The plastic Rice fall out

Reports of plastic or fake rice entering the local Jamaican market have been  capturing news headlines recently. Below is the picture of the Islands Ministry of Agriculture, Karl Samuda, who had responded to the controversy, saying that there is no evidence of plastic in the samples of rice tested by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ).


Take a look at this face. Is this the face of  man you would trust, from a political party that is most notable for the influx of white people and other ethnics into a nation of 90 percent Afrikan? Rest assured that the other party does their level best to join the race to the bottom of the toilet. But lets stay on course here.

Below is a story lifted from a local paper called Loopjamaica, regarding this controversy.

So what’s the deal with plastic rice?

Rumours surrounding plastic rice have been making the rounds on social media from as early as 2011. However, to date, the claims of synthetic rice have remained unproven.  Claims of synthetic food products have popped up in several countries including China, Singapore, and Malaysia.

According to an email published as a source in a Singaporean news publication, synthetic rice was not a new phenomenon but had been routinely blended with natural rice as a way to reduce cost. The email went on to note that the “rice” was made by blending potatoes and plastic. “The potatoes are first formed into the shape of rice grains. Industrial synthetic resins are then added to the mix,” read the publication.

Another report from Vietnam alleged that real rice was mixed in with the fake rice and then sprayed to mimic the smell of rice. Similarly, reports out of other Asian countries claimed that of the 10 million tonnes of rice produced by China, more than a half of the production was fake rice.

However, in every country where fake rice has been reported, testing has revealed that the claims were unsupported. In Indonesia, samples of “plastic rice” were collected and examined, with laboratory results showing that the rice samples contained no fake or plastic materials.

Similarly, tests conducted in China and Malaysia found no synthetic polymers in the rice. A Bloomberg article noted that for more than a decade China has been navigating periodic food-safety scandals, which has taken a toll on public confidence. 

China has been accused of producing cardboard buns, fake eggs and a host of other synthetic made foods. This may be a reason that rumours of plastic rice endure despite a lack of proof that it exists.

Could these people then, be making this shit up?
Its interesting that as a whole, black people would shift from denial to attacking the news bringer to maybe even outrage at the people who they need to be mad at. But they never seem to actually want to implement direct and effective actions against those that continually kills us. Whether with a bullet, psychologically through media manipulation or with food. Food has been mentioned in the past as the last battle front in the race to world domination and population control.

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” —former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger

 Here is a very interesting and informative piece posted on his Facebook page, by a Jamaican involved in the political process and who is striving to educate and inform the people about their rights and the necessity to take stewardship of their own destiny. It was written as a response to a Chinese dude, claiming that eh Afrikans in Jamaica are being racist to his people.

In response to “Don’t Call us Chiney”

The article in question which was published today paints Chinese as great victims in Jamaica which is not true. This rich businessman is convincing Jamaicans that while Chinese legitimately evade taxes and don’t even live below certain poverty lines are actual victims of racism in Jamaica. We get fed dog meat, spoiled flour and food not fit for human consumption by the Chinese and have never resorted to calling them racist. However, because we call them “Chiney”, we are the racists? The rich business man who says we are racist chose to live in Jamaica for over two decades and I assume nobody stopped him from leaving whenever he felt like it so how is he still in racist Jamaica? Why not go back to China? Or somewhere more tolerant to Chinese people than Jamaica? Maybe the USA, Japan or Tibet. Maybe it’s because Jamaica is not as hostile to Chinese people as the article portrays us to be so read this article and have an understanding of the “racist” relationship between Jamaica and Chinese people.
The term “Chiney” may actually be offensive when you think about it but do we really have a sinister intention when we use the term “Chiney” or when we say to a Chinese person, “Missa Chin, beg yuh a light deh.” I don’t think so. Most Jamaicans are simple and loving people who lack any ulterior motive than to live and enjoy life so any use of perceptibly racial slurs come from our mentality to nickname everyone and everything. Even our Motto shows that we have a welcoming spirit that we barely can contain. Even when foreigners are trouble we still find ourselves welcoming them. We only really fight against ourselves as Jamaicans and as black people. We don’t really pick war out of our race if you really notice. The only man in this country that can say that Jamaica is racist is “Blacka” who we always associate with poverty, criminality and ignorance. We might not want to admit it but we are more racist towards full black people than we are of any other race in the world. Full black people are automatically associated with the ghetto, they automatically get searched by the police more than lighter skinned Jamaicans. They are mercilessly watched in supermarkets and are disliked by others who look down on them all while we claim Jamaica is a black man’s country. We still associate light skinned people with wealth, intelligence, beauty and sophistication which is how you can determine that we are racist against the Negro and not the Chinese.
Most Jamaicans depend of supermarket goods to feed them and not necessarily market or locally farmed produce. Therefore supermarket goods and the imported foods that dominate its shelves are in effect the source of Jamaica’s food security, which keeps Jamaicans alive. If the supermarket owners in Jamaica were to close all the supermarkets in Jamaica then there would be mass starvation in a matter of days. Therefore, Jamaica’s food security is a national security issue of utmost importance and those in control of our food security are therefore in control our livelihood and survival as a nation.
(1) Monopoly over Jamaica’s Food Supply
What percentage of Jamaica’s supermarkets are owned by the Chinese? (60%, 70% or 80%?) This in a country where a rich Chinese business man calls us racist, while they basically dominate the entire retail industry due to preferential tax holidays that not even black owned supermarkets get. So we give them tax exemption and allow them to dominate our retail industry but fail to see the potential danger of doing so. What if the Chinese government implements a new policy tomorrow which encourages Chinese people to want to return to China for whatever unexpected and unplanned reason? Wouldn’t the Chinese have to close their supermarkets and leave the country resulting in a scarcity in food sources (supermarkets)? Now imagine if the Chinese intentionally wants to control our food supply and use it to influence us when needed. Wouldn’t our local retail industry (supermarkets) look something like how it looks now, dominated by Chinese owned supermarkets?
(2) Bootlegging Foods and Questionable Ingredients
As we’ve long known, the Chinese bootleg almost everything, including food products. Many of us have seen the videos circulating on the internet of Chinese people packaging Milo and even making their own Coca-Cola. They are known to make fake cigarettes, rum and even fake rice. The suspicious thing is that the Chinese are somehow able to sell those unofficially manufactured products cheaper than companies and manufacturing giants who have machine operated plants designed to make those products at the cheapest production cost possible. So how does the Chinese unofficially manufacture these products and sell them cheaper than the legitimate competitors while making a profit? Maybe they don’t make a profit, which may come strange to many since that is the only reason to open supermarkets and sell goods. But is it? Also, is there someone subsidizing these operations to allow the Chinese to flood the markets with cheap goods? If so, who is doing it and why?
We know Chinese people have been caught selling flour with weevil, questionable meat and even cardboard soaked in MSG and the list goes on. However, since we know that they lose instead of gaining wealth and resource from packaging their own goods and selling it cheap to dominate the market, are they intentionally putting in certain ingredients in our foods that shouldn’t be there? Is there any other reason to make bootlegged products which cost more than the legitimate cost of production?
Think about it, if I decided to start selling Milo for a profit and gathered with my family and friends then bought bags, printed them with the Milo logo and then sought to make Milo powder form whatever cost effective tactic that I can arrive by. The question is, Will I be able to make Milo, package it and sell it for cheaper or even at the same price as real Milo and make a profit? Absolutely not. In fact the Milo that the Chinese seem to be making in the video is real Milo bought and repackaged after whatever is added. They did not make the Milo powder. They got it from buying Milo and as I suspect they add questionable ingredients to it and sell it to us. Are the Chinese bootleggers waging a food warfare on Jamaica and other unsuspecting populations such as Nigeria, where the video was alleged to have been made? What else could be the reason to make fake good which have to cost more to make than the factories that make and sell them?
(3) Trend of Questionable Hygiene Practices And Outsider Mentality
We have never scolded the Chinese for the pattern of questionable hygiene practices that some of their people have become infamous for, especially in the Restaurant business around the world. The credibility of the Chinese when it comes to restaurant food is at an all time low and it will continue to get lower until those cellphone videos of them doing questionable hygine practices stop surfacing. The Chinese have also conducted themselves as virtual outsiders to some extent in our society. They barely even mix much less mingle. The average Jamaican man will date a Chinese girl and befriend a Chinese guy but is that the same case for most of the Chinese nationals who come to Jamaica? Even some Jamaican born Chinese still express this distant mentality by refraining from having non Chinese as close friends and lovers. Horace Chang is a Jamaican MP with predominantly Chinese features, the same can be said for Karl Samuda. Richard Azan has a Middle Eastern last name and facial features and still get votes. While at the same time it can easily escape us that Mark Golding, Ronnie Thwaites and Abe Dabdoub all have predominantly Caucasian features because Jamaicans are not inherently racist or xenophobic. It can be adversely argued that Jamaica is in fact one of the most racially welcoming societies in history and that we can sometimes practice a little discretion with those foreigners whom we freely give access to our country.
By Toraino Beckford (LL.B)
As a people we like to use the excuse of Christian love. Turn the other cheek. And forgiveness as a reason to not do what even the smallest of insects would do. When faced with aggression by a predator, fight back. Even at the cost of ones life or lively hood.
I remember when people were going absolutely bonkers when one Tessanne Chin became the darling of the Island, because she was part of some tel-lie-vison show called the voice. People hated on me and a few who questioned why such a turn out for a Chinese female, when many Afrikan sisters who could sing equally or better never got the same love.
It is this love for anything but black skin and Afrikan people that has made it so easy for others to continually take advantage of black people across the globe.
On a final note: The Mutabaruka show I had put up a couple days ago, where he talked about plastic rice and donkey meat for Christmas, had a caller who mentioned the fake eggs she had bought for her children. What may have been missed was the story that Chinese in Afrika are buying up donkeys everywhere they have infested the continent. I can bet you its not to start their own donkey farm.
There is a reason why I call them scavengers.

7 thoughts on “The plastic Rice fall out

      1. Yeah I go to Sprouts grocery store for organic fruits and vegetables. It gets pretty expensive. I see why poor people go to Murder King and McKillers to feed their family. When you live paycheck to paycheck you can’t go to a lot of these organic stores.
        As far as Chinese food,I just can’t do it anymore. I remember years ago I saw a Chinese restaurant right next to a pet hospital. Can’t be a coincidence. I think that was a sign lol

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      2. Recently saw a video clip of a sole support mother, who decide to start a neighborhood gardening program to give the community access to affordable vegetables. I have been trying to figure out away to do the same in my city. This could be something we do in pockets as away to jump start and build on some serious community incentives

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