We still have no friends…no matter how hard we seek them!

Earlier this week, social media was aghast with the image of some savages in India, beating up a defenseless Afrikan woman. Stories of Afrikan migrants directly from the continent, being assaulted by these subhuman animals is not a one off, but a constant occurrence not only for Afrikans recently emigrated to that foul country, but from centuries of hatred and violence against us. Often the violence appears consistently more insidious than the cave savages from Europe.

Bengaluru: Mob strips Tanzanian girl, torches her car as police watch

Yet just like kneegrows be sticking their faces up inside the assess and between the legs of the cave savages, we keep doing so with the savages from the Indian Subcontinent ( there must be a reason why yurugu named it so)

John Henrik Clark said it best….”We have no friends!”

And until those of us who are not lost , truly overstand this and plan to deal justly with the numerous offenses against us, we will continue to beaten and killed by others. Yurugu has created a system, where he separates from us and demonize us, so that we become a nonhuman to them. Thus when they beat us, kill us, mistreat us and do all manner of savage things to us, their conscience is not aggrieved. We are in a state. A constant state of warfare against every single ethnic group on the planet. including the traitors in our midst.

We bitch and moan about West Papua, the various lost tribes in India, in Australia and Tanzania, yet here we are doing the same thing, those people did. Believing that appealing to some suddenly appearing conscience of these animals, will make themstop.


Hell No!

When a muther fucker is kicking your ass. Bent on kicking the very shit out of your ass, don’t ask him to stop.

Make him stop!

These Indian savages are currently in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Afrika, and are slowly moving in to Afrikan countries in the Western part of the continent. And just like the cave savages before them and the scavengers after them, they are raping, stealing and committing violence against the natives.

And getting away with it.

I mean its one thing to get beat up in their country.

Its another thing to not do anything to them…all the while you are killing your own Afrikan brothers and sisters and decapitating Afrikan children in the name of reLIEgion.

I am not saying we should be consuming ourselves with hatred. No! But i do believe we should have a healthy hate for these people, where we do not trust them as far was we can throw them. We should separate from them. Isolate ourselves from them. And only interact with them if a matter of trade or some form of social interactions benefit us. We have tried everything else and it hasn’t work. It hasn’t worked because we continue to negotiate from a position of power. The are empowered when they are around us. And we feel we lack power.

until we act superior and see them as bugs to be squashed, they will seek to squash us. Do I sound like some black supremacist? Good! May it upset your Christian, Muslim, pacifist, civil rights having, spit licking day. because I see you praising these animals, then turn around and act like black people are the worse and commit the worse kinds of violence.

Separate from them, whether physically or socially, but do so as soon as possible.



20 thoughts on “We still have no friends…no matter how hard we seek them!

  1. Very bad. I think we black men should focus on building power as soon as possible. Developing and exercising power will prevent these kind of atrocities from happening in the first place.


      1. You’re right,we have NO allies. I hope negroes are starting to realize this. Just becuae someone has some melanin doesn’t automatically make them a friend. I used to work around Indians at my former job. These people are so rude and many wont even speak to you. They really look down on black people even though many of them are very dark skinned. So this proves it has nothing to do with having dark skin.

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      2. That is so true. They are extremely anti-black. I had a black co-worker that used to try to flirt with the Indian women at my job. He told me they were rude and barely smile at him. I asked him why is he wasting his time with them. Those people hate blacks more than white folks. Here in California there is a lot of interracial dating. I see self hating negroes with white,Mexiac and Asian all the time. But I rarely see them with Indian women. Why is that? That’s how much these women know their falily will disown their ass if they got with a black man. Indians are just dark skinned coons. They probably get if from that racist asshole Gandhi. I’m thinking of doing a post on his racist ass.

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  2. I wonder WHERE ARE THE FEMINISTS?!! Where are the same bitches yacking about Rhianna and Janay Rice like they truly gave a shit and where are the black feminists? Those bitches who keep whining about Lil Wayne and jump on every bandwagon created by white people to selectively vilify black men where the hell are they to speak out about this?!!!!

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  3. Reblogged this on Tired Sista and commented:
    This is horrible, just horrible!!!! ALL African people are being attacked, but the attack on the African has stepped up tremendously in the last 10 years. African Women are experiencing this globally and it’s called misogynoir (anti-black misogny, hatred of Black Women).

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  4. My buddy told me once very bluntly:

    “Whites were send here to kill the planet and everything in it.”

    I began to believe her when I thought of what they created since they allegedly came down from the caves, most notably:

    Atomic Bombs

    Lab created viruses

    Who does that shit? Who thinks of creating death?

    You’ve gotta be from another realm.

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  5. And one more thing…

    By now, if we haven’t learned that we have no friends aft er Katrina, black wall street, Haitian earthquake, dominican republic where they are throwing us out, the flint water crisis and a little thing called slavery, we DESERVE that spit in our face.

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  6. You know…

    When the British yurugus came to india, they were shocked that a caste system was ALREADY in place so it wasn’t that hard to impose new laws and make them turn against their darker, nappier-haired cousins. Their caste system works so well because there’s ALWAYS someone lower than you to spit on.

    The funny thing is the very word INDI-A means “of the blacks” but they are so hateful of the original inhabitants of that land. I sometimes wonder if it’s because yurugu infected them by tying into their genealogy and causing such self hatred like they did us in No. America and the Caribbean?

    For you to be this wicked toward a woman who looks like your mother, wife, daughter or sister tells me that it’s yourself that you hate.

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      1. WOW!

        Nice article.

        Not to sound strange but I’m beginning to think that whites are not from this realm. I know there’s been speculation about their real origin and the article you gave me answers A LOT of questions but what accounts for their anti-nature, destructive behaviour?

        It strikes me as weird that everyone that has large percentages of their alien DNA is naturally destructive.

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      2. interesting you mentioned alien DNA! Psychology was one of the subject of interest of mine, ever since I immersed myself in Afrikan ourstory. One of the things I latched on to in psychology was the idea of projections. Consider how they always talk about us being inferior, animalistic….ALIENS! They come up with the story pf lizard people…most notable David Icke. I do believe they truly overstand their difference on this planet and that they are some bizarre alien species sent here to interfere with the god seed? They still have not been able to connect neanderthal genes, with anybody but them as the closest cousins. And that seed was only spread through rape and misogyny. THEY are the closest to neanderthal, which even though a can overstand the explanation on the website, I sent you, it still leaves some gaps when it comes to what the neanderthal is and the definitive connection between the albino leaving Afrika and encountering neanderthal. One does not go from Albino to neanderthal to humanoid. No matter what the scientist may try to tell us.

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