Why are we still asking for a pardon for Marcus garvey


The latest attempts by misguided kneegrows to seek exoneration for the Honorable Marcus Garvey for a crime committed in the United States is on the brink of failure. According to a story recently published in an Internet magazine…the online petition on the White House’s ‘We the People’ website had required 100,000 signatures for United States President Barack Obama to consider exonerating Garvey from a conviction in 1923 that many believe was unjust. Fewer than 16,000 signatures were signed to the petition up to press time last night.

Since 2011, when the petition was presented to him, Obomba has always rejected the call for a pardon for the trumped up charge of mail fraud. In fact Marcus Garvey was in Jamaica when the crime that they charged him for was committed. It was manufactured to stall his movement, as well as put the Black Star Liner shipping line out of business. Gay Edgar Hoover saw Marcus Garvey’s million strong black to Afrika movement, as a threat and used any means to have him deported from amurdikkka. This was the only way that they could have stopped him.

If you re-read my previous post about the causality, you would see that Garvey represented that anomaly, that glitch in the Matrix, that needed to be deleted, in order for the programming to work smoothly. So Garvey became Hoovers, very first project as head of the newly instituted Federal Bureau of Investigation. By bringing in his own Cypher,  his  very first kneegrow agent in the Bureau…James Wormley Jones…Hoover was able to complete the job that the man in the picture, Robert Morton started. Which was to spy on Marcus Garvey and set in motion a series of incidents that culminated in a charge of Mail Fraud!

And what was the basis of the charge you ask? That an empty envelope was presented in court, with no indication of any association with Garvey, as evidence that he was selling stocks in a ship that he never possessed. Keep in mind that Garvey wasn’t in the US at the time. So tell me again why kneegrows were petitioning this lycan beast to pardon him? As far as I know, a pardon is for a crime committed. Since Garvey never committed a crime, why does he need a pardon. And why must kneegrows constantly beg yurugu for the right to breath? For sustenance? For the right to embrace who we want  as our heru’s?

The mere fact that the petition, which needless to say would have failed anyway, fell short by 4000 signatures, indicate that to many of us Garvey is just a face on a t-shirt r a quote on social media, but didn’t deserve to even be important enough to be presented to this mulatto in the white house to be ignored. Now many are going to accuse Obomba of all sort of negative things…which rightly he should be. But to expect him to right by a non citizen of amurdikkka, when he don’t even care for your own dusty asses, speaks volume about the slave reality that still occupies our minds.

We must be careful when we allow the devil gets a hold of our heru’s because they will turn them into a hot mess, a tourist attraction and another reason to keep us pacified. But then again pacification is the goal of the kneegrow.

Why indeed are we asking for a pardon for Marcus Garvey anyway? Are we saying that his legacy can only be legitimize if the united snakes recognizes him? Has amurdikkka ever recognized a strong Afrikan leader? NO! only puppets and sycophants. And the only attention they would give an Afrikan is if they are sending hit men or drones after them. We need to come out of Babylon with this foolishness and leave yurugu to his ways. Marcus Garvey doesn’t need any pardon. Nor does he need the amurdikkklan government to recognize him. Let it go people…let it go!


Free choice or causalities?

In my immediate neighborhood, roughly 10-20 square blocks, there is one….ONE…black owned west Indian grocer. Let that marinate for a minute. There has been a succession of West Indian grovers owned by others, that have sprung up and died a well deserved death, because they were a majority Asian ran. Asian ran and happily frequented by black people. Mostly by black women, who couldn’t help themselves falling over themselves to kiss up to these scavengers. I am the watcher of all things kneegrowly.

Mind you, there was one other black owned west Indian grocer that went out of business about two years ago, partially due to the lack of patronage from black people and partially because this brother, like many of us still don’t either place a great pried in making our business look inviting and accommodating. Or even worse, was part of the mindset in the black community where selfishness makes us strive to go it alone, instead of as a collective.

I often noted with this particular business, but black business in general, there are too many fractured entities, refusing to unify and purchase goods wholesale, together, thus passing off the cost to the customers. It gives rise to unnecessary competition, when collectiveness would make everybody have “food to eat”. A prime example is the barbershop, hair and nail salon businesses…anywhere. This is one of the reasons why in Canada, every single other ethnic group can enter the West Indian grocery market and all they have to do is look like they put effort into making the business look clean and they would attract black people who don’t practice race first as a policy.

Yesterday I was walking up a particular street, from that black owned store. Two minutes into my walk I saw a young black female, looking anywhere from 17-20 years old, roll up beside an older female, looking roughly late twenty’s to mid thirties. Standing side by side, the younger passed something clandestine to the older, who looked at me, as I came up to them.

Image result for black women street drug dealing

Those with a little street overstanding, upon seeing this quick exchange as a “transaction”. It could be the end or the beginning. Note that this neighbourhood is known as a place where street “medicine” can be procured. Either on the corner…if you are starting out and or have limited skills. Or in one of several businesses, primerely restaurants, if you are more established.

It occurred to me that i had seen the older female before. Last week in fact. And she was sitting on the steps of that very house they stood outside of and was eating take out food on the stoop. At the time I didn’t give it a second thought, but now realized that this was her stake out spot and like many of those in her type of business, would grab a take out food and eat, because this is an almost 24/7 business.

This is a business so stringent in its competitiveness, so “dog eat dog” in it’s nature, that players would even urinate and defecate, near where they conduct their business, just so that they wouldn’t miss a sale. And you know what they say about eating and shitting in the same place. This whole transaction happened so fast that most would’ve missed it. However, I am designed to notice minute things and rapidly compute what transpired. So connecting this with other seemingly random moves, that in fact isn’t random, if you have seen the same character types, moves and environment, is not easy to conclude what went down.

I kept it moving though, because I had already assessed that this IS on par for the normalcy i encounter whenever I happened to pass in that area. Particularly when kats would watch me to see if I was selling, buying…or if I was undercover. For some reason, my energy screams “not one of us” to many of our people engaged in nefarious behavior.

Roughly three minutes after seeing this transaction, I am now at the corner of that street and the main thoroughfare, the main strip. As I approached the light to cross, I spied a young black male, baggy pants, double sweater with a baseball cap and hoodie over it. He had some CD’s in his hands, so I figured he was just some random dude going by the local patty and barbershop shop to sell pirated CD’s. At the light waiting to cross I heard him yell from behind me.

Overstand that one aspiring to be prepared in this system, must have situational awareness at all times. And as my back was to him, i angled myself, just in case anything jumped off, so i could see what’s going down. I saw the dude calling at two back pack wearing white males. Across the other corner. They proceeded to walk south on the street I came up and the black male too walked south, crossing against traffic to meet up with them, to do their “transaction”.

Now I am recounting this, because I have always been perturbed by the effort many of us would put into being small time drug sellers. This effort is so intense, so time consuming, that I constantly wonder what would it look like if we put that kind of effort and dedication into a legitimate business? Yet i recall a kat from my youth telling me that “the white man prevents me from getting a job, so I have to sell drugs to make it!”

Image result for black people street drug dealing

For a younger me, that was a bullshit excuse then and is even worse now, when the kind of crack down and penalties handed down to small time dealers are so severe, they might as well go in as a heavy weight. But you see they can’t hang with the big boys. To hang with the heavy weights, you have to be ruthless, daring and organized.


As I grow wiser, I have recognized that there is one constant in this Universe. And that is causality. Causality is basically the relationship between something that happens or exists and the thing that causes it. It is the idea that something can cause another thing to happen or exist. The law, falsely attributed to Isaac Newton (because he didn’t discover shit!) which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As I reflect on what I observed today, I can’t help but think about all that is happening to Afrikan people across the globe and in general, what is happening to the globe itself. The mere fact that black people are on social media sites and in bars, barbershops, salons, saloons and everywhere people gather, to debate the merits, likability and acceptability of the two ass cheeks of this stinking anus, called the amurdikkklan presidential race.

The mere fact that score of black people are being murdered daily by race soldiers of a white pathological system, even killing their own mercilessly, yet we steady begging them to overstand our pain. Or worse join other ethnic groups in turning a blind eye or embracing the narrative that the race soldiers, children of earlier slave catchers exists to serve the common man and protect him from “bad guys”.

Afrikan people are asleep. Eyes wide shut. Because we are under a mind control system that feeds us the illusion of choice. Bertrand Russell wrote that “the circumstances of men’s lives do much to determine their philosophy” in his “History of Western Philosophy“. This echoes my own personal belief that our environment has  the most influence on our emotional content and thus on the decisions we make in our lives. Emotions have more impact on who we are, what we do and how we do what we do. More so than any form of edumacation and intellectualizing can be readily seen. Our circumstances runs in line with the strict laws of physics and biochemistry. It predetermine AND determines all our choices and therefore, free will is an illusion.

Free will is also an illusion, because the architects of this matrix we currently exist in, has designed a complex dream world that has placed us in a deep slumber and replaced our reality with one designed to pacify and control. Along with controlling us, the Matrix uses our energies to feed the machine/System by utilizing symbiotic relationships between reality, symbols, and society. This symbiosis was the inspiration for the book Simulacra and Simulation by  Jean Baudrillard.

Simulacra are copies that depict things that either had no reality to begin with, or that no longer have an original. Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time.

I do not at all believe in human freedom in the philosophical sense. Everybody acts not only under external compulsion but also in accordance with inner necessity.” —Albert Einstein (1954)

The tools, symbols and society that has black people believing that they can ONLY sell drugs. That they can ONLY do best when they are work for or are employed by white people. The system that has us believing that we can ONLY stop police extra-judicial executions when we use non violence and shaming to appeal to their humanity, all has its bases in reLIEgion. ReLIEgion runs amok, yet subtly in Politics, Education, Wars, Law, Economics,Wars, Labour and even Sex.

My analysis may confuse you, because you see each of these things as separate entity. But I ask you, what is the basis of reLIEgion? Contrary to what proponents of various reLIEgions will tell you, it is not “love”, “peace” or worshiping  of any one truth. The basis of all reLIEgions is emotions. The control and manipulation of emotions through FEAR!

The matrix of white supremacy is fronted by several onion layers of Simulation called democracy, socialism, the various forms of religitardness, the various wings of folly tricks and all the other areas of people activity. This simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. The act of simulating something first requires that a model be developed. The questions the awoke must ask. Or the questions that must be asked to be woken are….

What is this model? Why is or was this model built? How does this model work and how can we remove ourselves from this construct?

The Matrix we currently are incubated in, was designed to provide a mental stimulus for the human bodies connected to the machines as a source of power. What are the machines? The machines are the things that stimulate pure base emotionalism. Neely Fuller describes them as people activities. These people activities are refined down into nine simple areas of control. Just like the movie THE MATRIX, the architects are constantly refining and redesigning this construct, to eliminate perceived or discovered faults in the simulacrum.  That flaw lies in individuals believing they did have the ability to choose, decided to actually choose to remove themselves from the simulation.

Image result for images of the haitian revolution

The current Matrix was designed as a perfect utopia for exploitation of black people and people designated as non white. However, many of the the Afrikans did not accept it as real so they just kept waking up. Even though it was redesigned to reflect a civilization of savagery and destruction to last for centuries.

Image result for pictures of nat turner's slave rebellion

The Architect’s problem with this simulation is that it require individuals a modicum of free thinking, i.e. choice. The illusion of choice is what keeps us thinking that a Trump is a better alternative to a Clinton or vice versa. The illusion of choice is why kneeling at a sporting event has become a trendy statement instead of actual means to change. The illusion of choice is why we think that arms linked and begging for peace is what will arrest the black murders by race soldiers and also why we constantly allow false preachers to represent us, when no other ethnic group has a preacher representing them as community leaders.

Image result for the horse tied to a chair

And just like the plot in the movie of the same name, black people believe the choices they make are a result of them exercising free will. However, as one can see with drug dealing, especially the low level weed seller, free will exhibited is nothing more than part of the control mechanism, leading them around like a cow with a ring in their noses.

And just like the “feeders” into the Matrix, feels they have choices, so must the programs sent to watch over them, i.e. The Agents, the race soldiers, the politicians and law makers, feel they exercise the choice of making this construct safe and running smoothly by regulating black people to a corner of their simulation.

The agent Mr. Smith of this world are the agents declaring that being fired for wearing locs is not discriminating. That raping and murder of black people is a non event that must be rewarded. Yet even more egregious is the acceptance of these declarations by many of us, either through acceptance, accommodation or active participation. The following video is an example of our participation in the maintenance of the white pathology matrix.

There is also a kneegrow police agent, suing black lives matter organization for causing police men to be shot. There is also super nukka Milwaukee police Chief David Clark.

Image result for milwaukee police chief david clarke

When we see how out of control the supposed elites and agents of the construct carries itself. When we miss the news that there will soon be a global economic collapse, where world wide martial law will come into effect. Where hollyweird movies of a post apocalypse world will be imitated by life. We will truly overstand the purpose of the Georgia Guide stone’s declarations as well as those depicted in Rex 84 and other political”papers” designed by the military as a blue print of the only destructive solution to the rise of people waking up from their slumber.

Note that less people are being awoke. BUT the idea of the potential of such an occurrence, is what will galvanize the architects to destroy many on the planet in order to more effectively control what is left.

The current military, legal and political failings is a result of the construct struggling to contain certain anomaly, such as a Nat Turner or a Malcolm X and Thomas Sankara. It is also a result of countless CEO’s of corporations abusing the planet for profit. Is a result of economic hit men further decimating whole nations for profit and regional self interests. The result of black people willingly accepting their station as door mats at the front door of the dwelling, which is this construct. Finally it is the result of the dog allowed to run amok, turning around and biting the owners hand. Maybe even killing it.

The dog is the system devouring itself, because its very premise of control through manipulation and the illusion of choices, allows the agents Smith’s of this construct to further drag it to the precipice of hell fire.

The only constant in this universe is causality. And this causality is that “Everything that has a beginning and has an end.” Everything else in between that is seen as free choice is an illusion. Remember that the control and manipulation of emotions by white pathology is through FEAR! Through fear we engage in selfishness, self hate, jealousy, covetousness and all other  negative expression of our energies. Something that can only be eliminated by the opposite of fear…LOVE!

Fear is a base reaction to not being in control. It may exhibit itself through anger or other destructive things, but the basis is fear. And if fear is the expression of the lack of control, then love is the expression of control. The ultimate expression of self control is self love. Afrikan people loving yourself will elevate and speed up your crashing of the matrix…on your schedule and not on theirs. And if and when the matrix crashes, this same self love will give us the best opportunity to survive the coming fire.

Everything that has a beginning also has an end.”

A question of priorities…part 2

We live in a culture that promotes democratic values of being fair to one and all, the importance of fitting into a group, and knowing how to cooperate with other people. We are taught early on in life that those who are outwardly combative and aggressive pay a social price: unpopularity and isolation. These values of harmony and cooperation are perpetuated in subtle and not-so-subtle ways–through books on how to be successful in life; through the pleasant, peaceful exteriors that those who have gotten ahead in the world present to the public; through notions of correctness that saturate the public space.

The problem for us is that we are trained and prepared for peace, and we are not at all prepared for what confronts us in the real world–war.

The life of man upon earth is a warfare. JOB 7:1

This war exists on several levels. Most obviously, we have our rivals on the other side. The world has become increasingly competitive and nasty. In politics, business, even the arts, we face opponents who will do almost anything to gain an edge. More troubling and complex, however, are the battles we face with those who are supposedly on our side. There are those who outwardly play the team game, who act very friendly and agreeable, but who sabotage us behind the scenes, use the group to promote their own agenda. Others, more difficult to spot, play subtle games of passive aggression, offering help that never comes, instilling guilt as a secret weapon. On the surface everything seems peaceful enough, but just below it, it is every man and woman for him-or herself, this dynamic infecting even families and relationships.

The culture may deny this reality and promote a gentler picture, but we know it and feel it, in our battle scars. It is not that we and our colleagues are ignoble creatures who fail to live up to ideals of peace and selflessness, but that we cannot help the way we are. We have aggressive impulses that are impossible to ignore or repress.

In the past, individuals could expect a group–the state, an extended family, a company–to take care of them, but this is no longer the case, and in this uncaring world we have to think first and foremost of ourselves and our interests. What we need are not impossible and inhuman ideals of peace and cooperation to live up to, and the confusion that brings us, but rather practical knowledge on how to deal with conflict and the daily battles we face.

And this knowledge is not about how to be more forceful in getting what we want or defending ourselves but rather how to be more rational and strategic when it comes to conflict, channeling our aggressive impulses instead of denying or repressing them. If there is an ideal to aim for, it should be that of the strategic warrior, the man or woman who manages difficult situations and people through deft and intelligent maneuver.

[Strategy] is more than a science: it is the application of knowledge to practical life, the development of thought capable of modifying the original guiding idea in the light of ever changing situations; it is the art of acting under the pressure of the most difficult conditions. HELMUTH VON MOLTKE, 1800-1891

Judge people by their actions. The brilliance of warfare is that no amount of eloquence or talk can explain away a failure on the battlefield. A general has led his troops to defeat, lives have been wasted, and that is how history will judge him. You must strive to apply this ruthless standard in your daily life, judging people by the results of their actions, the deeds that can be seen and measured, the maneuvers they have used to gain power. What people say about themselves does not matter; people will say anything. Look at what they have done; deeds do not lie. You must also apply this logic to yourself. In looking back at a defeat, you must identify the things you could have done differently.

It is your own bad strategies, not the unfair opponent, that are to blame for your failures.

You are responsible for the good and bad in your life. As a corollary to this, look at everything other people do as a strategic maneuver, an attempt to gain victory. People who accuse you of being unfair, for example, who try to make you feel guilty, who talk about justice and morality, are trying to gain an advantage on the chessboard. Depend on your own arms. In the search for success in life, people tend to rely on things that seem simple and easy or that have worked before.

This could mean accumulating wealth, resources, a large number of allies, or the latest technology and the advantage it brings. This is being materialistic and mechanical. But true strategy is psychological–a matter of intelligence, not material force. Everything in life can be taken away from you and generally will be at some point. Your wealth vanishes, the latest gadgetry suddenly becomes passe, your allies desert you. But if your mind is armed with the art of war, there is no power that can take that away. In the middle of a crisis, your mind will find its way to the right solution. Having superior strategies at your fingertips will give your maneuvers irresistible force.

As Sun-tzu says, “Being unconquerable lies with yourself.”


Ideas are bullet proof!

Grand strategy is the art of looking beyond the present battle and calculating ahead. Focus on your ultimate goal and plot to reach it. In order to avoid wasted effort and failed battles, start every mission by examining your real means rather than simply your desired ends

Sankofa tells us to go back and learn from the past, so that we can use those experience to guide us in the present and better prepare us for an improved future.

Black Power • The Kwame Nkrumah Documentary

Life has more meaning in the face of death. The risks you keep taking, the challenges you keep overcoming, are like symbolic deaths that sharpen your appreciation of life


Leaving the past for unknown terrain is like death, and feeling this finality will snap you back to life.

The Upright Man The Thomas Sankara Documentary