A choice between two cheeks of a dirty ass!

One of the talking points to distract Afrikans in amurdikkka from the increase in extra judicial lynchings of us by race soldiers, as well as to distract the general population from the death nell of the failing empire called Pax America, is the current bread and circus involved with the selection of whichever cheeks of the anus called amurdikkklan folly tricks will be selected to further run the corporation and eventually, the planet into the ground.

After preselecting the mulatto lycan to pacify the kneegrow population after 8 years of a fumbling crack head and before that 8 years of a red neck Lothario, ignoring us, criminalizing us and pulling amurdikkka, kicking and screaming into a race relation atmosphere of the late 18th century; many of us tied our lottery tickets and wish money on Obomba. Otherwise known as the notorious D.R.O.N.E killah!

So one would have overstood if the decision of whether to choose the left cheek or the right cheek to scratch was dilemma voters ( or sheeples) had to decide on. What the biological products of this matrix, failed to grasp…because sleep is their comfort… is the preselection part of the process. This is why amurdikkka is one of the few nations on the planet that has only TWO and ONLY two parties vying to screw up the country. You see…they wanted Hillery 8 years ago, but she was such a grimy bitch and still associated with that red neck rapist of a husband, that they threw a porch monkey in the process, by selecting “Sylvester light” and his beard of a black wife, to inoculate the sleeping kneegrow ( yeah I know this is a oxymoron) against the coming martial law.


Eventually “Sylvester light” proved to be more of a war monger (but with style), with his lips permanently attached to the asshole of is-it-Real and the praising of every other ethnic group and ideologies, except the ones that overwhelmingly placed their hopes and aspiration on him. To that fact, it became easier to shove Hillery Clinton down our throats. Even though they knew she was just too unappealing and unpalatable for even carrion eaters to digest, they CHOOSE her, because she was best equipped to deliver the planet into the filthy claws of the elitists who’s attempt to control the planet totally, rested in the gun sights of Pax amurdikkka.

The savage is both barbaric and devious in his planning. Knowing that Hillery Clinton couldn’t pass muster, to civilized people, they went out and found some one whose image was worse than her. Enter stage right wing and the least interesting chimp in the zoo. The more I read about this moron, the more it was confirmed that Donald Drumpf, child of a Zionist, pimp and racketeer, was thrown in to distract from Hillery Clinton’s appalling record of lies, hate and violence. Yet, even with his many blunders and moronic acts, Drumpf became even more popular, because of two things.

  1. amurdikkka is one of the most anti-black society on the planet
  2. amurdikkklan citizens are some of the dimmest bulb in a box of dim light bulb
  3. the elitist didn’t bank on the fact that regular amurdikkklans are disenchanted by the business as usual practice of the electoral song and dance.

So the outsider. The clown at the back of the class. The child that dug for and ate his boogers as a joke, suddenly is on his way to being elected as class president. So the elitists went further into their bag of tricks.


If the above image and lies does not elicit anger and disgust from those ignorant of his- story around the second European tribal war, then few other things would. Like for instance promoting voting for Drumpf as a vote against women. As the link and article below implies.  Donald Trump, disgust and precarious manhood: Mallick. The article tried its best to paint Clinton as some champion of women’s rights and a beacon of hope for women and Drumpf is seeking to put back womens rights for centuries. The classic case of demonizing the ones you don’t like, so that the ones you like would be looked on favorable is where this bread and circus is at.

In the meme above, the only thing correct about Hitler, was that he wanted Germany to be great again. Almost everything the Zionists paints about this enemy of Afrikan people, was done to promote sympathy of the reLIEgion of Zionism and acceptance of the illegal state of Is-It-Real? However, kneegrows and most other ethnic groups, including Germans rarely read, do research or practice critical thinking. Therefore everything they learned about the tribal conflict came from the pie hole of the Zionists and their proxies. At this point I am not going to go deep into the Hitler ruse, but just to show you that they are playing on your emotions by associating this dumb fuck with Hitler, so gullible kneegrows can distance themselves from him and rally to this evil fuck in Clinton.


The thing with kneegrows is that they will savage each other and talk shit at each other over these two lab experiments, that have no interest in them. But because many of you are so tied into the culture of white pathology, they would sell their first born to bee seen as “cool” with voting for one of these two human refuse. But their is another ace in the ass hole, the elitists have up their sleeves. Just imagine if Hillery eventually succumb to whatever sickness she has? After all next year is a long ways away. According to the made up story of the electoral process, if one candidate falls off the cliff, the election would be suspended and the sitting duck…er…president, remains in office. And if by chance she does not do so AND the Drumpf laps her bitch ass, watch that he does not suffer a crisis of mega proportion, that would again throw the whole thing into flux.

So while you are trying to figure out which cheek to scratch. Whether the the right…

or the left….

Please be aware of this, slipping under the radar

and this Pentagon Paid British PR Firm $500mm To Create Fake Al Qaeda Propaganda Videos

And Afrikans in amurdikkka and around the world are being slaughtered, mentally, physically, biologically and spiritually by amurdikkklan and western (white) ideology and hate. And the planet itself is finally taking notice, because this ideology has extended to the daily elimination of valuable flora, aquatic and land based species.

What and where indeed are your priorities people? this is something we seriously need to reflect on…


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