This explains a lot!

The truth will be hard to swallow for many kneegrows who swear up and down the church isles who their “daddy” is. But it is irrefutable when science…always the ally of the modern supremacist and the edumacated set…. ends up validating your scholarship. It is in this vain one must conclude, as the war monger Winston Churchill echoed so long ago….

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

El Hajj Malik Al Shabazz once stated that history is best suited to reward our research. I would also include science…pure science….. the bane of reLIEgion and the source  of comfort for everybody, dating from Charles Darwin to the asshole who wrote the Bell Curve. This is as good as any other discipline, which is best suited to reward your research. As long as the science is separated from corporate interference and ego ridden self aggrandizement, it is a tool that can result in unexpected return. Listen careful to what this young brother is saying.

I remember reading the Twelfth Planet so long ago by the idiot and fake archaeologist, Zacharia Sitchen, who was severely debunked by real scientists, including his own Jewish people. Long before many of these conscious people started up with Nibiru and the Anunnaki, in which  he tried to associate all men with monkeys.  At the time this theory didn’t sit well with me, because I felt that he was low key “Darwining”  Afrikans, to hide his own past. Decades later it seems I was right.

The last poets chanted…”the white man’s got a god complex”, Bobby Wright talks about the psychopathic personality. Michael Bradley wrote in the Ice Mans Inheritance that there is a “Prehistoric Sources of Western Man’s Racism, Sexism and Aggression”.  With what is currently going on, around the planet, under the system of White Pathology or even in the Dakotas, where people who care not about anything outside of the US borders, we see the Federal government set to steal more Indian lands and the continuous poisoning of the earth by multi-national conglomerate for fossil fuel and lab based experiment, it is only logical to revisit the list of environmental damages that the European man has unleashed on the planet. Only a psychopath would continue to do this and other heinous acts, committed on every other sentient species, knowing full well that his own survival rests on the health of the planet.

Notice how many of the disasters listed in the three videos revolves around fossil fuel? Because Fossil fuel is one of the biggest example of profit over people. By the way the agent orange spraying of the Vietnam jungle? was the creation of a well known chemical producing company called MONSANTO! The same company was also involved in the Manhattan project and the creation of Astroturf.

Currently modern man, with the Caucasian leading the pack and setting the trend,  still refuses to work with nature, instead they try to conquer what can never be conquered by mere mortals. I once heard a black socialist describe the white man’s presence on the planet as similar to a car jacker, who steals a high performance car, then dries it recklessly and angrily down the highway, slamming into guard rails and into mail boxes, intending to drive this beautiful vehicle over a cliff. Why? He was mad because it was not his and he just wanted to reduce the car to smashed metals.

In case you are wondering what these disaster videos have to do with what the brother was saying about aliens and DNA splicing? Remember how he spoke about the after effect of this creation? Yeah! Violence against the self and others…including nature. This will be the enduring legacy of Yurugu.

2 thoughts on “This explains a lot!

  1. It dawned on me many years ago that Esau is just angry because he has no melanin. That’s why in order for him to be Spiritual, he has to get religious. Envy is almost always the root cause of hatred.

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