Same shit, different day!

I came across this article on facebook, this morning and immediately my Black Panther senses recoiled, simply on the title.. Feminism has always been African. I consider myself very astute and aware of how languages, both bodily and verbal, are used to convey hidden meanings behind surface images. Anybody who has constantly followed me, knows that I dislike intensely the term feminism and the usage of this foul term by Black women to justify, support and or identify black women’s place in the over all scheme of things under white pathology.

But I was interested in where this author was taking the argument and lo and behold here are a few snippets from the article.

“…In contemporary African societies, African feminists have moved away from critiquing Western feminisms to creating and curating spaces where they can embrace themselves and others. Online platforms like Melenial Magazine and HolaAfrika; movements like Feminist Stokvel and #ForBlackGirlsOnly; even YouTube series such as An African City are a few of the many ways that black women and non-binary people have become more pro-active and concerned about the issues that matter to them.

As a young black woman who grew up in post-1994 South Africa, where I struggled to find representations of black womanhood on television, radio and in magazines, the greatest manifestation of African feminisms has been through witnessing and being part of its growth. 

It is important to note the use of the plural form of the word feminism, because one cannot expect the ideology of feminism to manifest homogenously in a continent as large as Africa – or in any community. The use of the word “feminisms” indicates that there are nuances that exist with the movement and it also shows that at the root of feminism is choice….”

Once again Afrikan women, like the one who shared this nonsense have fallen for the bullshit, because society force feeds women ( and I am only talking about Black women…because the others, don’t have the toxic level of neediness and self esteem issues black women have), the notion that Black /Afrikan women’s place under the sun is separate from Black/Afrikan men. One of the excuse for doing this is to take the white male’s pathology, paternalism and aggression and place it on Afrikan men, thus painting us with the same brush.Many of which we do embrace.

Yet few of us will not challenge how black women embrace white women’s pathology, feminism and aggression to their and Afrikan people’s detriment.  Little if any dialogue is used to explain our own fucked up issues as men, under white pathology, forced to be docile, emasculated, effeminized and disrespected, hated, feared and rendered powerless,in comparison to other males from other ethnic groups.

Most of the dialogue, with exceptions of course is centered not on the fact that both the Afrikan male and female, though experiencing unique struggles, still suffer the same over all fate under this barbaric system. That of ex enslaved, 3/5 a human, beast of burden, seen by most power brokers as useless eaters and pawns in their power games. No! The dialogue is mainly about how the black man is useless to each other and to black man, women and children and the over all group. The narrative is how much the black man jumps the fence to copulate with white women or other men and leave the black women….the mother of nations and the original god, stranded and defenseless. I have even seen where bitter black women have used the term YOU ALL, to indicate how black men rape, kill and hurt the larger group. Yet when black male race haters,  use the same phraseology…YOU ALL…to indict all black women, the blow back (rightfully so) is more overwhelming and less defended than when black women use it.

And this is for three reasons:

(1) Black women lack control over their emotions and have serious sense pf privilege. This out sized sense of privilege, will see them refusing to taking responsibity when they screw up, when they act like spoiled brats and will have them argue around their screw ups, by pointing a finger any and everywhere.

(2) Many black men, most raised by single mothers or left to be raised by their mothers as some fathers refuse to do their parental duty in raising the boy to a man, have learned to love the mother without condition. Thus every woman is an extension of their mother and whether they become uncomfortable with some negative shit certain women do, are either cowed, cowardly or untrained in placing conditions on what is expected of women. This is unfortunately also due to these fathers lacking standards thus the boy child is reared without definite standards of what manhood is about.

(3) Considering that the two points I made above are not what Afrikan people are originally, but are the results of centuries of cultural erosion, slavery and worse, the poison of European ideology and reLIEgion, we are left open for social conditioning and soul snatching by European madness.

In this case, the homosexual agenda, being the biggest social conditioning out there. It has surpassed organized reLIEgion, morphing into a reLIEgion of its own, where a black woman can’t  or are ignorant to embracing their status as the complement to a black man. Using the term feminism, as this author purports, even though she admits it is a European appellation, re-directs the dialogue to a different place, where European feminist seek independence from men. TOTALLY. It is fine if that is your personal choice, if strictly dickly is not your thing, but when you claim to or imply that this is some divine or ancestral position, you have delved into Euro madness, where hating of women, creates a hatred of men and why homosexuality and other deranged social construct slips in as the norm.

The poor self esteem in a regular black women, ensures they will fail to see the agenda behind the black girl magic and other programs like these, that is devoid of black boy magic and similar program. Currently there are propaganda advertisements on the idiot box, where some savage or savage like female is braying about girls living in the “third world” or poorer countries, with limited access to education, health programs and they are being married off at 14 or younger. These types of propaganda is directed at you black women and the manginas you know.

By pointing to a few fucked up societies that try to promote child marriage as some kind of norm, they fail to admit that many in those countries, both men and women vehemently object to this practice and would even physically opposed this shit. The also pointedly ignore the fact that these countries with poor women and girls ALSO have poor men and boys and that they all suffer, not from their own lack of awareness, but from colonialism of the Western Countries, including big corporation, that impoverish these countries.

At least these impoverished countries have the excuse of having their infrastructure damaged by outside forces. But what does amurdikkka, Canaduh and  Europe continents’s excuse?  When alcoholism, child poverty, child sexual abuse, violence against their female population and limited or low education or access to equal quality of life is running rampant. Well , what they do is find a few exceptions and blow it up as if it is a triumph of western democracy.And we suck that gin and juice down like water.

In the article the author Ponsho Pilane rightfully points out a few glorious instances of Afrikan women triumph, then she deviates into a feminazis clap trap to try and separate women from men, just like a feminiazis would and does.  But then again she is South Afrikan. The most promosexual society on the continent of Afrika. And as her bio indicates a staunch feminist or even a lesbian. I say this to say any women that embraces the European definition of a feminism or even uses that term to describe a black women, is 6 degree away from lesbianism. All it take is some trifling or troubled black male (she don’t even have to know him) to make her throw up her hands and be done with black men. Thus leaving an opening to a life time of bitterness to pass on to children, if they have one, other men or worse, be open for white sex practices.

At the end of the day though it is incumbent on us as men to pull up our pants, take our nuts back and show black women that neither she nor us can do it alone and we need to leave these mother fuckers and their ideologies alone. Centuries of examples have shown us that nothing good comes from interacting with them. Embracing their ideology or social norms or seeing the world through blue/green/gray eyes, will ever be relevant to Afrikan people. We are different cultures and of different cultural paradigms. It is incumbent on us as men to, yes criticize black men and women when they fuck up or act crazy, but it is also incumbent on us to support each other, regardless of gender ( a increasingly dirty word under white pathology) when we stumble, fall,struggle and show potential for growth.

But as black men we cannot lead black women and allow them to fall into the enemies hands, by embracing the bullshit they are embracing. Feminism is not an Afrikan thing. What was practiced whole sale and is still practiced in Afrika is not feminism, we always moved together and what is good for little black girls and women is also good for little black boys and men. In general that is.

Am I off course here? Or am I the only one willing to face the bullshit head on? What you say Afrikans?

Pontsho Pilane is a health journalist at the Mail & Guardian. She debuted as a journalist at The Daily Vox, where she wrote primarily about gender, race and how they intersect. She was previously a general news reporter at the M&G. Pilane holds two degrees in media studies from Wits University.

3 thoughts on “Same shit, different day!

  1. Great upload! Ali has some great videos. I know she can be controversial at times. But you have to admit she makes valid points many times. She was really good in the first Hidden Colors film. That was her first introduction to many people. Although I remember seeing her on talk shows back in the 90’s. She used to piss white folks off!lol

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    1. What people don’t know is that this ladyt has been doing work in the community years before she ever wrote the black mans guide. And the book itself came out of black men complaining about the inability to connect with the black women in their lives. Yet believe it or not, the biggest supporters for the black mans guide were black women and her biggest detractors were black men. Go figure…

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      1. Yeah that’s very true. I noticed that too. Be sure to check out my latest post. It’s my award show…so to speak. I gave you a few nominations for your dedication to truth. I appreciate your hard work and I’m sure your subscribers do also.

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