Yurugu’s end times


YURUGU is the name of a disagreeable male spirit from the myth of the  Dogon people of Mali. Yurugu is the deity of chaos. Yurugu is a deity of pure evil.

According to the Dogon people, Amma ( which is the Dogon version of Amen), the Creator, ordained that all created beings should be the living manifestations of the fundamental universal principle of complementarily or ‘twinness.’  The principle manifests itself as the wholeness which is created when female and male pairs join in all things. Such pairing establishes equilibrium, cooperation, balance, and harmony. Amma therefore equipped each being with twin souls–both female and male–at birth (Feminine and Masculine energies).

But in one of these primordial placentas, the male soul did not wait for the full gestation period to be born. Their gestation inside the egg was interrupted by an act of rebellion. One of the male beings, Yurugu prematurely left the “mother” (the placenta), deserting both “her” and his female counterpart, thus prefiguring the birth of single beings even though Amma had envisaged twin births.

This male being was known as Yurugu (Ogo), who arrogantly wished to compete with Amma sought to create a world better than that which Amma had created. With his fragmented placenta he created Earth; but of course it could only be imperfect, since he himself was incomplete.  That is, he was born prematurely, without his female twin-soul.

Realizing that he was flawed and therefore deficient, lacking the color of his complement that would infuse his life with Asili.  The solitary being descended into space and primordial darkness, taking with him a piece of the placenta that became Earth. The Earth, he had defiled in the act of self-creation, was now inhabited by single-souled, impure and incomplete beings like himself. Yurugu’s descendants, all eternally deficient of the color or Asili, originated in an incestuous act, since he had procreated with his own placenta, the representation of his mother.”

Aware of his solitude, he traveled through space, attempted to reascend to heaven to join his female twin again, and even sought her out in the bowels of Earth, an incestuous act that brought to a climax the disorder he had already introduced into the world by leaving the placenta. The piece of placenta rotted and thus death appeared on earth. Yurugu returned to Amma seeking his complementary female self. But Amma had given his female soul away. Yurugu forever incomplete, was doomed to perpetually search for the completeness that could never be his.

Amma put an end to the male being’s disorderly acts by transforming him into a jackal, an animal that occupies a very important position in Dogon ideology. This small, wild creature, which is known more properly as Vulpes pallida, goes about only at night and never drinks water from ponds near the village-which, for the Dogon, explains why the fox was chosen to symbolize this enemy of light, water, fertility, and civilization. [But this “pale fox” also learned the first power ‘word’ and ever since then can reveal the future and hidden truths to those who can read his tracks properly.]

The last amurdikkklan coronation of a puppet set up to front for the corporation exemplifies the overstanding that the end of Yurugu’s time is very near.


And with the coming ascendancy of Donald Trump to the paper mache’ throne in the Caucasian house, what we are seeing is basically the completion of angry white people ensconced in areas of the planet that will herald the end of the white man’s rule. A March 2014 article divided countries with right wing (euphemism for race hating) parties into four groups: “parties [that] gain support via an ambivalent relationship with fascist and Nazi pasts” (e.g., in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and France), parties that “focus primarily on a perceived threat from Islam” (e.g., in the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland), parties that “restrict their propaganda to a perceived threat to their national identities from ethnic minorities” (e.g., in Hungary, Greece, Italy, and the United Kingdom) and parties that “endorse a fundamentalist Christian conservative-reactionary agenda” (e.g., in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

More than twenty years ago, noted Child Psychologist Juwanza Kunjufu asked the question, ” can you imagine the pressure on white men”? The question was asked at the end of statistics delivered where he informed attendees in his lecture, how women are the majority on the planet and white people the minority. He went further explaining that white men are seriously in the minority, yet was hanging on to his Domination of the planet by his finger nail. Hence the question..” can you imagine the pressure on white men”? The pressure to hold on to his ill gotten gain? The pressure to maintain his superior presence in the hierarchy of world power? The East Asians are coming rapidly with technology and power moves of their own. The South Asians are waking up and are trying to settle their own tribalism, so they can in turn join the power matrix.. The Arabs are trying to enter the power game, from the back door ( they certainly do like that back door), while the Afrikans with potential to have 6.5 billion people on the continent are slowly realizing that, maybe they are not as backwards as they were lead to believe.

We are not even going to talk about the internal power moves from various European states, each wanting their share of world power. White people…those so called sovereign seekers, may not want a certain type of government they feel oppress them, but they feel no compunction in oppressing everybody else. Including those within his ranks.


It’s in his DNA! This is why the term savage adequately describe his nature and tendencies. Even when he claims to be on his best behavior, his fear of genetic annihilation, will cause his survival mechanism to kick in. And when White people’s survival mechanism kicks in…he starts counting and measuring.


Count and measure harken back to his glacial past, when he only had three month of planting or growing season, before the ice come in. During that time, he had to eat, seek shelter or die. This urgency created a hyper aggressive and hyper violent state, that has never abated. He will kill his babies and even eat them, when food shortage is low. He will fuck each other because he is more comfortable doing that than to fuck the white women. Yet he realized after time that if he didn’t fuck her, he would extend his line.


This is the paradigm of Yurugu, as foretold by the Dogon tradition. His hyper violence knows no bounds and his seen in everything he touches, conceives of or cast a shadow on.


Yurugu’s god is money, his heaven is power. So if his god drys up, he gets kicked out of heaven. Notice as the economy becomes more unsteady in Europe and North amurdikkka, how the savage strives harder to either increase cost, increase taxes, increase his bill collection efforts and is generally aggressive when it comes to money? But all the while he strives his hardest not to create equity in whatever society he controls.

The following is a deep assessment from my facebook friend Selaah Femi

The framing of Violence n People:

“In today’s society “Black” has been framed as “aggressive” while “White” is framed as “passive”, even as reality, statistics, historical data, hundreds of studies and Black testimonials attest to the falseness of that stigma, still it is propagated to the masses, when in truth, in our society Whiteness is actually the one that functions aggressively and violently, while Blackness is in fact passive n docile.

In addition to that, it has been made clear that only certain types of violence is acceptable in Amerikkkan society.

Any Violence that supports n upholds White Supremacist imperialism, capitalism, Colonialism, our police state, is in support of our troops(the war in Iraq,) which is “patriotism”, is 100% acceptable violence, while violence that seeks to dismantle systems of oppression, white supremacy, capitalism, and White Supremacist imperialism is deemed “unacceptable”, even if it’s violence that is a reaction to the violence perpetrated against Blacks by White Supremacist imperialism ,it still doesn’t matter and it’s still considered “unacceptable” and it’s discouraged n frowned upon.

For White Amerikkka It’s irrelevant if the violence against us Blacks happened first, making it a cause n affect scenario, it’s STILL deemed “unacceptable” because it’s violence that challenges the White hierarchy, capitalism, the status quo, and White Supremacist imperialism.

In this matrix, Whiteness is often times framed as passive n invisible, when the truth is that Whiteness is super aggressive and by turn, Blackness is framed as aggressive when in truth, historically up until the present, Blackness has shown itself to be completely passive. In fact, Blackness is expected to be passive n expected to take the violence enacted against their own, passively.

All the while, Cause n Effect, Action n Reaction, Chain Reactions n Domino Effects continue to elude Whites as they never seem to know how we got to the point of say, the uprising in Charlotte or similar incidents where Blacks have attempted to voice their anger n frustration over the steady stream of injustices waged on them because none ever result in punishment or consequences for Whites.

White ppl seem to suffer from acute Racial Amnesia along with short term selective memory among many other things such as White denial and White fragility, and all support their ability n desire to remove responsibility from their shoulders n consciousness but if you ask them about say, Soldiers returning from War who suffer from PTSD, they can clearly understand the cause n effect of that scenario even as they pretend like they don’t know how we got to the point we’re at today in this Racist Nation.

Basically, Whiteness can be as aggressive as it wants to be and Blackness is expected to just take it passively and if you won’t take it quietly, and you do decide to uprise, like in Charlotte, ppl are aghast n angry because us Black folks won’t just take the violence being committed against us silently, while it continues to be excused n sanctioned by the state.

Case n Point:

  1. Pulling the trigger is aggressive.
    2. Calling the police on ppl minding their own business is aggressive
    3. Gentrifying cities is aggressive
    4. Historically Whiteness has been aggressive as FUCK.
    5. Invading continents is aggressive
    6. Colonizing ppl, disrupting n destroying culture n assimilating ppl into your culture is aggressive.

Think about it.. the White ppl who looked out their window n called the cops on Tamir Rice, John Crawford n many others did not have to do that, they could have easily left them alone n went back to whatever they were doing, but instead they made the conscious choice to call the cops on our Black Brothas n children, because deep down inside, they wanted to hurt them, even tho they didn’t know them and that is 100% an act of aggression.

Gentrifying neighborhoods n then writing think pieces on how you gentrified them n creating “sketch apps” on where to go n where not to go to eat or shop because you think it’s “sketchy” is aggressive as well n there are hundreds of more acts of aggression constantly being committed against Blacks all day, every day with zero repercussions.

So if you really look at it, the way that Whiteness functions in our society is extremely aggressive even tho it’s continually framed as passive and White acts of aggression against Blacks are deemed just “random acts” that happen to Whites n when it does Whites are clueless as to how to handle it or what to do,so they just mistakenly out of fear,pull the trigger as if it’s some passive, out of their control act, that just randomly happened.

Meanwhile, Blackness continues to be framed as aggressive while many of our expected behaviors in this society n the way that our Blackness operates in this society is suppose to be and expected to be passive.

  1. Keep your head down n try to make it thru the day is passive…
    2. Shut up about oppression is passive…
    3. Wait until the right time to complain- like Kapnernick taking a knee at his game” being considered not the right time- is passive.
    4. Shut up about cultural appropriation n let us just steal your shit is passive.
    5. Except all these constant micro-aggressions without complaint is passive.
    6. Remain “peaceful” when White violence is committed against us is passive.
    7. (What exactly does that mean anyway? “Remain peaceful”
    8. Remain ” Peaceful” really means remain “Passive”
    9. Remain “non-violent” means remain “passive”, it means keep on taking this aggression(Whiteness) -which is violence, in a way acceptable to Whites.

Black ppl are conditioned to think of their Blackness as aggressive, when really we are expected to put on this “performance” of Black passivity. (Like hands up don’t shoot, take a knee, rioting n protesting “peacefully”, letting them touch your hair, letting them steal your music n Jack your culture, etc.)

Blackness is expected to be passive at all times n up until this very day, Blackness remains something you can rape, pillage, plunder, murder, steal from, appropriate,abuse, oppress n discriminate n aggrress against with no consequences, backlash, or culpability from the state, the White collective n or even many Black folks.”

Right now Yurugu is reacting to the world crises by increasing his violence, instead of working to make the planet livable even for their own progeny. This is the profile of the psychopathic personality with a suicidal bent. He is eh dying dinosaur thrashing and shaking, running into things, as he feels the life ebbs from his dying carcass. The problem is he is trying to take as much people, in proximity and even far way from him, as much as possible. Unless we heed the warnings that our various ancestors have been sending us, and prepare the way they showed us how to, we are going to have to count ourselves in the host that will go down with him.


4 thoughts on “Yurugu’s end times

  1. Wow! This post is amazing! You touched on so much. People need to read this post and see what we’re up against. They really are a savage cave beasts. There’s no denying it at this point. Their entire culture proves it.. They have NO empathy towards any person,animal or plant on this earth. I did a similar post a few months back. Not sure if you saw it. Check it out when you get a chance. Thanks for this great upload!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. They knew what time it was since the late 50’s when the first articles came out about their decreasing population. They knew what time it was in the 60’s when their own white women rebelled against them and blacks began to chant “Black Power.”

    After the 70’s into the 80’s, they really knew what time it was when they saw their women openly lusting after black penis and blacks becoming more and more educated and successful in their own european systems.

    That’s why, in my humble opinion, AIDS was created, Crack was invented, Swine Flu was invented and ganja became a “criminal” offense so wall street could get richer.

    But God always has a plan.

    Despite all their efforts, we’re slowly getting more and more awake, smarter and opting for self-segregation. Crack didn’t kill us. AIDS didn’t kill us. Nothing killed us.

    Now what?

    A fire breathing dragon?


    The pale fox is so damn desperate, It’s almost comical waiting for his next bomb to drop. Do they really think Trump is gonna put the fear of a white God in us? After all the shit they’ve already done to us? I personally know black folks, here and abroad, that have told me:

    “I don’t give a fuck anymore. If they come for me, I’m gonna go down fighting.”

    This is what they fear most. A black person with nothing left to lose.

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