Why are we still asking for a pardon for Marcus garvey


The latest attempts by misguided kneegrows to seek exoneration for the Honorable Marcus Garvey for a crime committed in the United States is on the brink of failure. According to a story recently published in an Internet magazine…the online petition on the White House’s ‘We the People’ website had required 100,000 signatures for United States President Barack Obama to consider exonerating Garvey from a conviction in 1923 that many believe was unjust. Fewer than 16,000 signatures were signed to the petition up to press time last night.

Since 2011, when the petition was presented to him, Obomba has always rejected the call for a pardon for the trumped up charge of mail fraud. In fact Marcus Garvey was in Jamaica when the crime that they charged him for was committed. It was manufactured to stall his movement, as well as put the Black Star Liner shipping line out of business. Gay Edgar Hoover saw Marcus Garvey’s million strong black to Afrika movement, as a threat and used any means to have him deported from amurdikkka. This was the only way that they could have stopped him.

If you re-read my previous post about the causality, you would see that Garvey represented that anomaly, that glitch in the Matrix, that needed to be deleted, in order for the programming to work smoothly. So Garvey became Hoovers, very first project as head of the newly instituted Federal Bureau of Investigation. By bringing in his own Cypher,  his  very first kneegrow agent in the Bureau…James Wormley Jones…Hoover was able to complete the job that the man in the picture, Robert Morton started. Which was to spy on Marcus Garvey and set in motion a series of incidents that culminated in a charge of Mail Fraud!

And what was the basis of the charge you ask? That an empty envelope was presented in court, with no indication of any association with Garvey, as evidence that he was selling stocks in a ship that he never possessed. Keep in mind that Garvey wasn’t in the US at the time. So tell me again why kneegrows were petitioning this lycan beast to pardon him? As far as I know, a pardon is for a crime committed. Since Garvey never committed a crime, why does he need a pardon. And why must kneegrows constantly beg yurugu for the right to breath? For sustenance? For the right to embrace who we want  as our heru’s?

The mere fact that the petition, which needless to say would have failed anyway, fell short by 4000 signatures, indicate that to many of us Garvey is just a face on a t-shirt r a quote on social media, but didn’t deserve to even be important enough to be presented to this mulatto in the white house to be ignored. Now many are going to accuse Obomba of all sort of negative things…which rightly he should be. But to expect him to right by a non citizen of amurdikkka, when he don’t even care for your own dusty asses, speaks volume about the slave reality that still occupies our minds.

We must be careful when we allow the devil gets a hold of our heru’s because they will turn them into a hot mess, a tourist attraction and another reason to keep us pacified. But then again pacification is the goal of the kneegrow.

Why indeed are we asking for a pardon for Marcus Garvey anyway? Are we saying that his legacy can only be legitimize if the united snakes recognizes him? Has amurdikkka ever recognized a strong Afrikan leader? NO! only puppets and sycophants. And the only attention they would give an Afrikan is if they are sending hit men or drones after them. We need to come out of Babylon with this foolishness and leave yurugu to his ways. Marcus Garvey doesn’t need any pardon. Nor does he need the amurdikkklan government to recognize him. Let it go people…let it go!


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