The Game Of Thrones: Part 1–pawns in the game!

When I asked the military personnels if they were happy that Trump won. That it meant they wouldn’t get involved in another amurdikkklan invasion. You could see the knowing smile and get a sense of relief emanating off of them. Even though I was clowning them, to gauge their reaction, because I know neither the left cheek or the right cheek of white pathology is ever a choice for rational people, I did think  though that I was smart enough to see through the looking glass of the doers of Isfet.

But we were played. As they say on the street, respect the game, not the player. And I have to hand it to the elites in the dark reaches of Mordor. They played us good. You see I thought I was smart enough to figure that Killary’s record and bitch ass personality was so repulsive, that they had to find an even more repulsive steaming pile of shit, to make her seem….acceptable? From the onset, Donald Drumpf hit the ground running. He was off script, if he ever had one. He debated like he was in a one of those barber shops or out door market. His campaign speeches resembled a bunch of ad lib, look at me preen kind of gutter presentation. And his history kept coming back to blow up in his face.

Yet he appeared the epitome of the Teflon donkey. Not one single orange fur from the  dead animal on his head, was disturbed. But the pawns…you and I…thought his inflated confidence was because he had locked in the popular votes of Jeb KKKlempet and his many  sister and cousin wives. Social media showed endless clips of people interviewing Donald Drumpf supporters and each time we watched it, another set of brain cells died. Even when they showed the Killary retards as an alternative, they still did not plumb the depth of fuctardiness of the Drumpf supporters. Mainly because they mostly interviewed women and realized that these females would have set back the notion of female intelligence 10 decades. So they stuck to the tried and true program. Make Drumpf look dumb as a horses shoe.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the polls. Killery’s psychopathic background kept coming up. Her theft of donation money, ear marked for Haiti, was ignored. So also her bending over and lifting up her skirts to show her shriveled up prune for the Arabs, the oil companies and … aghast…even Russia! Was ignored. Because the everybody believed the media was all in her purse. The more Julian Assange exposed her monkey ass, they more the Donald doubled down on his  WWF rhetoric. By the way…if Killary gets to walk the plank, shouldn’t he get a noble peace prize for journalism?

The more information comes out about Killery’s psychopathic background, that rivaled the excesses of Pennywise The Dancing Clown, from the book IT, the more Donald Drumpf’s own excesses get thrown in our faces. Culminating in pussy gate. When pussy gate came out everybody felt Drumpf lost the election. All the random actresses that came out with Gloria Allred told us so.

Yet at election time, Donald Drumpf put such a beating on Killery, she must have felt she was back in that sex dungeon, with Gloria Steinem, the strap on and that picture of Margret Sanger, she used to get her female ejaculation going on. He put such a beating on her, that the manufactured entity called the kneegrow. The women who strove hard to put back women’s intelligence ten decade, and who many other white liberals, that had voted for the establishment white women, instead of the commie pinko white woman and her black servant…er…side kick, thought would win. All these people effectively went on suicide watch.

But check this out…….

Killery won the popular vote. Something akin to holding shit in your left hand, as opposed to your right hand if you were right handed. But Donald Drumpf. Son of a Klu Klux Klan member and grandson of a pimp and a bootlegger. Husband to the grand daughter of a Nazis sympathizer, became the 45th head mannequin of the prison colony called amurdikkka.

And the elites were laughing their asses off.

Image result for fallen pawns on a chess board

It appeared that SHE wasn’t in the plan all along. It appeared SHE was the ruse and not the other way around. The savage cave monkey male, has proven again that he would rather have a chimpanzee as his representative than some female who thinks she has a dick…or even any female.

Brilliantly played sirs. I tip my rocket launcher at you.

But what does it say for black people in general and kneegrows specifically? Nothing. At least nothing new. Because under Bush 1, Bush 2 and Obomba the magic mulatto, kneegrows were last class citizens. They once again become the wretched of amurdikkka ( well officially an ways).

well what next, you ask? The fact that kneegrows are asking that tells me they never had a plan b,c,d,or f.

Well that question will be answered in part two. I have to take a second look at this chess board.

Pawns in the game