Over standing what feminine and masculine energies mean

Maat or Ma’at was the ancient Kimityu concept of truth, balance, order, harmony …. for justice was called the Priest of Ma’at and in later periods judges wore images of Ma’at. This is why the judgment narrative in ancient Kimit where the scales of justice used as the decision maker of who gets to enter the under world and who gets devoured by the A funerary deity, “Devourer of the Dead”, “Eater of Hearts“, Ammit.  This is because once the heart was judged to be not pure, Ammit would devour it, and the person .

In many other nations and cultures across the Afrikan continent, long before the invasions of the Hyksos and the Asiatic barbarians, Afrikan cosmologies speak of the duality of energies.

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A concept is an abstract idea; a general notion. It is an idea or or thought utilized to physically express a difficult to grasp information.  A state is a the condition of a person,thing, etc., with regard to main attributes. It is the structure, form, or constitution of something. This concept of duality, life and death, chaos and harmony, coloured much of the ancient way of thinking and can be seen in everything from drawings to spoken words. The ancient sees duality as a series of peaks and troughs, with the peaks representing life and the troughs as death.

Many, but not all, in Africa regard twins as special, almost sacred, beings. Twins represent the duality—the tension or balance between paired or opposing forces—that is basic to life. Some groups, such as the non-Bantu peoples of the Niger and Congo regions, believe that twins of opposite sexes are symbols of this duality. Twins appear in many African myths and legends. In some stories, they take on symbolic images as brother and sister who unite in marriage; in others, they appear to be two sides of a single being. The supreme god of the Fon people of West Africa is Mawu-Lisa, usually described as brother and sister twins who became the parents of all the other gods, also born as twins.

Note: Many of these belief would tend to shut down the woman as a creator and black woman as god, narrative, without the man as co-creator or co-diety. But I have beat that horse into the ground by now.

While some people have a clearly defined overstanding of what female and masculine energies mean, most confuse the two position and exchange the physical attributes for the conceptual one. In my most contrarian state, whenever I hear people say get with your feminine side, I know they want me to be less masculine. Less physical. More accommodating. To which i sarcastically  answer, “I have no feminine side, and if i did, I would get rid of it”. Of course I am acutely aware that my response to them was based on my concept of showing feminine energy and not their pseudo feminist, wanting to emasculate me type of concept.

Contrary to the ignorance, famine energies are not just a physically female thing, because it indicates the act of showing compassion, nurturing and creativity. Likewise masculine energy is not wholly a male state, as it is indicative of being hard, physical and destructive. The Chinese culture have the best modern interpretation of the duality of the energies in the form and symbols of the Yin-Yang. The two energies of yin and yang are direct opposites. They feed each other the energy the other lacks. It is through this interchange that they transform from the inside out and become each other, creating the perpetual cycle of from life to death to life again.

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Hidden with in each are the lesser energies of the opposite. This indicates that in fact the energies are not oppositional, which is a paradigm from the European culture, but complementary, which most other cultures embrace. The complementary nature of the energies have a physical component, because we are in actuality energies solidified, by our brain to appear natural on this plain. But somewhere in the recess of the past the solidifying of the energies, becomes acceptable and the actual energies that permeates all things become those of myth or “some new age clap trap, by granola eating tree huggers”.

Yin energy is passive. The power of Yin energy is its passive, yielding nature. Like water Yin energies allows you to easily move your hand through it. Yin energy accepts and gives over to its surrounding energy. Earth is also yin energy.

Yang energy is aggressive. The power of yang energy is what drives creativity. Passion and fire fuel yang energy. Fire and air are yang elements.

Yin Yang is in All Matter

It’s easy to understand how the world functions within the patterns of yin yang energy. The concept of your body and yin yang is not so easy to grasp. When yang energy is added to yin energy, it becomes either a creative or destructive element. The nature of passivity appears to be weak, but its strength comes in its ability to transcend other energies.


It’s A Balancing Act

The energies within your body, within each organ, operate on the same premise of yin yang energy. There is a need for the energy system in your body to function in harmony. If there is an imbalance with the body’s systems with either too much yin or too much yang, there will be disharmony or disease. Chinese medicine and acupuncture apply the principles of yin yang in restoring health.

Knowing this and in studying the image above, for us as Afrikan people to get back to whence we come, we must first overstand that both the feminine and masculine resides in us. It only comes out strongest based on biological AND environmental factors. Biological, because despite what the homosexual agenda promotes, nature chooses how we are biologically formed. And whenever their is an anomaly…IE..hermaphrodites, natures ensures they are sterile, which negates any perpetuation of this anomaly. The foolish will say nature is cruel, but only an idiot and a spoiled brat, will look at your parents side eyes and accuse them of being cruel, because they refuse your desire to do reckless shit, that harms you and others.

Environment is the other factor that impinges on how we act. While the biological is the state and with that state comes a certain mind set, the environment, affects the emotional. In ancient kimit, they believe the heart is the seat of the emotion and the heart has its own brain, hence the weighing of the heart before entering the underworld. When mummification is proceeded on, the liver, the lungs, the stomach, and the intestines. A small slit was made on the left side of the abdomen, then the embalmers reached in and pulled out the organs. Each of the organs was individually mummified, then stored in little coffins called canopic jars. Before this process however, the brain is removed, by a hook through the nose and dissolved in acidic water.

Of course the white people who created the study of that culture…Egyptologists…claim the people they studied. They people who built monuments that still astound and puzzle us today, had no concept of what the brain is about. I however, I arrived at the conclusion that when yurugu gets a hold of our culture, they inevitably hide the truth from us, and gives us back a bunch of bullshit. All while they study and try to emulate the same culture they tell us is bullshit.

This is what they do with the masculine and feminine energies. The scientists and academicians, tell you that the energies are separate from each other…totally ignoring ancient records from various cultures. They tell you so they can promote the idea that women, the solid manifestation of feminine energies, don’t need men and men, the solid manifestation of masculine energies, don’t need women don’t need women. Even the concept of masculine and feminine is only a concept to separate us biologically. Still using masculine and feminine is more acceptable than to imply that the energies don’t orbit each other internally and externally.

The most glaring example of the two energies out of balance is in the most extreme form of socialization. Homosexuality. Why is it that a female who rejects the label of feminine by looking, dressing and acting masculine, more often than not go after either the most feminine looking or the most feminine acting lesbians? Even if both try to look masculine, one takes the feminine role and one the masculine. Like wise when a male, who rejects his maleness, by looking, dressing and acting feminine, most often go after a masculine male or if the two act feminine, one is more so than the other.

Even in their twisted minds, they are acting out what nature deems, the duality of the energies, that if not in balance, become destructive. Again, this is why many homosexuals suffer from depression, drug addiction, destructive behaviors, anger issues, domestic violence and predatory behaviors. Another form of this socialization is how we condition our children out of their natural tendencies, by forcing them to CHOOSE, what we GIVE them as choices. The narrative of dressing boys as girls,  having them play with dolls and tea cups instead of guns and having them run and tumble and rough house and bruise their knees is an attempt to feminize boys. All the while empowering girls to not be feminine by competing with boys, despite certain physical limitations.

Later when these girls subconsciously reject these feminized boys, or when a boy rejects a masculinized girl, people run around confused. Or pretend confusion as to why homosexuality, divorces, terrible relationships are on the rise. At the end of the day, balance is required in order to be a whole hue-man. If we are balanced then the planet is balanced because we are in symbiosis with the mother. When the mother is satisfied the father rains down blessings on the mother in order to impregnate her, so that she flourishes.  Her fertility nourishes us and in turn we offer thanks in the form of maintaining her fertility.

There are really no such thing as men or womens work. But there is such a thing as work a man can do better and is more suited for, just like there are work a woman can do better and is more suited for. We should neither blur the lines of overstanding the energies, nor should we place barriers in the way. Men and women are complements of each other. Both biologically and energy wise. We complement each other, not oppose each other. The sooner we overstand how to balance the energies inside each of us, the less you will see confusion or emotional and mental health issues.