The coming military draft!

The United States military draft ended in Jan. 27, 1973. On that day in 1973, as the Vietnam War drew to a close, the Selective Service announced that there would be no further draft calls. Since then, the amurdikkklan military complex emphasized their increased technological presence in warfare to the point where other countries just steal amurdikkklan technology to try to keep up instead of starting from scratch.

However, up to this point, what a lot of these career bureaucrats coming out of military colleges, with little or no combat experience failed to factor in, is that even after all the bombs have fallen. After the area is devastated, you are going to still need boots on the ground. In Canada, we now have more part time soldiers than full time soldiers, as more and more are leaving the reg force and the military all together. Even if amurdikkka has even 1/10th of the attrition rate as Canada, it still says a lot, considering that country’s involvement in conflict around the world.

Black water and other private companies may be used to secure places like Iraq, but only in  a limited way, because they are not trained soldiers. Being that they are not trained soldiers, the expected military discipline and attention to security details would be severely compromised. effect…if amurdikkka wants to continue its octopus like control over the world, militarily, they will have to reinstate the draft.

The latest news about making women eligible for military duties, is a start.

US Senate Approves Bill That Would Require Women to Register for Draft

The National Defense Authorization Act passed in the Senate with an 85-13 margin, although some spoke out against an amendment that would require women to register for selective service for the first time in history. 

All of this manifested after almost 50 years of feminism when lesbians and female under cover supporters of white male paternalism, decided that they could do combat operations just as good as men and included openly homosexual men to serve in the military. European his story always had openly homosexual men, who have fought in all of their tribal warfare and their imperial invasions. The story of Sparta and Rome. The Scottish and the European ancestors of northern Spain can attest to the story of naked men fighting alongside their trench “buddies”.  Many of these men would sodomize fallen but barely alive soldiers or captured prisoners. So having openly homosexual men in the army is just semantics. However, rare is the notion of an all female battalion or detachment. Unheard of still is a mixed one.


Because the injection of females into a combat unit comprised of 18 to 25 year old males will destroy the cohesion and brotherhood of the unit. Romantic relationships, INEVITABLE, are not appropriate to a combat unit. And women, in general, are not physically or emotionally  up to it. Even now rapes, sexual abuse ad violence against females are only topped by rapes, sexual violence and abuse against beta males in the military. Despite what the feminist and liberals would like to preach.

I know a few of you will site the Dahomey of the kingdom of Benin as example of female soldiers holding their own. I have documented their place in ourstory. However, the women were not only a one off, specialized trained soldiers, who swore fealty to the king, never married while in his service and basically gave up a life of marriage and motherhood. How many women today can say this!

Plus…after the Dahomey, name one other all female regiment, detachment or unit that will hold their own against men? Yeah! i thought so!

Army fitness tests to be re-written to make sure female soldiers can qualify for front line duty

  • Michael Fallon expected to approve women to join front line roles this year
  • Defence Secretary may also announce fitness and training rules overhaul
  • New standards from 2019 would balance specific duties with training


Just an aside. Just because other countries have female soldiers, i.e. the Israelis, only means they are better Israeli female soldiers. Not better SOLDIERS! I am not sure how many female soldiers have been in actual invasion forces, because all the Zionist do is bomb and abuse innocent or impotent Palestinian mothers grandmothers, old men and children.

Still when a high ranking officer in the amurdikkklan military speaks, it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.


Let’s not even factor in this caveat:

“As high-ranking military chiefs debate allowing women into the front lines of combat, researchers from the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs are adding new research to the mix: Women warriors are at the same risk of post-traumatic stress disorder as men.”

I remember at the end of my basic training, after we had to carry most of the women through the physical, technical and psychological period of going from a untrained private ( fresh off the street) to a trained private (knowing how to throw a damn grenade….one female almost got us blown up for not knowing how to do a simple over hand throw), we ended up the basic training by doing  13 k march. That mean being out in the bush for more than 24 hours, then marching back to the base with 60 lb ruck sac on your back. to be fair to the ladies, I was one of the few idiots that actually had 60 lbs on my back, as everybody else dumped shit out to lighten their load. So doom on me!

Two minutes! TWO MINUTES! Two minutes into the march, every female started falling back. Since the mantra was not one soldier left behind or all suffer. Each of the males in the vicinity of the female grabbed a hold of one and dragged them for 13 k. That’s 13 k FORCED MARCH! There was only one female that kept up physically. A Black female. But we gave her props even though emotionally she wasn’t equipped to do some of the crazy shit required. Then again, there was a lot of young kats that washed out, which was a testament to the physically fitness in modern society.

So why is amurdikkklan doing this?

  1. Commerce. War is a business. And the more war waged the more the war makers make money.
  2. The social climate with the amurdikkklan war machine is even more negative now than after the Vietnam war. So if they can’t use jingoism to get people in, then they will have to strong arm people into their war business. Hence the legislation and inevitable draft!
  3. To appease the 50 years of bullshit mantra about equality in the work force.

Any man in traditional male jobs will tell you…if the have balls…that a lot of women just can’t cut it in that field without a man, either doing his and her work, or allowing her to slide a little, to make it appear that they aren’t being discriminatory. I remember viewing this video a couple of years ago. this clip kind of sum up the totality of women in traditional men’s job.

Then there is this….

I want you to overstand that this is not an attack on women. Not that I really care what you think. However, i want to show you how a confluence of white male paternalism and corporate banditry, along with anti female feminism and the idiots who drink that kool aid, has created this current climate that can only get worse.

But just in case you forget that men and women are not created equal. That men and women occupy their own unique world. That forcing women into the world of men is detrimental to both. I will leave you with this documentary…


One thought on “The coming military draft!

  1. So why is amurdikkklan doing this?
    1.Commerce. War is a business. And the more war waged the more the war makers make money.
    2.The social climate with the amurdikkklan war machine is even more negative now than after the Vietnam war. So if they can’t use jingoism to get people in, then they will have to strong arm people into their war business. Hence the legislation and inevitable draft!
    3.To appease the 50 years of bullshit mantra about equality in the work force.
    Very good observation! I think you’re really on to something. I need to watch that documentary video at the end. I’m sure it’s very eye opening. Thanks for the post!

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