Message to the black man

If you are a black man who is childless or single, now is the best time to start the study of hue-man behavior in accord with your interpersonal relationships. The best subject must be yourself. Why is this needed? Why is there a need to study hue-man behavior in order to stave off potential disappointment in the aforementioned interpersonal relationships. Among the very basics of hue-man behavior is the desire to seek a a place of safety and comfort and away from a place of discomfort. This goes for both the physical aspects and emotional as well.

If you are at the stage in your life where you are single and childless, the first thing you must overstand is the necessity for vision, goal setting and the discipline and doggedness to achieve the goals that you set out. Let’s simplify my statement. Suppose you desire to have a woman that you feel complements who you are and the legacy you wish to leave behind. First decide who you are. Who you want to be and what type of legacy you wish to leave behind. keep in mind that this legacy should ave no bearing on anybody else but your own. It means that even if some one soars above you, in business or some social barometer. You are not he and he is not you. Therefore there is no need to try and outstrip him. the only thing you may strive to do is to be a better today than your were yesterday. That should be the basis of your legacy.

Water finds its own level!

As men you are looked upon to take charge and lead our homes and our community. Our nation and our culture away from destruction and to a place of safety. We cannot do that if we hide behind the skirts of women. Behind the rhetoric of academia. And behind the indentured servitude of working for those who would destroy us. in order to fulfill your drive to get to a place of comfort, we must again have a goal. Have a desire to achieve those goals and the required discipline and drive or work ethic to get to that place of comfort.

Those who disregard discipline despise themselves,
but the one who heeds correction gains understanding.

if you are a single man, without children, you must practice several levels of discipline. Discipline is not a punishment, but a test of your worthiness to achieve your goals. It is a delayed gratification that ensures that the rewards is so much sweeter and longer lasting. the first bout of discipline is to stop fucking around. By that I mean, stop fucking for the sake of fucking. Stop fucking period, until you have achieved your goals. few things derails a man’s aspirations and goals, as much as wasting time, seed and energies on an activity that last an hour, thirty minutes or one minute. Just so you can brag to your buddies and pat yourself on your back.  Four things come from indiscriminate fucking around.

  1. Both of you go your separate ways
  2. you get emotionally involved
  3. She gets emotionally involved
  4. Some one catches a venereal disease
  5. She gets pregnant, which means that your fucked for at least 18 years.

Her getting pregnant seems to always catch a low energy man by surprise. Why? Did you really believe that you can do all that indiscriminate fucking and some thing…or a bunch of little someones.. don’t pop up? Usually when a low energy man fucks around, he is choosing a low hanging fruit from the tree. Seeing that his arms are short and his aspiration is limited, that is the only fruit he can get. Unfortunately it could be a fruit that is poisonous. Now if you aspire to something greater, why derail those aspirations for a minute of undisciplined and thoughtless acts?

Be careful of who your companions are,
your associations define you

If you want to achieve your stated goals of leading your home, community nation or culture to that place of safety, you have mapped out, you may be difficult to get there by working for someone. You may get there by working for yourself. Or you may get there by working collectively with other goal oriented men. But overstand though that you never will get to a place of safety by making others not of your home, neighborhood, nation or culture, feel safe and comfortable, while you are still finding your way.

Purpose, Self-Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, 
Cooperative economics, belief and Unity

If you are a man not single and not childless, it is imperative that you reach back and teach those coming up the values  set out in nation building. What is required of them and the necessary discipline and work needed to get to a place of safety and comfort. if you teach a young man how to fish, he will not bother you to share your fish with him everyday. Or worse, he will not feel so dis-empowered that he feels he HAS to take your fish.this young man who learns to fish, then can, with a group of similarly skilled young men, can feed a home, neighborhood, a nation and a culture,  on a exponential level and rate, that goes beyond what your singular efforts could achieve.

Your ultimate goal is to survive as a group. A single individual cannot last long, in a world of competitiveness and discomfort. You may seek a temporary escape in the wilderness of your delusions. However, someone, someday may find you and seek to find out if you have something they can take. And how can you defend what you have, for very long, when you are alone? This is why the man who seeks a place of comfort, should do so with people of similar bent. In order to  achieve those goals, requires more overstanding of hue-man nature. Are you a individual? Or are you part of a collective? Does working within a collective based on your”like” of that collective, or is it based on the value that his placed on this collective and what it can do?

You have become a man of purpose and have achieved or arrived at a place of comfort and safety. You will find how much the sweater the reward will taste. You now get to pick from the fruit on the highest branch and you may even be able to inspire more people to shoot for the stars and seek to find a place of comfort that benefits them and their loved ones. Its a very simple process and journey that takes vision, purpose, discipline and work.

When a person really desires something, all the universe
conspires to help that person to realize his dream.

In the beginning of the post i mentioned interpersonal relationships. I hinted on a male-female relationship, but interpersonal is not only that. Your relationship within your home, your neighborhood, your nation and your culture is also directly affected, when you have achieved movement to a place of comfort and safety for yourself and others. If you are a man who is childless and single, your prospect of developing a positive relationship with a potential complement is higher, because she now feels safe and comforted by your success AND your presence. Your presence must be constant. Your presence is the summery of your standards and your experience and wisdom. It is also the what elevates you in your home, your neighborhood, your nation and your culture.

If you are a man already with children and not at all single, the shift from stagnation or threading water to a place of even more safety and comfort, enhances your status, in your home, your neighborhood, tour nation and your culture. As men we are criticized when we fail. We are criticized when we try. We are criticized when we lack. But no one can logically criticize us for striving to be better today than yesterday. At leas no one we should value. So this is my message to you black man. I message i have absorbed into my consciousness.

When you want something, all the universe
conspires in helping you to achieve it.


.”the devil is in the details”




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