When the revolution comes

This happened in China in 8-20-2015.. After paid agents of the state beat a Woman and than beat a man to death, who was filming the assault. Immediately thousands of Chines people protested in the streets demanding justice and tired for waiting for it, so they took matters into their own hands. The people beat police to death in the streets until enough government gang members showed up to disperse them. I guess this is a lesson to the police state

This happened in France this year, immigrants fed up with being regulated and policed by a country that, destabilized their countries prior to accepting them in the country to be treated like unwanted non entity.

This was in Palestine in 2012. A prison colony surrounded my the most savage animals on the planet. The Palestinians have the least amount of reason, to feel proud. Yet they have the most reasons to fight back.

This is Black people in Ferguson two years ago, after Mike Browns assassination.

I was speaking to my friend, as I am typing this,  regarding black people being so frustrated they may start killing a pig. First of all, we shouldn’t be in the streets looking to physically fight or kill a cop, because we don’t have an army or specialist to that. We don’t have specialist to do that unless we have a strategy and tactic to implement the strategy.

One thing I can say though, if we do nothing they will be happy. If we do something they will be happy. Either way they get to exercise their killing skills. However and this is important….how much do we want to fight back? And what strategies do we have?

I could say more, but I would rather wait until there are pockets or cells of people who overstand planning. Who have the discipline and commitment to achieve an end.

10 thoughts on “When the revolution comes

  1. One more thing:

    Having a plan is essential but the biggest obstacle I have found to to conceal it. Many of us live in apartments and those that have property have neighbours. You, as a black person, are always being watched 24/7. Even if you buy everything in cash, they are watching how much stuff you store.

    This is why we need a secret society of our own where we can discuss these things away from the internet.


      1. Oh I have been ready. Spoke with some fam and friends. Been planning for the past five years or so. Got food stored up,escape plans, among other things. I would advise others to do the same.


  2. Hit these fuckers where it hurts:

    Stop supporting their businesses
    Stop sexing them and let them die off the planet faster
    Stop telling them our secrets
    Stop hanging out with them

    It’s THAT easy to reclaim our power.

    Can you imagine how much economic power we can have if we spent 1/10th of our 3 trillion dollars within our own communities? No one is forcing us to breed with these monsters. We’re doing that ALL on our own.

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    1. Believe me when I say…we have not been beaten down enough to value who we are or what we need to do to stop the beatings. I was just speaking with a friend and we agreed that it’s much easier to work on yourself. If you chance to work with like minded and similarly goal oriented network of people, then this is good. But while the bullets are flying, we need to get ourselves straight (like you are doing where you are). I am all about self preparation, because the savage will not go down without a fight and they will mostly be taking those of us who are not prepared. For they are the ones who will not know what to do or who won’t do anything because i’ll preparation creates a frozen state.


      1. Speaking of preps, I’m working canning my tomatoes and my jams but was shocked at how much MONEY canning equipment costs!!!

        Maybe freeze-dried is the way to go?

        Anyways you are correct as always.


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