Predators and Man Hunters


The Predator is a fictional extraterrestrial species featured in the Predator science-fiction franchise, characterized by its trophy hunting of other species for sport. This creature lives for the hunt and will seek out the strongest, most dangerous foe to hunt down and kill. Upon making the kill, the predator then rip the spinal column out of the body with the skull still sitting atop. There the satiated hunter, cleans and polish the skull and hangs it in a trophy case. The greater and more numerous the kill, the higher the Predator or hunter is elevated in a society that embraces this form of sport.

According to those who created and embellished on the creature and its franchise, trophy hunting is a rites of passage that every young Predator ( also known as Yautja or Hish-Qu-Ten) must go through before attaining adult hood. For centuries they have flown to earth, where apparently the unpredictability and adaptability of Humans seem to intrigue them. Since humans, according to the implication, lacks the natural physical protections of super speed, strength or peripheral protectors, such as claws, fangs or armors, they must survive by guile and intelligence.

In all the Predator movies, there was an attempt to show this.

Over the last decade, movies that show or portray some form of man hunt seem to be more watched than any other. From the aforementioned Predator, to the Aliens series, the Jason Bourne series down to even movies like John Wick, The Equalizer an Taken, all show variance of this man hunter-Predator theme.


There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.

Ernest Hemingway

Man hunting is described as the deliberate identification, capturing, or killing of senior or otherwise important enemy combatants, classified as high-value targets, usually by special operations forces and intelligence organizations. According to a specific 2008 study, since 1968, 40% of armed non-state groups met their end because local police and intelligence agencies arrested or killed key members.

A response to asymmetric tactics adopted by terrorists, insurgents, pirates, narco-traffickers, arms proliferators, and other non-state actors, man hunting has been adopted by military and intelligence organizations to reduce collateral damage that would occur during a conventional military assault.

Of lately the incidence of extra judicial murders by state agents, called po-LICE, who themselves are not only revenue collectors of the state, but also bastard children of the old slave catchers of yore. The ease and frequency in which these predators hunt and kill black men has not really changed since the Jim Crow and other post slavery era. The means and methods are just more refined and updated.








The modern victims of predatory man hunters are just as likely to be paraded around as trophy as were their ancestors.

Image result for black people turn up without organs

I remember reading a very nice statement which stated:

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle: when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.

Now this quote is actually used to inspire people who are grinders. Business hustlers or those about that life. The life of economic survival. Incidents after incidents of extra judicial murders without any form of punishment by those who pay the predators to hunt black people down though, causes me to speculate that we as black men are not even Gazelles. I put it on black men, because as men, we are supposedly the natural protectors of the village. The clan. The group

Since we came to these many western shores, we have suffered from two very glaring problems. The conditioning away from our natural male tendencies to fight back AND we have failed to seek out a path to reclaim that natural instincts to fight for our clan. It is not that energy cannot be resurrected, it has and continually is. However, it is resurrected to fight for other peoples military, reLIEgion and political causes. In all the Predator movies or those dealing with the man hunt, the hunted may show fear, may see his end coming, but will still fight even feeble against the superiorly skilled and determined hunter.

It is often a bonus when the hunted turns the table on the hunter and beats him with guile and intelligence. What I perceived from such a turn is that as long as there is life there is hope. If there is hope, there is determination. Finding determination in hope and belief in self, is where the brain often kicks in to provide a solution. So why have we not taken steps to stop predatory acts against us?

Are we the gazelle, the lion? Or are we a the mouse, who freezes at the site of its natural predator and waits to be eaten?

Is it fear that paralyzes? Fear is a natural response to danger, that fear can make you flee or fight.  Or is it cowardice? Cowardice is an unnatural choice to do nothing at all while your opportunity and chance dwindle away. In 1924 Richard Connell, wrote a short story called “The Most Dangerous Game“. It was a story about Sanger Rainsford,  a big-game hunter of elephants and tigers, who basically didn’t care about his prey. It’s all about the hunt, kill, and impressive skins. After he falls from his Brazil-bound yacht, Sanger Rainsford makes it to the rocky shore of “Ship-Trap” Island.

He crawls through the gnarled jungle growth and along the shore until he makes it to a fortress/chateau managed under the watchful eye of the gun-toting butler/in-house torture specialist, Ivan. There he meets his host, a shady character named General Zaroff. This elegant man is a member of the Russian nobility who had to “get out of town when the Communists took over Russia in 1917”.

Initially, Zaroff is the perfect host. But then the truth comes out: he’s actually the perfect psychopath. After getting bored hunting animals, he’s begun luring people to his island with a cute little trick involving misleading ships into thinking there’s a channel where there isn’t one. Voila! Fresh prey. But this guy’s no bully. He gives people the choice: be hunted for three days and go free if you survive, or be whipped to death by Ivan, who used to be the Czar’s designated sadist.

Choosing to be hunted, Rainsford turned the table on the hunter , killing Ivan and one of Zaroff’s hunting dogs. He then hurls himself off a cliff, fooling Zaroff into thinking that he died, only to turn up in his bedroom, satisfying his thirst for revenge by feeding Zaroff to the rest of his dogs. Eventually falling asleep with nary a worry on his mind about his last act.

This last one takes out Ivan, and Rainsford also manages to kill one of Zaroff’s precious hounds. But then, with nowhere left to go, Rainsford hurls himself over a cliff into the stormy waters below. Zaroff figures that’s the end of that and goes home to bed.

And then, double-surprise! Rainsford is in his bedroom. He’s alive, he’s mad, and he’s out for revenge, Zaroff concedes that Rainsford has won and tries to let him go free—but that’s not good enough for this American hunter. He feeds his host to the hounds and hits the hay for a good night’s sleep.

The western lands are the the big game reserves. The are larger “Ship-Trap” Islands, where black men, women and children are hunted down to test our resolve or whipped or death if we are too scared to seek survival on our own efforts. And the Predator? The man Hunter? Well…at this juncture are we really unclear about who they are and what game we are in?

The only question that we should ask is are we the gazelle, the lion…or the mouse?

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