Enter at you own risk

The manufactured being called the kneegrow, when still plugged into the Matrix, fails to overstand that they are subjected to the rules of that construct.

I do not at all believe in human freedom in the philosophical sense. Everybody acts not only under external compulsion but also in accordance with inner necessity.” —Albert Einstein (1954)

This is not to say that we must abandon all hope and accept being fed to the machines. I mean we ARE already being fed to the machine. What we need to do is be AWARE of what the Matrix is and when we do, strive to CHANGE THE RULES, to better affect or effect how you move within the system.

Judges are the highest and some of the more powerful agents of the Matrix….the system white pathology. Since judges provide over a “legal system” that is called a society, we must realize that it is an exclusive one, that we enter into by our own consent. The Moorish individuals, while overstanding the process of recognizing or NOT recognizing the validity of those within the “society”, they fail to use proper strategy in dealing with it. Entering on their holly grounds of legality to argue against their right to judge you, is be definition consenting to them judging you. Those who feed into the Matrix, as agents and representatives, believe that accommodations and acquiescence, will allow them shelter from judgment of the hierarchy.

Every judge has to have relative or exceptional overstanding of the rules of the Matrix, regardless of whether one thinks they are assholes or not. This woman is arguing with a judge in his court room, thinking that she is schooling him. What he is telling her is HE makes his OWN rules and as we see at the end, refuses to recuse her, but put the matter over to another date. If he continues to do that, her client now becomes affected by her irrationalities, because she is trying to prove a point.

Also, Judges have friends within the units of race soldiers, as well as people who can have an impact on her license. Her boldness, obscures her overstanding of strategy and thus, will become a target within the Matrix. Overstand that even a temporary victory is at the behest of them, not on right or wrong based on a set of rules they create. If justice was allegedly blind, then all these race soldiers, would not get off for our public lynchings. Many of these Judges also become folly tricksters and in turn pass laws in legislations to further affect us.

So what is the plan you ask?

The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea. —Mao Zedong



Overstand that we have no functional power without the stages that Dr. Anderson lays out. Your education should give you a leg up on it. But our educational pursuit is about how to be a more sophisticated slave, feeding into the system, instead of utilizing it to break out and change the rules of engagement.


While we argue over trivialities, the cave savages are preparing to devastate the planet. The planet will be scratched, but it will survive. It is we who are renting space on the planet  that will feel the effects of our compliance with the system and playing their games. Stay on the outside where you can have control over your coming and going. Do not enter into any form of agreement with them. And if one of you drag the other in, do not expect justice, because justice is truly blind with in the Matrix