Culture: The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collective. If we get rid of the  intellectualization in the definition of what culture is. If we use a simple explanation of what culture is and looks like. Then we will overstand that culture is what you are doing now! Whatever is popular and practice by a large segment or the majority in a society, this is culture.

To go a step further, gun culture, hip hop culture, homosexual culture, heck even rape culture are all by products of what the majority or a large segment of society does and is doing. Gun culture is a culture where possessing and using guns are at best, the only solution to stresses, creates suicides, homicide and and incessant wars on citizens and other foreign groups. The culture of the gun creates an environment where the government uses the gun to control its population and the only way the population can prevent this is to themselves take up gun against the government. However, until that time of insurrection, the culture of the gun will continue to kill innocent people more than those who should be killed. The criminals or criminal minded.

Hip-hop culture once started out as a street expression by poor black youth. It was our own CNN of the ghetto to highlight our oppression by the system. It was taken over and morphed into an artificial, robotic and highly stupid cultural expression of people who lack the talent to excite a flea. So this should explain the nature of the fans of modern hip hop culture.

Homosexual culture has become the central pillar of western democracy and white pathology. It has become the reLIEgion of this society and informs us how we should raise our children and ho we should relate to each other. Homosexual culture is like smoke in a five alarm fire, because it spread everywhere. Entertainment, sports, education, economics and is part of the propaganda war on the masses.

Out of homosexual culture, the prevailing social expression of ancient and modern Eurasians, due to the male’s antipathy and dislike for their women, comes rape culture. Rape culture is how white men expresses his “affection” for each other and his female. Since western culture has infected the whole planet, we have immersed ourselves into these low vibration self and social expression, where each model has its own spin off and stresses, that has damaged us almost to a point of no return.

In order to rise above those kind of low vibration culture, we must practice on a higher vibration plain, where spiritual and intellectual expressions overtakes not just the physical, but the carnal and animalisitc.

We are children of ex-prisoners of Eurasian colonialism and imperialistic invasions. An invasion that physically enslaved us and continue to emotionally, spiritually, economically and culturally enslave us till this day. What we need is to create…not recreate..create a a new cultural paradigm, based off of ancient principles of ma’at, reciprocity, virtuosity and integrity; based off of modern knowledge and awareness.

What is your views on culture. The current culture of me, me, me, that we currently live in and often complain about? Maybe Buju Banton can lead you to the right path…



4 thoughts on “Culture

  1. I started to watch a video of Dr. Umar Johnson speaking with a black lady radio personality and he was clearly explaining to her that this homosexual culture did not originate with us. She was so pro-homo and didnt listen to a word he said that I couldn’t watch the whole video. It was if he was speaking to a bag of bricks. She and many others are the reason why we are losing. She has completely accepted a culture that is not of hers. Since she is in a position to reach the masses she tells her beLIEfs to them and the cycle never ends.
    “In order to rise above those kind of low vibration culture, we must practice on a higher vibration plain, where spiritual and intellectual expressions overtakes not just the physical, but the carnal and animalisitc.” I agree with this post 100 percent and especially this line. But it’s hard to get the rest of us to vibrate just as high when they are so in tune with the TV and other media outlets that purposely lower their vibration.


    1. Thanks for stopping by brother and great point you made. I have been in the “raising the consciousness” business for more than a minute and there are two fundamental things I have incorporated into my life. To be an example one must be an example ( there is a level to this most fail to overstand) and let the stupid die in their stupidity. This philosophy is not palatable for everyone and I am fine with that. However for me personally very few of us over age 7 can call on ignorance. Especially not in this digital age of easy access to information. Therefore people like that radio personality deliberately choose to be ignorant, arrogant and aggressive in pushing their death style and the support of a death style on other ignorant listeners. At the end of the day, most do things not in the pursuit of truth and reciprocity, but for fame and riches. Therefore once Bought they will forever be for sale. And once a for sale to white pathology, will never be found on the Afrikan liberation battle field.

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