A post all Hollows Eve reflection

I wanted…I really wanted to go ham on all the people dressing up for all Hollows eve, but when I realize the avalanche of people doing so, I felt Sisyphus would have had a better chance of pushing that damn thing up hill than I would of getting people to see how they buy into KKKraktosis. It don’t matter if you dress up like your favorite celebrity, instead of a Ghoul, the energy you put out is being sucked up by the doers of Isfet and feeding them and the devilish machine they built.  However Dr. Afrika is more qualified than I to explain why many of the fairy tales you all follow, should be put aside.

10 thoughts on “A post all Hollows Eve reflection

      1. Really?? Must have been a real honor. I have great respect for him. I have most of his books and a few if his DVD’s. I have gained so much knowledge from him. He changed my perspective on American culture. Probably him and Mwalimu Baruti the most. I hope he comes out to Cali in the future. I would love to attend a lecture. He has a brilliant mind but seems very down to earth.

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    1. Yep! Yep!

      “I can’t for the life of me wrap my mind around any black person supporting this mess”….Once you have woken, you can never go back to sheep. For the kneegrow to become Afrikan, he/she has to kill the slave and Christian inside of them. If you just take a short glance at the bevy of kneegrows dressing up and, trying to imitate some other kneegrow celebrity,as the attend Halloween parties, you will overstand that there are more than a few slaves walking around.

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