You N*****S are crazy!

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This is the image of the latest and so called hottest rapper in the game. Some of you kneegrows favorite entertainers, support, suck up to and enthusiastically endorses this lesbian, pornographic, foul mouth wanna be dick slinging piece of trash. Yet these same entertainers AND many of you kneegrows shit on Young Thug and those other suspect or out and out faggot rappers and entertainers. Why is this so? Because among kneegrows it is acceptable to be a lesbian, even one trying hard to be man looking, over a male homosexual, who is not even trying to look feminine.

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This kneegrow T.I totally went ham on boxer Floyd Mayweather, who not only claimed that All Lives Matter, but implied that he loves everybody. Was he really upset at Floyd’s statement, or was he upset that two years ago Floyd almost beat his ass for running up to him, as he Floyd was in a restaurant with his very interesting looking wife?

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This is what passes for musical role model these days. What in the name of Lord of the Rings is happening here?

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I have read where, people are justifying her rapping about sticking her tongue inside another woman’s vagina and making her cum and her eyes roll back, because you know, morally degenerate male rappers rap about similar foul things. I have seen video clips of her on a date, and holding hands with a straight looking female.

Why are we so open to embracing homosexuality and its obvious foul behavior, while lamenting that homosexuality is running rampant among black men. You notice that kneegrows and the kneegresses ONLY lament the rise in male homosexuality and not female homosexuality? That’s because weak, immoral and emasculated males get a sick kick out of watching lesbian porn or trying to screw a lesbian. And many of these “scrung” and independent, kneegrow females have openly hidden desire to have vulva rubbing party with another woman (read that again).


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We have become a sick people. Much sicker now than all the years we spent toiling under the whips and barbarism of white savagery, during the days of the plantation. We have lost our damn minds, our souls and we have also lost many of the generation of youth who right now is experiencing a rate of STD’s unprecedented even during the free love era of the 1960’s.

I fell like the fictional Noah and am asking myself is it worth it to continue to warn kneegrows of the coming flood. This flood will be in the form of internment camps, forced prison incarcerations and labour and organ thefts. I am building my figurative arc while keeping one eye on the coming flood and the other on some of you kneegrows.

Why? Because….