What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander

The following video is a hit piece on Jamaica, using actual illegal acts to paint a broad brush of white tears and white anguish. Many black people will be outraged by this video. Many Jamaicans will feel ashamed and embarrassed, talking bad about the schemers. And you will all do this while on your way to your indentured servitude, in an environment that conspire with the government to STEAL your sweat equity in a scam called federal taxes. Years ago I saw a similar episode on Nightline, but it was about Nigerian scammers. What struck me then and why I don’t lose sleep over white people getting scammed out of money was the fact that most of these people are greedy and where looking to help steal money from a rich African government.

White people have stolen every single thing from black people. Our names, spirituality, land, culture, wealth, intellectual property and sweat equity. If you go by the European fantasy book…the unholy babble…white people been interacting with Afrikans for 6000 years. If you go by anthropological and other sources, white people have been interacting with us since the Hyksos first went to the Nile Delta, to grave on other people’s land. Since that time they decided that stealing from Afrikans would not only be preferable to what they were experiencing, but their cultural paradigm of me, me, me. allows them to CONTINUOUSLY steal from us. Even when we are down on our faces during the Jim Crow and Reconstruction era.

Redlining, Meritorious manumission, the mortgage scams and a whole heap of legal and illegal schemes white individuals and institutions do to dis-empower black people economically. So miss me with your white tears, even though i don’t support, taking advantage of old or vulnerable segments of society. I will save my concern of black people who are genuinely taken advantage off by scammers. If you are a black person who falls for this shit, I have no sympathy for you either. Because you are a ll a bunch of greedy people, looking to come up quick and easy. But you see, programs like these will never highlight blacks getting taken advantage off.

It skews the narrative of the criminal black person…in this case Jamaicans, the last time Nigerians.

Check out the video and see if you don’t come to at least a close enough conclusion as I, to overstand why I am not feeling sad.

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