The White man’s reLIEgion

Everyday carry bucket to the well
one day the bucket bottom must drop out
look deh now, everything crash!
—–Everything Crash by The Ethiopians

Some of the headlines, that barely get a response from many…

Welcome to the arrest capital of the United States

For affluent blacks, wealth doesn’t stop racial profiling

“”Clearly when I’m at work dressed in my white coat, the reactions I get from the individuals and officers I deal with on a daily basis is much different than what I would get outside the hospital in regular clothes.” Dr. Brian H. Williams, a Black trauma surgeon at Parkland Memorial Hospital

This is one of the neanderthals that voted to have Britain leave the E.U, because they supposedly felt the recent influx of immigrants to that backward island.

Blind 14-year-old Detroit boy Davontae Sanford spends nine years in prison for four murders he didn’t commit

On Facebook, a video was put up where a supposed redneck Evangelical preacher, while brandishing his gun, threatened to kill black people (black lives matter members) if they refused to obey the state agents in blue. One poster had this to say:

“The fact that an “evangelist” is threatening to murder those who don’t kowtow to, really any of his rules, including submission to police, is not a deviation. The fundamentalism, the fetishizing of police and other authority figures, the rage against any who break “the rules,” all are consistent features of an authoritarian personality.  These don’t just happen. People like this are created. They are a reflection of how they were parented both by their biological parents and later, by the state in public schools.”

The recent spat of shootings with no conviction from a Judicial system, a local and federal leadership that clandestinely supports and encourage the destruction and devastation of people’s lives are additional example that there is something very wrong on planet white people. Since January 1st 2016 641 total US citizens were murdered by the poLICE, most of whom were black. There were 1200 killed all of last year, 986 of them were black. And during the aftermath, yurugu’s in amurdikkka and their pet kneegrows, claim that either the poLICE did nothing wrong or they victims had questionable character, that that seem to imply that the murder or assaults were justified. In their minds the victims would have probably done something wrong in some other jurisdiction. Even worse, outside of immediate family members and associates, including those agitating for social justice, Black Lives really don’t matter in the greater scheme of things. Which is to make amurdikkka white again.

In 2006 after Ziggy Marley sang…”love is my religion”, that song was favorably met, particularly by the subset that supports the notion of a black “looking” male praising love as a way of life. The image of the once fearsome looking Rastafarian man promoting love as a way of Afrikan life, through his religious “livity”, makes white people feel safer and more secure that their  own reLIEgious expression and expansion can continue to be the preeminent reLIEgion perpetuated on the planet. The morphing of the image of people like Dedan Kimathi and the Land and Freedom fighters, have morphed into the safe image of homosexuals and “white Rasta” dilutes another challenge to the White man’s reLIEgion.

Supposed experts have stated or inferenced that reLIEgion is a codification of spiritual belief and rituals so that they could communicate this expression to others. And to let others know of who the practitioners are and how the view the world from that platform.

An anchor is a weight that original is used to hold a ship in place once the ship has moored or birth on a dock or a shore. It keeps the vessel in place and prevents it from drifting off towards some random place. ReLIEgion is a form of anchor that enables those seeking a balm for a seeking or hurting spirit to feel secure where they are and in what they do. Or how they view the world and this reality. This is why during times of conflict, stress, great turmoil and uncertainty reLIEgious conversions and membership increases. Man and mankind seeks this codified spiritual gathering to anchor him or her in place and prevents a drifting from their mooring, into uncharted waters. Man and mankind is not desirous of chaos or uncertainty and would rather gravitate to order and routine. Order and routine is safe. Order and routine is an anchor that alleviates pain and fear. The greatest fear is dear of the unknown.

Proxy wars in Afrika

The transplanted Afrikan to the west and those on the continent under the yoke of colonialism and imperialism, Western democracy, capitalism or socialism, has embraced one of those three…or some form of Arab colonialism and imperialism, as an anchor to keep them safe and secure in a world filled with the greatest reLIEgion ever. This is the white man’s most endearing and enduring gift to the planet and it is the most misunderstood of all reLIEgion. This reLIEgion is unofficially termed white supremacy. However as they taught us in psychology, projection is a false way of seeing things that certain people use to make themselves feel the opposite. Thus white supremacy is relevant as long as one can  project non white inferiority which in turn uses this non white inferiority to prop up and maintain white supremacy. White supremacy is a codified spiritual state of white people, whose pathological worldview is not only harmful to the planet, but even to other white people. The spiritual context to overstanding white superiority ( which in reality is a pathology) is hatred. Deep, unabated and rot inducing hate. Hate is a disease that does not just stay home and marinate, but leaks out into the atmosphere and into the spiritual ether, steadily corrupting any and everything it comes in contact with. White spirituality, codified as superiority, but which is just a deep unabiding pathology, expresses itself through violence. Plenty of violence. Violence as a spiritual nourishment. Violence as an anchor to this reality.

The Dogon has one of the best explanation for the entity called Yurugu. A being that in its haste to be birthed, forced its way out of the side of the egg of creation, before its gestation period was completed. Sort of like a Cesarean birth. The full gestation from the egg of creation included coming forth with the entities opposite gender and sibling. Dual birth is one of the narratives of early Afrikan ourstory. Without the symbolic complement of dual birth, the being called Yurugu, was void of its Asilli…or life force. This life force is said to be embodied as the mans female complement. The female compliment enlivens and supplies a mans life with purpose. But without that aliveness and being unable to couple up with another, yurugu became a bitter, angry and violent cannibalistic and blood thirsty, blood drinking savage.

Cannibalism, violence, hate, paranoia, rape, blood lust, destruction and genocide are all spiritual components of the reLIEgion of white supremacy…or white pathology, as it should be titled. Anybody observing reLIEgion from afar, will overstand what Joel Osteen meant when he said to his Christian followers…”Choose Faith In Spite Of The Facts”. Because those who support maintain and defend white pathology and its accompanying unabated violence, violent tendency and inability to get along with any and everybody. Including other white people.

European his story is resplendent with tales of infighting and fratricidal warfare, murder and genocide.  Scores of people who look like them have had their lives ripped a part and their towns, villages and generations devastated, due to yurugu’s natural tendency kill whatever they don’t like or fear. Once we overstand al of this, we as Afrikan people can put our interactions with them into perspective.

The white man’s reLIEgion is the most powerful reLIEgion on the planet, because it exemplifies the balance between the belief of hate, put into action, maintained and augmented by a system to retain their reLiEgious domination.

Remember this when you attempt to appeal to a moral compass that is none existent



2 thoughts on “The White man’s reLIEgion

  1. They can feel their demise coming.

    I listen to them closely as they speak of “what’s to come” and express their fears of a changing world. Lately, they, some of them, have become so fearful of their future that they will go to great lengths to be extra, super, duper nice to black people to the point of ridiculousness.

    Nature knows that yurugu must be destroyed if she is to survive and she’s definitely doing her part.


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