When the bizarre gets even more so

As i googled the story the first four news pages to pop up, all belonged to:

  1. Vanity fair
  2. Esquire
  3. Gawker…and
  4. Billboard

The story was titled….Newly Surfaced Police Reports Detail Michael Jackson’s Disturbing Pornography Collection…with the subtitle …There were images depicting children’s faces on adult bodies.

While it didn’t garner the kind of reaction, that surrounded Michael Jackson’s lengthy public and legal trial and judgement, I am sure there are many who saw this headline and nod their heads sagely. Because in their mind Jackson was proven to be a pedophile.

For those who have either lost your memory or have been living on the dark side of the moon. Or for those who really don’t care. Let me take you back a bit to 1993. yep 1993. That’s when some dude named Evan Chandler accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing Chandler’s 13-year-old son, Jordan. The relationship between Jackson and Evan had begun in May 1992; Chandler initially welcomed and encouraged the friendship, and bragged about his connection to a celebrity. The friendship became well known as the tabloid media reported that Jackson became a member of the Chandler family. In 1993, Chandler confronted his ex-wife June, who had custody of Jordan, with suspicions that their son had been in an inappropriate relationship with Jackson but June dismissed his worries. According to several sources, Chandler threatened to go public with the evidence he claimed he had on Jackson, who asked his lawyer Bert Fields to intervene. Chandler’s lawyer, Barry K. Rothman, called psychiatrist Mathis Abrams and reported a hypothetical situation of sexual molestation mirroring what his son had alleged.

Without meeting Jordan, Abrams then sent Rothman a letter on July 15 stating there was “reasonable suspicion” of sexual abuse and if it had been a real case, he would be required by law to contact the Los Angeles County Department of Children’s Services (DCS). On August 4, Chandler and Jordan met with Jackson and Anthony Pellicano, Jackson’s private investigator, and Chandler read out Abrams’ letter. He then opened negotiations to resolve the issue with a financial settlement. On August 16, three days after Chandler and Rothman had rejected a $350,000 offer from Jackson’s camp, June’s attorney notified Rothman that he would be filing papers next morning to force Chandler to return Jordan to allow him to go on the Asian leg of Jackson’s Dangerous World Tour.

On the day Jackson began the third leg of his tour, news of the allegations broke to the public and received worldwide media attention. Jackson ultimately cancelled the remainder of the tour due to health problems arising from the scandal. In January 1994 Jackson reached a financial settlement with the Chandlers to resolve the matter and in September a criminal investigation was closed due to lack of evidence. Five months after Jackson’s death, Evan Chandler killed himself on November 5, 2009, in his apartment in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Now reading this story, some one with a discerning mind would put the pieces together…after the fact…that Evan Chandler was in a custody battle with his ex wife. Being in bitch mode and like more than a few bitch ass males out there, he decided he would humiliate her, the way he felt she was doing. That’s not the bitch part. the bitch part was he tried to show she was an unfit mother by claiming his child was being sexually abused by the kneegrow celebrity she was hanging around with.

Bring a typical white guy with dick issues, he probably felt that Jackson was screwing his ex and saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one allegation. His wife for endangering his son and the kneegrow for being in the same vicinity as his ex wife. An aside…back in the days of pick-a-nigger, when it was more common and wasn’t done mostly by the police,as it is being done today, any scum bag savage could accuse a black man of rape or reckless eyeballing. Or reckless eyeballing leading to rape. Or just being in the same space as his savage bitch.

Now in reading the account above, all there was was suspicions. And Jackson being the idiot he was, strengthen the suspicion by offering to settle, instead of doing what Paul Mooney joked about. Fighting every single one of those mother fuckers coming after his money. Instead he is easy capitulation embolden Chandler to bring in his Jew liar, Barry K. Rothman, who in turned called a Jew psychiatrist, Mathis Abrams, to do a diagnosis on a HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO!

Amurdikkka, is the most litigating society on the planet, with at least 50% of the lawyers in the world festering in that nation. And a civil suite accusing a celebrity of all kinds of things, as a bar of credibility set so low, a limb dancer could not limbo under that bar. Hell not even ant man could get under that. Thus Michael Jackson was dragged through the streets of public consciousness, drawn and quartered by tel-LIE-vision talking heads and judged, condemned and executed by those who knew the story better than anybody else at the water cooler.

Only Michael Jackson was exonerated 12 years later, in June of 2005. And though the savage found it distasteful to say he was innocent, they instead swallowed bitter pill and loudly proclaimed lack of evidence, was the reason why the “nukka” wasn’t strung up and lynched, with his penis cut off and shoved in his mouth. You know how the savage do their thing?

Now in 2016…seven years after Evan Chandler did the world a favor and committed self inflicted purging from the planet, we have the FBI claiming that they have evidence of a hidden cache of pornographic pictures of little boys at never-never-land.

23 years.

It has taken one of the best investigative government agencies in the only remaining superpower nation on the planet, to figure out, this skinny black guy, who so much wanted to be a white girl, who amassed more money than any artists should ( in the eyes of the government) could have bamboozled the great FBI, with all their technological advances and had hidden all his pedophilia activities. For 23 years!

Look I am not a fan of the Jacksons. Though I highly respected the musical genius of them all. Especially Michael. I think those children were damaged psychologically by an overbearing, abusive and intimidating father, and a passive aggressive mother. I think they grew into adult hood, lacking cultural therapy and became damaged adults. I even believed Michael was dealing with questions around his sexuality AND his whole siblings had colorism issues.

However, there is very little you can say to convince me that the FBI wasn’t doing a thorough job investigating for evidence of child molestation and was not able to find it. Until 23 years later. AFTER never-never-land was sold to Colony Capital, who bought it from Jackson for $22.5 million before his death in 2009 when he was in default on a loan. Now the Ranch is on the market for $100 million. And let’s not forget the selling of his billion dollar music catalogue for 750 million. By his family, his mother and his fake white children.

I remember back in 1994, i was doing some personal training with this savage, who out of the blue, blurted out why is it you never hear on the news of black guys getting arrested for child molestation. I though this was an interesting comment. But he opened up by saying that every time he watched the news, its always some white guy being charged for child molestation. These days its not an outlier anymore for a kneegrow male OR female to be charged for molestation, although charges against females are still small.

However, you know and I know and the two old dudes in the balcony on the Muppet show knows, that the face of child molestation and pedophilia is still the white male savage. Their history is rift with it. Their everyday persona is about that. They attempt to make pedophilia an alternate sexual expression is nothing new. Just a continuation of their savage behavior. Some of which they have infected a few nasty ass mother fuckers among us. But the face of pedophilia is still the face of the white male. Suburban or urban. College educated or laborer. Conservatives or liberals. ReLIEgious or agnostic.

And even though they failures among us try to make it seem not as cut and dried. The face of pedophilia is a white male. So why now? Why Michael Jackson? What is the end game? After Prince died, they released stories about drug addiction and while sex parties. They even went after Malcolm as some deviant…of course with the assistance of a few porch monkeys. But I say that to say this…! Why are they not going after all those kneegrow preachers, who have documented evidence of not just homosexuality (because that is acceptable) but pedophilia?

All those celebrities who are obvious bent out of shape or being bent out of shape? Even the homosexuals, as evidence by the Gay manifesto, are very much into pedophilia, yet none of these famous kneegrow homosexuals are having dirty stirred up on them. I really don’t have an answer. Just speculations. That more and more black people are fighting back against the creeping infestation of homosexuality. We are very angry about pedophilia. And more of us are not being silent about it anymore. So is this an attempt to criminalize us, even as amurdikkka descend deeper in the abyss of sexual purgatory? That as they descend they are trying to drag the planet down with them? Starting with some of the icons many of us hold up and look up to?

After all your president, the lycan issue of a savage cave monkey whore, and a tri-sexual kneegrow communist, is trying to intimidate the Afrikan world to accept faggotry to suffer untold economic sanctioned abuse.

It will be interesting to see how far the story of Michael Jackson and thee alleged photos go. Stay tuned for another episode of governmental lies and cover ups.


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