We seem to have it all mixed up

I saw a post on social media where recently murdered Korryn Gaines was described as a soldier. While she is not the only one this title was put in front of her name, she however is the most recent and perhaps not the last. The average kneegrow likes to engage in hyperbole that you can’t take seriously because he or she sometimes lack any serious cognitive overstanding of what the say and why they say it.

A soldier…if one doesn’t overstand, is a trained professional, with a specific array of skills, among which is the knowledge of how to hurt or kill. Even a medic or an administrator has to go through basic training and learn the very basic of causing mayhem. There are three categories of soldiering. The untrained soldier who is at the beginning of basic training. The trained soldier who made it through basic training and the veterans, those whose extended experience and enhanced training qualifies them as such. A veteran can be separated into non combat soldiers and combat veterans. The combat veterans are really who we envision when we think of a soldier. Even if we are unable to articulate it. For one to be a combat veteran, one must have experience in going to foreign countries and destroying it in an attempt to destroy a designated enemy government. Or be that country or soldier reacting to his country being invaded and putting up a spirited resistance. A soldier is not somebody particularly a civilian who gets into physical or verbal altercations on the street, whether with an agent of the state or another civilians. I have seen black people call gang bangers street soldiers, when all they are, are hoodlums. If you are not systematically and intelligently, protecting  your neighborhood from the agents of the state or civilians of another color, looking to kill or commit genocide against you, you are not a soldier. Keep I’m mind there is the element of the specific set of skills necessary to be called a soldier. Those skills include learning how to properly shoot a rifle, side arm, throw a grenade, run for a long while with up to 60 lbs on your back, in fucked up boots; jumping out of airplanes, launching heavy artilleries from afar; laying mines; deactivating mines; doing recon and other exercises in the bush, the snow; the desert, in urban areas..etc! A soldier must also know the basics of military tactics or strategies that while they may not be evident during peace times or a period of calm, it is definitely amped up when mobilized and deployed to destroy other country’s infrastructure, in order to destory the perceived enemy of your government.

Korryn Gaines may be a lot of things and maybe not so…but she is and was not a soldier. Stop with that shit!

Secondly people like Korryn Gaines, Micah Johnson, the alleged Dallas shooter and even Christopher Dorner are not revolutionaries. They maybe rebellious, angry, frustrated and striking out. But they are not revolutionaries. Revolutionaries follow a specific ideology with a set of tenants that holds that ideology together. Thus to be a revolutionary you must have a goal that fulfill your ideology and a plan to see it through. The plan itself becomes a revolution. Revolution takes planning, numbers, tactics and strategies. All that will run counter to the prevailing system that the revolutionary hopes to change. Which brings me to another point. Revolution is about change. Change can be had through armed conflict, but also through a change in mindset, actions and a change in discipline. Yet when we think of revolution we automatically think of armed conflict, which scares us away from the other low level pillars of revolution. Making personal changes to reflect an ideology you embrace. Like going vegetarian. Supporting black business in an environment that doesn’t. Or moving away from an oppressor’s reLIEgion and embracing a traditional Afrikan one. A revolution can also mean embracing and practicing back love and rejecting all that destroys black love. Race mixing, homosexuality, drug and alcohol addictions and any adverse and perverse self destructive behavior that destroys the foundation of black love

Over the last 200 years there has been only a few revolutions that had long term effect. The French Revolution, the comes to mind. Many have had early successes but experienced a pyrrhic victory. A victory where you lose equally as much as you won, thus making the victory a painful one that leaves you weaker than before. Haiti comes to mind with the resulting financial capitulation to their defeated enemies, that is being felt today. The test of a successful revolution is how the new society looks not a year or two, but twenty to fifty years afterwards. Places like Vietnam, Cuba, Namibia and Bokina Faso, are examples of successful revolutions with a pyrrhic result. China is still digging itself out of its own pyrrhic revolutionary celebrations. So there are a certain set of rules and situations that qualifies one for the kind of overstanding that we miss when we proclaim some one a revolutionary.

I remember as a child watching those old cowboy movies or martial arts movies and think that “bussing a cap” or sending a flying side kick at some one made me some sort of heroic figure. No! It was just the cenematic influenced fantasy of a child. When adults get caught up in cinematic fantasies, it should be a concern. Cinematic fantasies of taking on enemies of the state should be left to the cinema and not be implemented in the real world, when you don’t overstand how the government apparatus works. It also won’t be overstood, if you yourself lack any overstanding of your own mind and heart. After all to know your enemy AND know yourself is the recipe for a successful encounter with the state. Knowing your limitations and the enemies excess goes a long way to achieving a particular goal. A goal that needs be articulated long before implemented. In other words striking out just for the sake of striking out is bad during road rage. It is tragic when dealing with trained killers paid by the state.

Finally some people throw out the fact that people like Korryn Gaines, Micah Johnson and are courageous and their detractors are cowards for questioning their tactics and strategies. Those same people are never the ones themselves who would shoot at the agents of the state. They crow about “if it was me”, while toeing the line expeditiously. It is not courageous to violently take on the full apparatus of the state, head on. By yourself. It is stupid, suicidal and neither revolutionary or good soldiering practice.

I overstand we have had our last nerve stepped on. We are frustrated, angry and ready to scream. But this is when a clear headed and sensible series of actions are needed. Not empty rhetoric and out of control emotionalism running rampant.

So stop putting these labels on people who are reactionaries or worse…lack any semblance of intelligent strategies that can assist them when dealing with the state apparatus.