Ingesting poisons will kill you


The most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, once famously warned that “if the negro is not careful, he will drink the poison of modern civilization and die of it.”. 

The manufactured entity called the kneegrow currently suffers from a set of terminal illness that is swiftly decimating him and those around him. The illness was created in the laboratory of ill repute and inequity where the unholy babble and the book of Arabism is slavishly slobbered over by the sheep and zombies. It has infested kneegrows as disparate from the Afrika to the Caribbean islands, to the America’s to the Polynesian Islands. The sickness called reLIEgion, like most manufactured illness, tends to morph into several break off illness, as they are often meant to do, when made in a lab.

Branching off from reLIEgion is the secondary disease called KKKrakatosis. Its symptoms includes but not subject only too:

  1. Cowardice
  2. Self hate
  3. Homosexuality
  4. communal suicide

It is an increasing fact that while cataract is the number one cause of blindness, reLIEgion and politics (folly tricks) run neck and neck to see who establishes itself as number two. Regardless of which wins, number two is certainly an appropriate description for either one. Take the case of recent selection of the orange haired orangutan, over the pants suite python. Kneegrows swear up on down and on the imaginary dead body of Geezus the Greek lady boy, that things was better under the presidency of Obomba, the notorious drone bomber, pimp father of the homosexual agenda , otherwise known as Sylvester light.

Image result for singer sylvester

Note: For those of you of recent generation, the 1970s had a vaudeville entertainer and circus clown called Sylvester. Sylvester James, Jr. (September 6, 1947 – December 16, 1988, when he died of AIDS), used the stage name of Sylvester. An active artist in R&B, blues, and soul, Sylvester really cut his/it’s teeth in the genres of disco. Disco was a European influenced and infused genre of music that tried to and successfully stole audience from the flamboyant and often drug infused Funk music, that was undeniable the music of Afrikans in amurdikkka. Sylvester was one of the early spirit devourers, who took  androgyny and every suspect stage persona of the Funk miesters of the early 70’s and turned it into a cult of degeneracy. A cult that currently permeates modern kneegrow culture.

Keep in mind that culture is simply what you currently do, thus when you embrace a young thug, who puts on womens panties and wants to do away with gender. When you embrace high school students having opposite days, where boys go the whole nine yard in dressing up as girls. When you have males on the Internet, dressing up as ugly hirsute females, trying to get cheap laughs. When men sticking their penis inside another man’s butt hole and females sticking their tongues in another womans’ vagina, what you have is a culture of poison that the manufactured entity called the kneegrow has swallowed.

They have swallowed so much that a character like Faggy Dogzo, a worm that likes to take other kats worm inside of him, is considered more conscious that some one like Ayo Kimathi…the irritated Genie…in the eyes of many of the terminally ill. I will not sully this blog with an image of that dog shit, but suffice to say if you research something called a conscious gay male activist, you will encounter two very prominent ones. They are Irene Monroe, a well known kneegrow lesbian activist, …known among SGL<<<< whatever the hell that is, bisexual, and transgender males. Known as Cleo (Mangina) Manago, this nasty fuck is who many black parents allow to host workshops teaching their black children the wonders of the white cultural sexual practice of homosexuality.  Cleo Mangina was also invited to the Millions More march by your favorite Southern Baptist preacher and Teacher, Louis Farrakhan, in order to legitimize this foul substance. And while Farrakhan was inviting this thing to the Million More March, he a the same time, refused to invite Khalid Muhammad, due to jealousy and hate. And of course there  is Faggy Dogzo whose official name I can’t even remember, nor feel compel to search for.

This is the culture of poison that the kneegrow has taken on and has shared with their children. All the while failing and refusing to protect our future, bu promoting straight black pride of one black man,one black woman and no homosexuality. It has become so poisonous, that I personally have been accused in the past as being like the KKK, not because I talked grimy (at the time ) about homosexual acts, but that I had simple inferred that I think Black men and Black women should get together. Black heterosexuality is a seen as a threat to the poison, based on its simple potential as an antidote to the self destructive nature of homosexuality and race mixing.

This leads into the other symptom of the poison and that is communal suicide.  Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Risk factors include mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, alcoholism, or substance misuse. Communal or Cultural suicide is when people totally neglect their own culture and imitate or embrace another culture. The ideology of globalization, which is really a promotion of white culture over any other culture on the planet. Many adults indoctrinate and encourage their  young  to practice cultural suicide, through the exposer to white and other culture AT THE EXPENSE of their own. Nothing is wrong with learning about others. Something is wrong when you discard your own as inferior to another’s.

Swerling out of reality.

Too often the kneegress accuse the kneegrow of being unmanly and failing to protect her, all while she is snuggled deep inside the arms of the cave savage male or another female. The recent video posted up on social media where a bed wench, got her n***a wake up call, as the savage she was allowing to ritually rape her, decide to celebrate the selection of the orange orangutan bu spewing his long held in belief about black people.

What’s interesting is that she apparently left him for another savage. Then there is the one where some irrelevant rapper, chastise black women for not being on par with Hispanic and white woman and warns black women that they are going to be replaced.

Swerling is celebrated by the cultural suicidal and retarded. Because they feel that their choices are always preferable based on an hierarchical stance of white “superiority” over black inferiority. For the Kneegress, she is willing to be the savages kept toy and sexual cesspool, rather than being complementary to a black man. For the kneegrow, he is willing to be her toy as well, and he is willing to do things he normally wouldn’t do for a black woman. And for the same reason as the kneegress.


These are examples of self hate. A pernicious and debilitating, immune system corruption of the black self. This is the kind of symptomatic effects of being infected by KKKrakatosis, which is smoothed over by reLIEgion and folly tricks. Folly tricks, because kneegrows will spurn Obomba and rightfully so for being disingenuous and unhelpful to black people. Yet will vote not only for Trump and Clinton, but would savage other black people who refuse to vote for them or even vote at all.

Despite the fact that voting has never benefit black people, these self hating kneegrows will rather take scraps off the table of virulent racist and anti-Afrikan haters, over actually unifying and work to create a parallel or even superior economical and social paradigm, while residing in the belly of this beast. Prison colon amurdikkka.

Out of this self hate comes the coward. I reserve the title of cowardice mainly for the kneegrow more than the kneegress, because a female is very strategic in the sense that she will hitch her wagon to a powerful man. Or a man who can elevate her status socially. Unfortunately many of these kneegrows haven’t even given the worst of the kneegress a good reason why her choices are useless, worthless and baseless. Many of these cowards are too afraid of the black women to put their foot down when it comes to choosing one. When it comes to taking a unpopular stance, that promotes Afrikan self love and authenticity over socially constructed imagery and group likes in these times of media hyped self love.

The cowardice and self hate would see black people in general rather teach their children how to embrace, love and pass out hugs to animals that would savage them, instead of practicing  the natural reaction of killing that animal before it kills any other black person. Nowhere in nature…except for the kneegrow…has a prey not fight back when cornered. The kneegrow though would rather bend over backwards, side ways or forwards while grabbing their ankles. All for the opportunity to get some attention from the cave savage.

We see them out in the streets, rioting with their liberal friends, trying to fight the conservative supporters of the orange orangutan. These same people will never teach their children to fight back. Instead they go on social media whining about being personally attacked and showing videos, looking for sympathy. Those people are what an associate called wood for the fire. Drift wood, waste materials that are among those who will be readily rounded up and fed to the fires of white savage hate. Amurdikkka specifically and white pathology on a whole is decaying before our eyes. But due to cataract, reLIEgion and Folly tricks are blinding many through he infection of KKKrakatosis.

What are the cure? Well…all highways eventually leads to New York, so their are more than one way to cure KKKrakatosis. Here is one cure as laid out by my sister blogger, who has been sounding this clarion call for a long time. Read it and head it for her points are alway on point.

 Diary of  Negress.

At the end of the day, the poison while never discriminatory, is never wrong in who it chooses to kill. So in many ways removing the drift wood makes it even easier for the Iron wood of the great forests….the Baobab trees to grow stronger and self containing.