The Game Of Thrones: Part 3–a matter of survival

The current state of the environment, post selection amurdikkka is indicative and reminiscent of numerous failed states around the planet. Failed states often created by amurdikkka’s  clandestine and overt interference in other people’s affairs. News report of high school students….HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!…feeling embolden to roll up on Afrikan and Muslim students and making cotton picking and slave jokes. You have university students spray painting swastika and other anti- Afrikan remarks and threats. Strangers coming up on lone black women and Muslim women,  attacking and stealing their possessions. Making death threats and shouting Trump, Trump!

Through out all of what transpired since Donald Drumpf’s selection as next puppet the elites use to oppress the citizens. All the random attacks from both sides of the isles, anti Trump supporters attacking Trump supporters, pro-Trump supporters attacking non white, mostly females; through out all of this, I haven’t heard of one Trump supporter, getting bodied by all these gang bangers and internet thugs, who love to threaten other black people who don’t agree with any simple minded points they try to make.


As the picture above indicates. Big business is anticipating a boost in their investments in the prison industrial complex and you should know it won’t be because pro trump supporters are being arrested en mass. It’s because the race soldiers and all these politicians are expecting a rise in arrest of mostly black males and females. So what is the plan to get off the chess board?

Just like in the series Game of Thrones, many in the fictional kingdom of Westeros, have watched the battle for the Iron throne, turn in to a battle of attrition, as a succession of pretenders murder each other and each other’s family and supporters. Loyalties are switched, bought, bargained and sold. And at the bottom of the pile are the integrationist kneegrows, who could not believe their love for the Democratic party, blew up in their face. Once again, the kneegrows had tied their donkeys to the Democratic wagon, hoping white people would some how invite them into their circle and give them succor, bed, breakfast and their love.

Instead many of these so called liberal threw off their multicultural shirts and joined the brown shirts in the Rethuglican party. And while many of these kneegrows are out in the street, marching, shouting and even beating up Trump supporters, those wishing to get off the chess board has now a golden opportunity to do so. But how, you may ask? What are you gonna do when your college degree from bullshit university is not being recognized in a country where job loss has been increasing since the mid to late 1970’s? Remember it was just last month the supreme court, filled with anti-Afrikan troglodytes, declared that it is ok to discriminate against some one with locks.

White people cant find jobs and are the largest segment of amurdikkka on welfare and stood stamps. Many of these people are now depending on a failed business man to bring the economy back to pre 1970’s amurdikkka. And when they don’t they are gonna run up on any and every kneegrow they see going to work, living in a mixed neighborhood, driving a fancy car or even dressing clean. If you are one of those kneegrows whose worth is based on how far you can get away from other Afrikan people and how close you can get to the savage, well that’s just too bad. Because you are on your own in my books.

For those of us who have been preaching self sufficiency for years to deaf ears, I will not be telling you anything new. Just reminding you of the reality….


If you have land, invite others who are willing to share the work of cultivating this land. But do so in portions. Don’t have one big watermelon field, but divide it up to grow multiple yields of produce. Divide and rent out that land to people willing to work it and grow one set of crop, that way the land will grow multiple crops with which they  can then barter with. This is not a time to be greed and hoarding, because the land owners will be the first ones they come after, so the more people you have sharing the land and its yield the more people you will have to defend it.

And even if you don’t live on a land, you can still grow shit in your back yard or even on your window sill to feed your family. And still you should connect with land owners. Right now there are numerous abandoned blocks, filled with broken down houses. What will it take to take control of those blocks, many of which are being bought up by Asians and other foreigners? What will it take to recreate a community of our own on those blocks, grow food on some open areas to feed that community, so you won’t need to depend on these supermarkets and their GMO shit?

screenshot_2016-11-08-04-56-28-1I know what it will take! It will take us getting less selfish and more unified. Recognising that we are all we got and while not everybody is a natural at gardening or farming, every body should be prepared to do something. That broken down house needs to be dealt with, get some of these unemployed brothers and sisters to pull the shit down, move the rubble to the outer limits, where you can build a protective wall around your own gated community. Then collect all those plastic bottles you sugar addicted kneegrows discard and start building a house.

Sounds primitive, so does living in a broken down house with no water an sewage coming into your bathroom. But I am not hearing an alternative plan.

You can even mix and match

Just because the image is not something you envision, doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to style, size or esthetics. And the hardest thing about building one is actually collecting the plastic bottles. In this sense you don’t need a five bedroom, six bathroom monstrosity, fit for a family of two and a montage that your grand children have to pay off.

Of course the hard of heart and cowards will complain about everything. “Its non sustainable”, “it’s unrealistic”….. and “what if they come to destroy it?” The first two question are non starters and you need to get up off your knees. No sense talk about how ancient cultures in nations as varied as Kimit, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mali and Sudan, built great high culture and talk about how WE are great because of that, yet all you do is make excuses, when it comes time to build a high culture of your own.

If we are the children of those that couldn’t be killed, then we are also the children of those who are undaunted by something as simple as building a plastic bottle house, big enough for two families at least. And in order to accomplish this, we better know how to act civilized around each other. Learn how to share, yet respect people’s personal space.

When it comes to protecting your own, black people have to stop threatening to die for their own and develop a strong desire to kill for their own. Yes! I said it! Too many people sell woof tickets about the desire to die for their own, so much so that soon we are going to be depleted. Its that old Christianinsanty foolishness that tells you to take it easy on your enemies. Since I was young, my mantra has always been, “better to be tried by twelve than carried by six”.

But not every body is built that way. Nothing a good series of training won’t alleviate though. What? You think many of these militia types just came out knowing how to break down and put together a rifle? You think they automatically know how to set up perimeter defence and form attack formations?

Alas! We are a group who are unfit, unhealthy and in terrible shape. And that’s just physically. Fitness should be mental and emotional as well as physical. Fitness should be a culture, just like hip hop is a culture. Just like materialism is a culture. just like selling woof ticket is a culture. How many of you have respect for the Asians and believe all of them are skilled in martial arts? Many of you! How many of you have actually met an Asian that knows how to fight? You don’t know because you have never tested that theory. Nor are you immune to the image and propaganda that makes you believe that all Asian knows some martial arts. You should talk to an Asian, maybe that automatic assumption would be shattered. I am only saying this to tell you that even Asians who don’t know shit about fighting, perpetuate the notion that they are all martial arts inclined, because it is so ingrained in their culture that it has taken a life of its own. Just like the notion that all of us can sing and dance, is so ingrained, it embolden some of the worst talented among us to act the fool.


Now just because I state this, don’t be running up on no Asian, or anybody on the street. You never know what kind of crazy you gonna release. But if we act right and with fore sight, we can be that crazy some fool runs up on and get a surprise. That being said, I am often shaking my head every time someone posts up their training on social media. My mentality is that the less the enemy knows, the less the enemy is prepared for.

The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected – Sun Tzu, the Art of War

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him. – Sun Tzu, the Art of War

This is just a small synapsis of what we should have been doing to prepare for what is happening now. But what we should be doing going forward. We need to start out with a minimum of two to five focused, and committed people who want to unify and work together on something positive. Whatever it is, how ever it is, it has to be something that you agree upon. Create cells of conscious people (study groups) to motivate each other and prepare each other for tasks set out prior.

Overstand that this is for those who have decide to become self sufficient as the citizen of the prison colony amurdikkka, starts losing their minds. Eventually as the society becomes a self fulfilling stereotype of carnage, there better be pockets of sanity among Afrikan people, or else we become zombie food.  Oh! by the way…not every black person will be your brother or sister. So don’t feel compelled to invite every one into your circle, many will come, not because they wanted to, but because they were rejected by white people. Those are often not the committed ones and will interfere with your progress. You decide how you want to deal with them, but you must be able to spot them. Your survival may be based on recognizing this.

Finally, whether amurdikkka descends into chaos or not, we will never find a more appropriate time to do what we failed to do over the last 60 years, because we were too busy begging white people to like us. We must act now, we still have a chance to save some. Otherwise kiss your asses good by.


Simpin for pussy!

Simpin for pussy is a colloquialism, recently gaining traction in our lingo. It is a derisive term, aimed at certain males, who will bend over backwards, side ways and in this sick world…. forward, to over accommodate the increasingly changing whims of certain women

The Jamaican term for simpin is called a boops. He is the kat that women would take and take and take from and he is willing to give and give and give, just for likes or the off chance he gets some sex or even better, a public relationship. These kats have very little if any game or standards or sense of self. And they often strive to impress women with their gift of money, use of his car, associations if he is a social climber or celebrity.

In amurdikkka, the modern simp can be found among the so called conscious kneegrows. I am reluctant to say Hoteppers, because that term was created by people who hate Afrikan consciousness and will go out of their way to shit on real authentic self determining Afrikans. However, like most things, you will always find insincere elements that insert themselves into a positive movement, trying to undermine it…as an agent provocateur…or trying to use a movement to gain personal attention and or some kind of success.

The so call conscious simp, goes out of his way to declare, endlessly, that “the black woman is god”. Now, do not let my critique get you all up in your feelings, like a little brat and make you miss the science behind what I am about to say. In that vein, I created this meme….


The most recent of those males that proclaim the black woman is god, is Polight. Using the same old tired and incomplete argument of the XX and XY chromosomes, the fact that all life comes through the woman’s birth canal, as well as how the zygote, initially started out undetermined, then morphed into a “female” and then maybe break off, into a “male”. There are even some…and I have seen Polight and one of his wives defend it….spoke about the Bartholin’s glands.

The Bartholin’s glands (also called Bartholin glands or greater vestibular glands) are two pea sized compound racemose glands located slightly posterior and to the left and right of the opening of the vagina. They secrete mucus to lubricate the vagina and are homologous to bulbourethral glands in males.

I have heard people claim that those gland indicate that the woman can give spontaneous birth, by having those glands secrete lubrication into the vagina. These are the same people who look down in the Christians and their own spontaneous birth of Jesus. Think about that. Its been more than a year since I have asked defenders of the Bartholin’s Gland, to show me where a woman did have a spontaneous birth. And yet to get a response. Even a baseless one. Nor has my question about why did women stopped having Bartholin’s Gland birth, if it happened way back when.

Whether you think I am being a hater or not is immaterial to me. I have no particular like or dislike for people like Polight. As far as I know, he is successful at what he does. He appears to take care of his wives and his children and has been an example of what a man should do, if he wants to have multiple wives. being successful enough and sensible enough to treat each equally. However, I have seen Polight posting pictures of him hanging with and praising Khazars and this is very suspect to me. Khazars don’t hang with black men like Polight just on a whim. There is always a catch. I have also seen him posing with some half nude female, acting like he is a lightweight Floyd Mayweather, flossing his cars, his materialism and his women. Is this how he sees the black woman as god?

Those things along gives me a certain impression of Polight, the men who boost him up and follow him and also the women who fawn over him. People like Polight who constantly blurs the line between genuine appreci-love for the black women, by gassing up their fragile emotionalism, creates in many weak minded females a sense of entitlement. I mean…if the black woman is god, where does that leave the black man?

If the black women is god, can she not solve all of her issues without needing the black man? Why then does she claim independence…but then require the black man to step up and defend her, her children ( because most women like to claim the children as their own) and the community. If the black women is god, why do I as a black man need to do ANYTHING, since my worth is not of a god. I am aware that some of us, give equal god hood to both men and women, but this is both a small sample size and also equally wrong.

It is wrong to say we are gods, because over all, we are not showing any god like actions or state of being. Witness how kneegrows have become paralyzed since the recent amurdikkklan selections? Witness how for the past five years ONLY, how we act less than godlike as race soldiers and racist citizens, attack, maim and kill us and all we can do is call on the beneficence of the white man. So does that make the white man a god? A greater god than even we?

Many of our black women DO NOT present a godlike image. These are often the ones who will regurgitate the simp’s proclamation of the Black woman is god mantra. Afrikan women with a sense of themselves, sees term god from a human potential state. Not from a spooky, reLIEgious entity that is separate from reality. Hear me now and believe me later, many of these people, male and female, who embrace this god image, are the same ones who lack the discipline to walk a block or two daily for half an hour in order to get healthy. Many of these people don’t really see themselves as god, but in fact see the white man has a god, based on how much they pursue white reality and world view over an Afrikan one.

They do it both intentionally and unintentionally.The female as a god does not get a lesser being as her consort. Breed for him and then savage him in the court of public opinion, when the relationship falls off. Or savage your ex consort, in the court of those you claim are not god like as you are.Using that tired refrain that the black women is god, while not even giving the black man is due as her complement…not inferior, is similar to me saying I am a man, therefore i am above question and my woman should automatically obey me.

Being a man requires a whole list of responsibility to attain that status. Not just because he has a penis or two balls. Neither should you be telling a black woman she is god…some form of completed state of consciousness, when she lacks the state of being. BEING! This is what we are. Hue-man BEING! A work in progress. And our work is not completed. Saying the black women is god, is a infinite statement. A period at the end. Using this infinite term, because of the XX Chromosomes and the fact that she gives birth, ignore the fact that the mans sperm is what initiates the birthing process. That the vagina is made for the penis and without the penis, the black woman as good, cannot give birth.

So is the black man a god too? Not the way these simps sees it. Note we don’t use the term god potential. Note when the term god is used it is never used in a hue-man context, but in a divine, magical context. So then where is the work? Where is the responsibility required of a god? So she is a what? In that vein, if like many of us think we are superior to the white man, where are our evidence? Sports? Singing, Glories of past millenniums? Nahhhh!….show me how we are superior today! Because  a god is a superior being….according to narratives of many nations.

Defenders of this black woman is god theme, point to past practice, in specific places, where Afrikan women were revered as godlike and how in certain areas she, as a member of a council, chooses a king. But if this is the case then if we go back to the traditions many of you cleave to…can we ask who is the god figure in ancient Kimit? Ausar or Auset? Who crowned him? Who succeeded him? We tend to pick and choose the argument that satisfy our position.

Finally please don’t tell me I misunderstand what people mean when they say that. They know exactly why they say it. What they are saying. And what kind of response they seek. People like Polight has a lot of female fans. So he must pander to them. Most men outside of his groupies, don’t trust Polight and see him as fake. Why is that? Because while men and women can see simp, only men can call him out for his simpin. Women on the other hand get their egos stroked. They love it. Just like many trifling kneegrows get their egos stroked when a black women say the black man is king or she call them kings.

We must first overstand what a god, king, queen means before we use the term recklessly and end up gassing up people who are not worthy. We are using the white man’s language and therefore the white man’s imagery. We must also question when certain people…CERTAIN PEOPLE…use the term. While we are connected to the universe, too many of us fail to connect to the inner-verse first, in order to see the potential that we do have and should be exhibiting.

The oft quoted line MAN KNOW THYSELF! Fails to include the other line AND IN IT YE WILL KNOW GOD! Yet even then the term is misunderstood. What we need to overstand is really…. Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God. … Holding fast to these things, you will know the worlds of gods and mortals and how to elevate yourselves over our mundane existence.

I am trying to live even keel in this off balanced world What do you think family?