Mrs Louise Bennett Coverly

Contrary to the colonialist his story forced fed to many Jamaicans ignorant of their story. Bob Marley is not and was never Jamaica’s greatest cultural ambassador. if you want to go further reggae music not only was not the greatest cultural inspiration of the Island, but Reggae music owes more than a great deal of debt to this Kandake (female Royalty in ancient Meroe. Long before Jamaica got the pat on the head to act like they were “independent” from the Brutish empire, this beautiful woman, was connecting Afrika with Jamaica and telling them to be proud of who they are.

She was so intelligent and strategic, that she hid all this teaching and knowledge in folk lore, songs and comedy. So much so , that even today many Jamaicans know little about her and know even less that the force of her magnificent love for all things black and Afrikan, is why Jamaicans today walk around, chest puffed out and proud to speak the language…YES! LANGUAGE called Jamaican. Not Patwa not broken english and not whatever the hell the cave savage deems is civilized.

If you can decipher the garbled junk called Scottish/Irish brogue, or the language of Liverpool called Liverpudlian or souse

This is an audio of a Mrs Lou concert  way back when. too bad it wasn’t a video, but it captures the energy that envelopes the audience when she is present. Pay attention to the nuance of her stories

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