They always remind us who they are

Samuel Jared Taylor (born September 15, 1951) is an American white nationalist who is the founder and editor of American Renaissance, a magazine often described as a white supremacist publication. White nationalist is white speak for white people who loves themselves…nothing wrong with that…but in turn hates everybody else because they are not white. This is why whenever black people promote self love, they inevitably crawl out of the wood work, accusing proponent of black self love means white hate.

Check out how the smugness oozes out of his pores, like slime oozing out of pigs ass. It has often being said that empty vessels make the most noise. Well white males and white people in general have all the economic, political, military, psychological and propaganda advantages, over everybody else on the planet. And they use this advantage to perpetuate white supremacy…which comes out of their pathological fear of of their minority status planet wide. This pathological fear, creates anxiety and the resulting need to dominate instead of trying to live by themselves. They can’t and won’t live by themselves because of this fear, so conversely they come screaming out of the mountains of the caucuses and their dark recess of their own superficial sense of importance, by beating everybody else into submission.

kats like  Jared Taylor are the empty and substance less vessels, that need to bark out their importance, by downing everybody else. Paul Mooney said that when he sees a homeless white person, he mutters “what a waste of white skin”. People like Jared Taylor, with all his advantage of being an influential white male, is a waste of skin, because he is still bitching and moaning about none white people. Empty vessels indeed!

Donald Drumpf and the past selectorial circus was surely needed by many white people, who are now embolden to talk shit, smash shit and run up on none white or none conservative people and act the fool. This is the country kneegrows still pledge allegiance to and will fight their families for, if those family members eve dare speak negatively about the dying prison planet called amurdikkka.


4 thoughts on “They always remind us who they are

  1. Faggots like Taylor make my skin crawl. His mother should’ve had an abortion. But I do admire his honesty. I like overt racist much better. Hillary Clinton was a more covert racist. Much like Tim Wise. But I like racists like the KKK,skinheads and white racists. At least I know where they stand.

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      1. Yeah I know what you mean. I always knew what Clinton was about. It just seems so many negroes loved her I found it confusing. But like you said,it was probably good image consultants. It seems many black people SEE what they want to SEE. Especially if it’s a politician they feel understands their pain. But I do agree I like my racists upfront. I like knowing where they stand. So I know where to point my gun when the revolutions starts.

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