most hated athlete, this side of LeBron James. I have been seeing this for a few years now and the angst, hatred, frustration and….did I say hatred for every single move Floyd Mayweather makes, has gone behind what any medical assistance can provide.
In the 50’s doctors would lobotomize patience who show this much insanity. in the middle ages they just leech them and kill them. Maybe turn them into meat pies. But it’s only in the last portion of the 20th and now the 21st century does it appear that a man can be hated for simple breathing. But then again, its a black man, so that is par for the course.
I copied the responses of posters from the website Bleacher Report, where this story ran. Check out the repsonses.
BPSteve BPSteve 20h Ago
He shows off all the bets he wins, but I’d like to see all the ones he’s lost
Break BxxxhBreak Bxxxh 5h Ago
he not saying they’d fight he would’ve still trash talked gin to death
Mrollakalla A.S.A.P.Mrollakalla A.S.A.P. 2h Ago

No more then likely Floyd and Ali would liked each other. Floyd didn’t have to live in Ali day were whites were just openly racist on TV and in the media! Today, most people keep there racial talk on social media behind the keyboard because everybody on social media is a 800 pound gorilla. Funny Ali has a picture standing on money in front of a vault on the Boxing page! Floyd posted it!
Ali was a heavyweight, they would’ve never fought.
2K Wade 2K Wade 15h Ago

All he does is win bro. But even still, it’s only $170,000 to him. He couldn’t even buy a car he likes with that money. That’s not even shopping money to him lol that’s just new watch money
G 5moove 3G 5moove 3 20h Ago

Floyd Mayweather Jr is Literally a Business … This man makes money in his sleep, much respect …
True, but also loses money. A gambler never makes more money than he/she loses, they just don’t.
Sports betting is a 50/50 hold. If you’re disciplined and keep track of your bets, you can be profitable.
Poster BrosPoster Bros 14h Ago

sports betting is a 45/45 hold. the house always wins.
go spursgo spurs 12h Ago

Lol 50/50. They got you in their pocket already
Johnny TestJohnny Test 13h Ago

Pretty certain professional gamblers make more money than they lose
2K Wade 2K Wade 15h Ago

Mayweather gambled on himself his whole career. He wins, never loses even when he loses.
thats true unless youre talking about poker. with mayweather though this win means nothing lmao its pocket change to him. his losses are probably pocket change as well.
@Ben: tell Phil Ivey that! Guy averages winning 3 million a day playing poker! Yes most of us lose more then we win. But there is a few who figured out a system and win more then they lose. Go read the book 21(Black Jack) and at times you find out that even Vegas loses some time………if you have a system!
Gambling a great recipe to go broke 😂
Not when you have more money you can spend in a lifetime.
Mrollakalla A.S.A.P.Mrollakalla A.S.A.P. 2h Ago

@Mike Tyson went broke because King was taken money Tyson thought he had. Floyd is his own promoter so he didn’t have to worry about this when he made his fortune. Holyfield went broke because he has like 15 kids from 6 baby mommas. Not to mention he and Tyson bought houses that cost them a cool million a month just to upkeep! Tyson orginal house is still bad news. 50 cent bought it and he went broke. He can’t even sale the damn house because nobody wants to pay the utility fees that come with it. Rick Ross just purchased Holyfield old house in Atlanta! But I think he planning on making it a hotel. 100 rooms, 75 bathrooms! Now you know why they both went broke and Floyd made more money then both!
steven alexandersteven alexander 3h Ago

Thats probably what mike tyson and Evander Holyfield thought, but they both managed to blow through a couple hundred million dollars
Don CheadleDon Cheadle 13h Ago

Mayweather is the scum of this Earth. I just hate the guy, has zero humility, huge ego. The guy is a coward and waited until Pacqiao was out of his prime and banged up to fight him. Then he just runs away from whoever he fights in the ring.
Agreed, plus he beats women. Hard to root for him.
Jose mourinhoJose mourinho 16h Ago

post the ones you lost floyd. you can tell he is a gambling problem when because he is betting a team will win a half, that is so specific.
No, its quite common among people that bet sports.
Mrollakalla A.S.A.P.Mrollakalla A.S.A.P. 2h Ago

True I know people who win 75 to 80% percent of the time off of sport betting. They have a system and win big off of it. Look at the names on fan duel. More then likley you see the same names on top of the list eveyday or every week!
Nick KnellNick Knell 16h Ago

Shame on Bleacher report for promoting gambling and also with such as toss bag. Trying to enjoy my sport here. Gambling literally IS for losers.

If I’m in Vegas, I’m gambling…. call me a loser all you want. Take some risks Nicky
Mike BridgesMike Bridges 38m Ago

If the Raiders move to Vegas, there will be more broke Raiders than not!
Broke ass lol
hornybadger hornybadger 14h Ago

Invest some of that money into learning how to read lol, it’s a useful skill
He’s worth like 700 mil, its obviously not that useful to him.
Funny thing is the number of people that says they dislike the guy then read and comment on his stories.
Love hate relationship man! Love him because Floyd somehow make their life feel better when they get to write tough guy comments they wouldn’t say to him in person if they met him. Hate him because they don’t like there life or he beat one of there Heros they promised the world would KO him in seven! Funny thing if they names there favorite fighters. He probably done the same stuff as Floyd or even worse!
Christian WilsonChristian Wilson 10h Ago

Who gives a rats a$$ about that woman beater!
Mrollakalla A.S.A.P.Mrollakalla A.S.A.P. 2h Ago

What women beater we taking about? Oscar Dela Hoya who also a rapist and dead beat dad! Mike Tyson hit a couple of women but yet we all love Tyson today! What about Manny Pacquaio who own wife said he hit her a couple times before he changed. Maybe your were talking about Sugar Ray Leonard who beat his wife while holding there son?? Wait wait Adonis Stevenson is a active fighter and former pimp who said he used to slap around his girls! He even went to jail for it! Oh no we can only call out Floyd for the DV issues because he a villian! Floyd went to jail for the same thing HBO top boxing analyst Jim Lampley didn’t go to jail for. Lampley beat the smoke out of his fiancé in front of his son! Lampley didn’t get suspended by HBO, and even paid his fiancé off so she wouldn’t talk in court. So who we taking about here? Because more then Likely you supported one of the people I named!
He’s such a DB!
For winning a bet?
I am convinced. Well …this is not exact! I have known for a long time, that there is something about black success….in any endeavor that will elicit tears from a savage set, who’s hatred for black people is so deep, not even Charles Manson can comprehend. Consider the fact that the savage’s supreme god is money. Consider the fact that he would even savage his own kind, children and even his pet ( which is a no-no in white dumb) if it involves money. Now consider how they react to Afrikans when we have get a good scholastic score, or dress nice, much less if we make money hand over fist.
These are people who promote Rich Dad Poor Dad, the Millionaire mind series, hosts of books, seminars, YouTube videos on making money. These are the people who would promote shows like the following below

Then there is this show, where black people are stereotyped as showing off….MTV-CRIBS

Of course some of your favorite celebrities have gotten into the act as well

The bottom line is showing off your money is not just a Floyd Maywether event. In fact Floyd is and will never be the only one taking pictures with stacks of cash. I could post up dozens, but will post up only these ones



And as is typical with the savage who has no originality there is this


and this…..


White people when angry enough with Afrikan successes, have invaded the continent for the past 600 years. Continue to impoverished the continent and have even done this

And this

Detroit mom Christina Anderson with her daughter -- (Fox Detroit screen grab)

Because they just can’t bare the thought of a black person with wealth. Be happy. Or even be alive.

And they will use any excuse to justify not just hating but destroying  black wealth or the image of a rich black person. in the matter of this, I turn to the great thespian Isaac Hayes for some words of wisdom for salty white tears

Isaac Hayes-Chocolate Salty Balls Live


9 thoughts on “White tears and chocolate salty balls

  1. Racism is worse today than it was in Ali days….Floyd had to be mentally strong to overcome Bob Arum trying to blackball him until he was 31 and finally got a megafight…Ali got his first megafight at like 25.

    In the 1950s and 60s, African Americans had better families, more stable factory jobs. In Floyds generation it was crack which took his mother away from him and drug dealer which took his father to prison. Floyd in my opinion is greater than Ali in and out the ring. Ali was a beloved Gold Medal Champion. Floyd was robbed of his medal….”He went through more”…What did Ali go through? He coped out of a war because he didnt want to die. He wasnt about Black Power once his career got back on track.

    Floyd has a Black CEO and his main advisor is Al Haymon a Black man. Floyd is doing more for Blacks than Ali even wanted to do.


    1. “He coped out of a war because he didnt want to die”!….well…I think that is a good enough reason, for me still. People conveniently forget that Malcolm X and not Elijah Muhammad was Ali’s Jegna. Even though he was originally attracted to the NOI proper. Also what those who are giving out platitude right now is that he was a black Arab. A Sunni Muslim. So he can’t be a Sunni Muslim and be about black power. Or a Muslim…period. But peep this Afrikan. Ali sold the rights to his name, all his images, logos and quotes, merchandise and whatever….to a khazars. For 50 million dollars. He gets 20% of the profits and the savage gets 80%. This is another one of the reason the savage can talk glowing about him. Because they making money off of him. Dead or alive. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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      1. I liked Ali as an athlete….but people need to stop acting like he some fucking Black Power and Civil Rights Icon. The NOI wasn’t even for Civil Rights. The White Media once again spreading lies and misinformation. Ali was a good man but a HERO hello no. And I will firmly state, I would have did exactly what ALI did. I am not busting a GUN for a White Government. I would have played fake Muslim too. I respect him for that. Hell you had crackers who didn’t want it with General Giap.


      2. Yep Yep. I have been attacked on spy-book because I don’t kiss Farrakhan’s “gay loving, Scientology having, white people can join us ass”. Trying to argue that nobody has done more for black people than the N.O.I. But whats worse is the complete circle jerk from kneegrows, as they wax poetically about what Ali meant to them. Shit! The man did nothing special for an Athlete in them days. Because as quiet as it is kept, many of athletes lost careers for making moral decisions an principled stance, during the sixties. I am not taking anything away from his lost years, but we still are allowing the savages to tell us who to worship. And now, they are co-opting his cold dead body and memories from us.

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