The Game Of Thrones: Part 2–a siren song of Fire and Ice

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Remember when the Ice bucket challenge caused  more than a few weak hearts to stop from the shock of puring ice cold water over the head and shoulder of some unhealthy kneegrow? You don’t? Well…look it up!

Remember when the fire challenge burned more than a few chests of some really stupid individuals? You don’t? Google it.

Remember when the Harlem Shake was the craze? When the challenge was to see who could do the craziest dance moves, after posing as a mannequin? Youtube it!

Today, or these days kneegrows have dispense with the dance portion of the Harlem Shake and are just standing in freeze frame. And it seems to be a phenomena on the level of the old flash-mob dance off. Remember that one?

The Mannequin Challenge is a new online trend which sees people uploading videos of them looking as though they’ve been frozen in time. Once the clip has been recorded, social media users are sharing the footage with the hashtag #MannequinChallenge. Apparently some bored teenagers, started off the viral movement.

A siren song is something that is very appealing and makes you want to go somewhere or do something but that may have bad results. It comes from the Greek novel the Odyssey (or Iliad) by Homer, and tells the tale of the sea farer Odysseus, who, upon one of his many travels came across an Island were dangerous mermaid creatures, lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

According to the novel, Odysseus was curious as to what the Sirens sang to him, and so, on the advice of the goddess Circe, he had all of his sailors plug their ears with beeswax and tie him to the mast. He ordered his men to leave him tied tightly to the mast, no matter how much he would beg. When he heard their beautiful song, he ordered the sailors to untie him but they bound him tighter.

A Siren song may not necessary be an actual song in todays world. But it can be a particularly compelling or hypnotic pull, that lets men, women and children…dogs and cats even…to lose and misplace their self awareness and control, ending up doing things that ends up looking from bad to really bad. However, with the challenges I mentioned, many look from stupid, to bad to really bad.

The current challenge is in my world view stupid. I mean I can overstand a bunch of high school children in the prison colony called amurdikkka, who with no sense of destiny or consciously aware of their purpose in life, actually doing such a crowd “pleasing thing”. After all, we are a society that is now all about getting “likes”. Still, when folly tricksters, performing clowns,  gladiators and regular adults waste their time indulging in such juvenile behavior, it indicates to me that the pawns have taken a life of their own on the chess board and are moving in the prearranged designs the master chess players had intended.

The reference to FIRE and ICE is two fold. It is the actual name of the book series of George R.R. Martin. The teLIEvision series takes its name from the first of the five books and not the series.The books are

(1) A Game of Thrones
(2) A Clash of Kings
(3) A Storm of Swords

(4) A Feast for Crows, and
(5) A Dance with Dragons

The book was loosely influenced by several episode in European his story, most notably the War of the Roses. While the War of the Roses, like the fictional Song of Fire and Ice, focused on the power struggle of factions for the throne…or political power. Briefly do we see or read about how the average Joe and Josephine feared under the ruthlessness of these power mongers. To overstand what a dying empire, like the prison colony amurdikkka, looks like and how its impending death impacts the citizen, one must turn to the most obvious comparison with that of the fall of the Roman empire. After all…many a pundits have equate amurdikkka’s rise and world power, not with her bitch ass slut of a mother…the Brutish Empire, but with her great grandmother. ROME!

During the extended period of attrition and over reaching that led to the fall, many Roman citizen were cuddled and bedazzled by the “games” in the Colosseum. AS well as pure entertainment, in plays and with their blood sport. There were clown shows and other events to titillate and distract the citizens from the reality that they are not only pawns in the politics of Romes own game of thrones, but also willing patsies.

It was Juvenal, a play write, who first came up with the  metaphor…. Bread and circuses. It is an explanation of the superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the generation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace, as an offered “palliative”. In the case of politics, it is used to decry the selfishness of common people and their neglect of wider concerns. The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty amongst the concerns of the commoner. By introducing a grain dole: giving out cheap food and entertainment, “bread and circuses“, became a kind of direct and indirect series of action to fool the citizens into believing that all is good and will remain good for as long as each generation lives. thus bread and circus takes on a life of their own, as citizens go out of their way to seek bread and circus to bury their fears and sense of powerlessness.

Yet amurdikkka, just like Rome is experiencing telling signs of its demise and unlike Rome, is sped up, even while the notion of advancement, tricks the population into thinking that this means survival. Consider the parallel between the fall of Rome and what amurdikkka is experiencing today. I would include Europe and just say western society, but amurdikkka is distinct even from his cousins across the pond and deserve its own obituary.

Invasions by Barbarian tribes

The most straightforward theory for Western Rome’s collapse pins the fall on a string of military losses sustained against outside forces. Rome had tangled with Germanic tribes for centuries, but by the 300s “barbarian” groups like the Goths had encroached beyond the Empire’s borders. The Romans weathered a Germanic uprising in the late fourth century, but in 410 the Visigoth King Alaric successfully sacked the city of Rome. The Empire spent the next several decades under constant threat before “the Eternal City” was raided again in 455, this time by the Vandals. Finally, in 476, the Germanic leader Odoacer staged a revolt and deposed the Emperor Romulus Augustulus. From then on, no Roman emperor would ever again rule from a post in Italy, leading many to cite 476 as the year the Western Empire suffered its deathblow.

amurdikkka currently has 900 bases across the planet in countries as dissimilar as Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia. From the South Pole to the North Pole. Some directly and some indirectly through proxy governments. Many of whom are actually barbarians in their own right. The purpose being to maintain or even further increase amurdikkka’s strangulation on natural resources and military and political garrisons. After all, an encroaching empire needs resources to feed itself.

Economic troubles and over reliance on slave labor

Even as Rome was under attack from outside forces, it was also crumbling from within thanks to a severe financial crisis. Constant wars and overspending had significantly lightened imperial coffers, and oppressive taxation and inflation had widened the gap between rich and poor. In the hope of avoiding the taxman, many members of the wealthy classes had even fled to the countryside and set up independent fiefdoms. At the same time, the empire was rocked by a labor deficit. Rome’s economy depended on slaves to till its fields and work as craftsmen, and its military might had traditionally provided a fresh influx of conquered peoples to put to work. But when expansion ground to a halt in the second century, Rome’s supply of slaves and other war treasures began to dry up. A further blow came in the fifth century, when the Vandals claimed North Africa and began disrupting the empire’s trade by prowling the Mediterranean as pirates. With its economy faltering and its commercial and agricultural production in decline, the Empire began to lose its grip on Europe.

amurdikkka was last economically strong during the early seventies, when it actually still had manufacturing plants and had men outside the home, engage in labour intense and production work. Now that greedy corporations, looking for prophets over people have moved production to economically poorer nations, jobs at home has dried up and basically the only jobs of value; science and technology are being pimped by corporate funding, instead of genuine search to improve quality of life. Unemployment and homelessness is on the level of many developing countries, but without the many of the survival instincts people of those countries often show.

The rise of the Eastern Empire

The fate of Western Rome was partially sealed in the late third century, when the Emperor Diocletian divided the Empire into two halves—the Western Empire seated in the city of Milan, and the Eastern Empire in Byzantium, later known as Constantinople. The division made the empire more easily governable in the short term, but over time the two halves drifted apart. East and West failed to adequately work together to combat outside threats, and the two often squabbled over resources and military aid. As the gulf widened, the largely Greek-speaking Eastern Empire grew in wealth while the Latin-speaking West descended into economic crisis. Most importantly, the strength of the Eastern Empire served to divert Barbarian invasions to the West. Emperors like Constantine ensured that the city of Constantinople was fortified and well guarded, but Italy and the city of Rome—which only had symbolic value for many in the East—were left vulnerable. The Western political structure would finally disintegrate in the fifth century, but the Eastern Empire endured in some form for another thousand years before being overwhelmed by the Ottoman Empire in the 1400s.

In this case, amurdikkka has extended more its military power, over its political one. Or to enforce its political one, instead of having an actual second amurdikkklan empire in the east. These proxy government though comes in the name of radical Islamists, failed and brutal regimes like Saudi Arabia  and Israel ( to name a few) and of other countries that have to be propped up from afar, militarily, financially and politically.

Side Note: A few may believe that Israel has undue influence on amurdikkka and runs the politics, but overstand they are allowed to act like that entitled bitch because amurdikkka gifts them 3 billion dollars annually, to do it’s dirty work. In keeping actual North Afrikan sovereignty curtailed. The middle east is not just those pale Arabs many associate with that region.

Over expansion and military overspending

At its height, the Roman Empire stretched from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Euphrates River in the Middle East, but its grandeur may have also been its downfall. With such a vast territory to govern, the empire faced an administrative and logistical nightmare. Even with their excellent road systems, the Romans were unable to communicate quickly or effectively enough to manage their holdings. Rome struggled to marshal enough troops and resources to defend its frontiers from local rebellions and outside attacks, and by the second century the Emperor Hadrian was forced to build his famous wall in Britain just to keep the enemy at bay. As more and more funds were funneled into the military upkeep of the empire, technological advancement slowed and Rome’s civil infrastructure fell into disrepair.

This point is pretty straight forward. There is an old saying about over reaching and not staying with in your own lane.

Government corruption and political instability

If Rome’s sheer size made it difficult to govern, ineffective and inconsistent leadership only served to magnify the problem. Being the Roman emperor had always been a particularly dangerous job, but during the tumultuous second and third centuries it nearly became a death sentence. Civil war thrust the empire into chaos, and more than 20 men took the throne in the span of only 75 years, usually after the murder of their predecessor. The Praetorian Guard—the emperor’s personal bodyguards—assassinated and installed new sovereigns at will, and once even auctioned the spot off to the highest bidder. The political rot also extended to the Roman Senate, which failed to temper the excesses of the emperors due to its own widespread corruption and incompetence. As the situation worsened, civic pride waned and many Roman citizens lost trust in their leadership.

The most recent circus, between those two ass cheeks exemplifies the corruption that not even the two previous mannequins could have ever provided. The fact that the left cheek was visibly leading on the popular vote and the right cheek was given the internship, speaks highly of the corruption, but also blatantly telling to sheep, how much their efforts didn’t matter. The sheep being sheep, though, will continue to wander on their own, into the slaughterer houses. Eventually when their bread and circus is not around anymore, what will the sheep do? Shit on the floor, bleat and make noise? The power elites don’t want to hear that noise. So they already have a series of responses waiting for you.

FEMA camps are not conspiracy theories anymore, but are reality. They refer to the fact that the U.S Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is planning to imprison US citizens in concentration camps. This is typically described as following the imposition of martial law in the United States after a major disaster or crisis.

There has been many test run of FEMA camps, perhaps the last major one being the Katrina disaster. But rest assured, last summers series of  executions of black people by race soldiers, continual gave the powers that be the insight on what to expect, who to look for  and how to manage civil discord. Many have seen these clips before, but ask yourself, how much truer is it today than two years ago?

With all the militarizing of local police. Numerous sightings of rail cars filled with military machines rolling through urban and suburban areas, do you really think amurdikkka is not preparing for when the economy collapse?

The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes

The Barbarian attacks on Rome partially stemmed from a mass migration caused by the Huns’ invasion of Europe in the late fourth century. When these Eurasian warriors rampaged through northern Europe, they drove many Germanic tribes to the borders of the Roman Empire. The Romans grudgingly allowed members of the Visigoth tribe to cross south of the Danube and into the safety of Roman territory, but they treated them with extreme cruelty. According to the historian Ammianus Marcellinus, Roman officials even forced the starving Goths to trade their children into slavery in exchange for dog meat. In brutalizing the Goths, the Romans created a dangerous enemy within their own borders. When the oppression became too much to bear, the Goths rose up in revolt and eventually routed a Roman army and killed the Eastern Emperor Valens during the Battle of Adrianople in A.D. 378. The shocked Romans negotiated a flimsy peace with the barbarians, but the truce unraveled in 410, when the Goth King Alaric moved west and sacked Rome. With the Western Empire weakened, Germanic tribes like the Vandals and the Saxons were able to surge across its borders and occupy Britain, Spain and North Africa.

Today’s immigration policies echoes somewhat what transpired so many years ago in the eastern Roman Empire. Donald Trump was the most recently vocal, but numerous folly tricksters in Western countries have used the specter of immigrants, to hide their mishandling of the economies and of their neo-colonial invasions of those countries the immigrants come from. In debilitating those countries economies, Western countries have forced many to leave their homes and emigrate to Europe and north amurdikkka to seek their fortunes. The sense of superiority that white people and many none white citizens of these countries feel is now being tested by the so called “invading hordes”. Europe is already feeling the backlash of treating refugees and immigrants worse than dogs. How much longer before amurdikkka experience the same?

Christianity and the loss of traditional values

The decline of Rome dovetailed with the spread of Christianity, and some have argued that the rise of a new faith helped contribute to the empire’s fall. The Edict of Milan legalized Christianity in 313, and it later became the state religion in 380. These decrees ended centuries of persecution, but they may have also eroded the traditional Roman values system. Christianity displaced the polytheistic Roman religion, which viewed the emperor as having a divine status, and also shifted focus away from the glory of the state and onto a sole deity. Meanwhile, popes and other church leaders took an increased role in political affairs, further complicating governance. The 18th-century historian Edward Gibbon was the most famous proponent of this theory, but his take has since been widely criticized. While the spread of Christianity may have played a small role in curbing Roman civic virtue, most scholars now argue that its influence paled in comparison to military, economic and administrative factors.

Without going into debate about the true value of Christianinsanity, Arabism, Abrahamism and the many other reLIEgious organizations, let’s just agree that the moral meter of many in amurdikkka is lower than a slugs belly. Also please overstand that when i speak of amurdikkka, I include all its states. Including Canaduh! Meditate on that one. The new reLIEgion in amurdikkka is Porn. Material Porn. Political Porn. Entertainment Porn, social media Porn and of course the grand daddy…Porn, Porn. Traditional valuers, however you may see them, was about intact families. About treating your neighbors righteous and working together for a greater good. Even among rednecks and racist white people, that’s not even happening anymore. Its now a battle royal, where every man, woman and child is for themselves. And as the fight continues, the so called “barbarians” at the gate are watching and waiting. Waiting and waiting…

Weakening of the Roman legions

For most of its history, Rome’s military was the envy of the ancient world. But during the decline, the makeup of the once mighty legions began to change. Unable to recruit enough soldiers from the Roman citizenry, emperors like Diocletian and Constantine began hiring foreign mercenaries to prop up their armies. The ranks of the legions eventually swelled with Germanic Goths and other barbarians, so much so that Romans began using the Latin word “barbarus” in place of “soldier.” While these Germanic soldiers of fortune proved to be fierce warriors, they also had little or no loyalty to the empire, and their power-hungry officers often turned against their Roman employers. In fact, many of the barbarians who sacked the city of Rome and brought down the Western Empire had earned their military stripes while serving in the Roman legions.

Up here in Canaduh, reserve part-time units are fast catching up to and some may say even equaling the numbers of full time soldiers in the country. Despite having some of the best military propaganda network around the globe, amurdikkka is seeing a falling off of recruitment. Many recruiters feel like that Maytag repair man. Nothing to do. Despite paying major sports team millions of dollars to help promote their imperialist recruitment, congress still has to look into reinstating the draft. Many feminist, politicians, business people and old folks who would gladly have the young and mostly naive go and fight for their freedom abroad, so they can have a new cell phone, will be in a right pickle when the draft letter gets to their sorry ass. How do you feel? In fact the amurdikkklan army is in such a disarray, people are so despondent, veteran homelessness, poverty and mental health break down are so ramped up, that under  the notorious drone OBomba Barry ( notorious D.O.B?), amurdikkka has not only declared sodomy openly acceptable in the military, but even bestiality. So fucking good. Now the rapist and murderers can all start a hand holding club with the newer members.

It has gotten so bad now that up here in Canaduh, ossifers ( you have to be ex military to overstand) can have sex change now with out rancor from the rank and file. I believe amurdikkka is still testing that one out, but I am not sure why they are not putting that final nail in the coffin. All this is possible, while homelessness of just veterans alone,exceeds decade long numbers.

While all of this is happening around the nation. Kneegrows are doing mannequin challenges. Kneegrows are bawling because their favorite ass cheek lost to the other ass cheek, refusing to accept that when those ass cheek squeezes together, which ass cheeks often do, what the kneegrow gets is never pleasant. But then again, some of them eat ass and make songs about it. Kneegrows…as long as I have been in the work force…would rather be a sucker fish on the rear end of amurdikkka and its anti-blackness and anti-humanity, than to go off and suck on to self reliance and things of value. Real value. Not Michael Jordan’s shoes. The latest trend in social media. Or exchanging sweat equity for fiat money, instead of working communally or as an anarchist.

Anarchist…don’t let the narrative fool you. If the negative comes from the establishment, then its time to consider the source and run the opposite way. I am going to expand on this in my next post and share some simple, yet often ignored principle of growing your own vegetable<<<<<< meditate on that one until later.

But for now overstand that the kneegrow in amurdikkka is on a wayward ship, tossing around on choppy seas, listening to siren songs and heading for the rocks. All the while waiting for some captain to come and save them, not realizing that the captain is also listening to the siren songs.