Donald Trumps new deal for black people and the poor

By now….thirteen days into his selection as head mannequin of the dying prison colony of amurdikkka…most have seen what was wrought with Donald Drumpf’s emergence on to the political scene. The bluster, the ego maniacal speeches, the over emphasis on his bank account, his excessive preening, even for the a politician, was on full display for all to see. And in making amurdikkka a hollyweird fantasy production again, more than a few white men, white women and even a few delusional “others”, are seeing the inevitable swath of destructive acts and even more so, the rise in circle jerk for the numerous white men, determined to really make amurdikkka “white again”. When Drumpf stated that he wanted to make amurdikkka great again ( this is the actual quote), it was not far fetched to read between the lines and substitute great for white, because of his rhetoric, virulent race baiting and general unpleasant and savage acts…as an entitled, wealthy white male…whose period of greatness harken back to the days when “a good injun was a dead one”, have been running amok across the nation.

Since his bluff got called and he actually got the job he applied for, the orange orangutan was one part toned down in some of his off the cuff rhetoric. One part, still the whiny insufferable and thin skinned son of a bitch he always was. And a third part magnet for some of the more virulent racist in their own right, clamoring to join the fraternity of bozos, haters and angry frat boys. Recently I read an article where Drumpf detailed…for him…how he was going to make governments leaner and more accountable in the vein of the conservatives most revered soldier…Ronald “the Ray gun” Reagan. The idea of making government leaner has been around for quite awhile and is mostly championed by the business friendly Rethuglican, who felt they could manage the government better than the braying asses across the floor, who felt expenditures on social programs were better utilized in keeping the population in perpetual poverty.

According to the proposal of Drumpf, he and the Republican-controlled Congress are drawing up plans to take on the government bureaucracy they have long railed against, by eroding job protections and grinding down benefits that federal workers have received for a generation. Hiring freezes, an end to automatic raises ( trumps plans to eliminate overtime pay), a green light to fire poor performers, a ban on union business on the government’s dime and less generous pensions — these are the contours of the blueprint emerging under Republican control of Washington in January. These changes were once unthinkable to federal employees, their unions and their supporters in Congress. But Trump’s election as an outsider promising to shake up a system he told voters is awash in “waste, fraud and abuse” has conservatives optimistic that they could do now what Republicans have been unable to do in the 133 years since the civil service was created.

[Trump and the federal workforce: Five key issues]

According to House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), “You have the country moving to the right and being much more anti-Washington than it was, we’re going to have to get the country to understand how big the problem is, the human costs of it and why it’s absolutely essential to reform.” Gingrich, had urged Trump to shrink big government and overhaul the “job-for-life” guarantee of federal work. Gingrich predicted that Stephen K. Bannon, a former Breitbart News chief who helped steer Trump’s campaign and is now one of his most influential advisers, would lead the effort. “It’s a big, big project,” he said.

[The faulty logic behind Trump’s plan to freeze federal hiring]

What the republicans what to see established as a practice in government, includes wholesale changes to the generous retirement benefits that federal workers receive, by shifting to a market-driven, 401(k)-style plan for new employees. Other intended changes includes shrinking the size and reach of government, from eliminating some agencies outright to lifting regulations and running the bureaucracy with fewer people. Gingrich said the Trump administration probably would look for guidance from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), who stripped public employee unions of most of their collective-bargaining rights and forced workers to pay more into their pensions and for health care in what became a bitter political fight. This new government intends to alter the corrupting influence of government and a capital city rampant with “crony capitalism.” Eliminating opportunities or even jobs for federal employees described as overpaid, too numerous and a “privileged class.” With that in mind and once fully on board, their first priority will be making it easier to fire employees regarded as incompetent or who break the rules.

[House tries to five Veterans Affairs more power to discipline employees]

“It’s nearly impossible to fire somebody,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. “When the overwhelming majority do a good job and the one bad apple is there viewing pornography, I want people to be held accountable.” Apparently the website,  Breitbart News where Stephen K. Bannon, was a former news chief, “the number of Government employees now Surpasses Manufacturing Jobs by 9,977,000,” and that there are 2.1 million federal civilian employees. Of course we know that Stephen, two K’s short of three, Bannon, would never be bias in his figures.

The promises go hand in hand with Trump’s promise to shrink the size and reach of government, from eliminating some agencies outright to lifting regulations and running the bureaucracy with fewer people.

[Federal employees behind in pay by 34 percent, salary council says]

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Indiana will start requiring food stamp recipients to prove they are looking or training for work in order to get the entitlement. Should this idea be country-wide

Trump has promised that in his first 100 days in office he will freeze hiring by not replacing employees who leave. The military and employees in public health and safety roles would be exempt, according to the president-elect’s Contract with the American Voter. He has pledged to eliminate two regulations for every new one passed and shut down the Education Department and parts of the Environmental Protection Agency. But he also wants a military with more ships, planes and troops. He has said he wants to triple the number of immigration enforcement agents and beef up the border patrol by thousands.

By now I have pretty much given you almost the entirety of what the Republicans plan to do with the government and government workers. I will admit that under a succession of Donkeys, the Federal Government has performed as well as a drunken sailor on shore leave. Staggering from one handshake and a pat on the back, to another. The only difference between them and the Rethuglican, is that the Rethuglican prefer to do this with less bureaucracy. As former Union Rep and government worker, I can see how the public and certain politicians with axes to grind, feel that unionized and government workers act entitled and should be eliminated. After all many are indeed lazy and protected and do indeed act entitled. Yet this a man who wants to run the government of the largest economy in the world, just like he would a business. Dealing with the deficit by doing a do over. This is a business man who has by now more failed business than he does actual successful ones and would have been broke if his name wasn’t Donald Drumpf and he knew more than a few other wealthy people, who would tolerate his bull shit.

What these wealthy white men, who hate non white people, are not saying is how will this picture look from concept to canvas. Note that they want to eliminate Ministry of education. Drumpf gave a speech this week saying that black children deserves a chance to have choices between a failing public fool system and a private one or one in a better neighborhood. Thus he intends throw money at the problem. He is either delusional, or more likely full of shit, if he thinks throwing money at the problem will eliminate decades of systemic racist educational policies of redlining and teacher bias. To think that throwing money at the problem will ignore how the previous government is actually trying to run the school system as a factory business and pipeline to prison, instead of as a nurturing ground for future leaders.

He wants to eliminate parts of the Environmental Protection Agency, in a time when increased ecological poisoning is a concern for the country, much less the ones amurdikkklan corporations are damaging. More significant, he intends to increase military spending. Nowhere in his plan or even in the plans of the pants suite terrorist he competed against for the white house position, has there any mention of bring back employment and the economy, to the 1970s. At least. Be for warned, that if his government ever tries to step on the toes of Big Business, there won’t be too many lobbyist (bribe money) parcelling out in the future. If he intends to make welfare difficult, with employment being a mirage under the notorious drone Obomber, because the jobs necessary to keep pace with the changes in the economy is few and far between, I wonder how exactly he intends to easy the transition when he starts eliminating jobs?

Which brings me to the reason for this post. There are a lot of black people working in government jobs in amurdikkka. And just like in the great Ice box called Canaduh, many are so comfortable and feeling “safe” that they won’t see the hammer when it falls. Too many of the integrationist and grateful kneegrows, I have spoken to while employed with the government, see no reason to get off their asses and try to develop a plan B. Mind you not all are like that, Most genuinely have difficulty getting away from the high paying, good and prestigious government jobs, due to family or personal commitments and spell of living a lifestyle commiserated with their wages.  I fear that when jobs are cut, black people pushed out the door, will often not be emotionally conditioned to develop a business of their own.

They are not mentally deficient or lack skills and experience. They will be emotionally tied into the system, that they really can’t conceive of them having to struggle with he backs against the wall. We saw how that went during the 1970.s as jobs started leaving the country, how many started depending on welfare, illegal activities or bouncing from simple “jobs” to simple “jobs”. The problem is today the simple jobs are in retail, or temp work. And with mostly pockets of small business run by various ethnics, black people won’t be able to compete with the Mexicans, Asians or Arabs, because they will hire their own for cheaper and…well…they will hire their own. Hell…I have been in this country for a long time and in all that time, I have seen a lot of recent South Asians buying up farms and selling produce to supermarket.

Of course they get supported by their community and have taken adavatntage of many of the Democrat’s hand out programs, from their own ethnic insiders. People from their own ethnic groups that would support them. Unlike what kneegrow insiders do, which is to pretend that they are separate from everybody else that look like them. Regardless of how you may see it, this is the catalyst in action, that many of us warned would happen that would force the kneegrow’s back up against the wall. This is the white backlash against that will either make or break this sense of entitlement or comfort, so many of us still feel we have under white pathology. Man.. with all those designed loss of employment, coming down the pike. With all those demonstrations going around in North Dakotas and other anti-Trump rallies…..those FEMA camps are looking less and less the stuff of conspiracy theorists right about now.

All Hail Trump and the neo Nazis regime you all are facing!!!!