The myth of Black wealth

IMPOVERISHED:  To make (a person or area) poor. “they discourage investment and impoverish their people”. To make poor, make penniless, reduce to penury, bankrupt, beggar, ruin, bring to ruin, make insolvent;

Impoverished comes from the Old French word povre, which means “poor,” and you can almost see the word poverty inside impoverished.

WEALTH: an abundance of valuable possessions or money. the state of being rich; material prosperity. plentiful supplies of a particular resource.affluence, prosperity, riches, means, substance, fortune; “the country’s mineral wealth”

RICH: Containing a large amount of something specified.

WHORE: A prostitute. In the original sense, a whore is a prostitute: someone who has sex for money. The word has since broadened to mean anyone who is money-hungry. Whores traditionally whored their bodies out for money. But today a whore can be a person that compromises himself in any kind of way for monetary gain.

Some of the biggest prostitutes and also some of the most spiritually and morally impoverished and bankrupt entities on the planet are kneegrows. The greatest examples of this statement are the kneegrow celebrities. I point to them specifically….kneegrow celebrities…because their impoverished mentality and whore dumb, directly affects their children, spouses and extended family. As well as numerous sycophants who worship slavishly at the shrine of these idols. The college student who refused to pay rent in order to buy Beyonce’ tickets, then whines on social media that she was going to be evicted by her landlord, comes to mind. She is a classic example of a cult member, being influenced by false idolatry.

A yesterday ago I posted the following on stupid book:

Meritorious Manumission. Impress those words into your brain. Meritorious Manumission is a old rule of law from the period of the physical enslavement of the Afrikan body. In it an enslaved prisoner of European imperialism is granted…. GRANTED…their freedom, if the accomplish one of four things. Save a slavers life, often at the cost of their own. Save a slavers property. Report back to the enslaved, any notion of the enslaved agitating about seeking their freedom. Or invent something that the enslaved can make money off if, by exploiting the inventor. In the case of the modern kneegrow entertainer, their fame was a thing of their own creative ability and natural gifts. Thus the oft repeated saying that he or she is worth more dead than alive. The savage is merciless and relentless in exploiting those ignorant to the trickery and deceit by those who are skilled in exploiting that ignorance and gullibility. For sure there are some of us just as exploiting and exploiting as the savage. This is why the kneegrow entertainer ( which includes sporting personalities) must at least learn how to control their own business affairs. Especially if they are going to allow the savage to sniff around their money. But this is the mentality of the manufactured being called the kneegrow. The unrequited love of the savage and his greater overstanding of how money works, bedazzled and hypnotize the kneegrow and he becomes a fool chasing his tail. While the trickster takes his meal.

The post was in response to this other one I saw on my news feed:

Muhammad Ali leaves behind a tangled family legacy – and finances

This was what was extracted from the article:

“In 2006, Ali sold a controlling 80% share of Goat to CKX, a company controlled by concert promoter Robert Sillerman, for a reported $50m. At the time, the Ali brand was said to be earning $7m a year through deals with companies like Adidas. In 2011 CKX was sold to Leon D Black, the billionaire founder of private equity firm Apollo Global Management, for $512m, and renamed Core.

In 2013, Ali’s image rights were sold again in a deal which according to a source with knowledge of the transaction saw the family make around $2m and retain their 20% stake. The rights are now owned by Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a New York firm that also looks after image rights for, among others, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson.

ABG has struck licensing deals with brands including New Era Cap, H&M and Dolce & Gabbana. It recently sold rights to Under Armor, for an Ali-inspired clothing line, and Supreme, a highly in-demand skateboarding clothes line, in conjunction with the Andy Warhol Foundation. How income realised to the Ali estate will be distributed within the family remains unclear.”

This is Ali’s daughter, who is married to a savage.

Muhammad Ali’s grandchildren

This is a very tight explanation of one way the white pathology system maintains their dominance over the kneergow.

The Ali’ revelation comes to light in wake of the news that the late recording artist and famous lingerie wearer, Prince Rogers Neilson, has left a $300 million dollar estate ( not counting record legacy and wealth) that is being fought over by various family members. The impoverished mentality of these people, sees them dragging the now dead musician to court, paying high priced liars to waste money, because their greedy covetous asses, couldn’t get along with each other. The very same people that Prince probably never mentioned publicly, because he knew they were trifling whores.

And Prince estate battle comes after the big fuck over of Michael Jackson’s family’s complete bending over by selling off all his catalog for a measly 750 million, when at the time it was secured by him, the catalog was said to have been worth Billions. BILLIONS!

To misquote Paul Mooney..Say it 100 times and watch your IQ get higher!

This is the image of Michael Jackson’s children, with his bi-polar sister La Toilet…. er… Latoya

Now we have this other whore. A very large mastodon, who loves to dress as a woman. Look at what this clown had one.


Shaquille O’Neal will now be part of a company that has made its name recently by licensing the names of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson, all of whom are part of the Authentic Brands Group portfolio. At the dame time, Forbes magazine lauded him for being a marketing genius. Detailing all the reasons why the made this statement.

At least one can say, and have been saying that Ali’ was broke (thanks Don King) or he was sickly, or whatever. But what is this dudes excuse? Keep in mind he has children and extended families. it is said he will make 21 million dollars a year on a percentage of the things he sold away to the khazars. think what he could be bringing in if he retained 100 percent ownership?

Black people….isn’t this why our ancestors told us to get educated? So we can make life better for us and our progeny? Right? Well….?


5 thoughts on “The myth of Black wealth

  1. I love that first video by Umar. It’s a real classic. His breakdown on money is hard to argue against. White folks have old money you can’t get rid of. And it’s obvious these devils are just leeches. They suck black people dry! Think about it….Sam Cooke,Whitney Houston,Michael Jackson,Jimi Hendrix, and now Prince. These white/jews own all their music and likeness. Now Ali sold his too?? Total madness! Why can’t black people own and control what we create? Isn’t it our intellectual property?? It’s because these white mutants have no talent and they use us to make themselves rich. Not to mention Afeni Shakur is dead and a film about Tupac is supposed to be out next year. Can you believe she left his music to some white man at Interscope records? Now they got Tupac performing in holograms and shit. What is wrong with our people?? We need to go independent with our music. I don’t trust any of these white devils. I always respected Muhammad Ali but that was a bad move. I think his family convinced him to do it. You know how people get softer as they get older. I think that’s what happened to him. He wasn’t like the old Ali anymore. And thanks for reminding me about his dumb ass daughter. I think he has seven daughters. The only ones I ever see are Laila and Hana. The others stay out of the spotlight for the most part. I forgot Rashida was married to a caveman. That African bloodline is now destroyed!! All the standing up for black people and speaking out for what??? Just like Farrakhan’s son married a Yurugu woman. I don’t know what else to say. This is just rally sad.Damn!!


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