Let’s talk about sex baby….

I saw this status on one of the groups I am in, on facebook this morning.

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Of course the supporters, practitioners of oral sex and those equally appalled by her statement, went in on her hard. Its only natural that describing this act as an homosexual act did not go down easy for many. Not when a man performing oral sex on a woman or a woman performing oral sex on a man is considered  “natural”.

But is oral sex natural?  The practitioners and those who enjoy oral sex  more than genital intercourse, in some instances, would find no problem stringing up this woman. Of course the obvious Christianinsanity bias came out, in the responses, as well. Many who objected to her statement, as per usual, make it personal by proclaiming that her inability to suck her man is the reason why she is saying this. Man wouldn’t it be something if people can object to a point of view without insulting the other and calling them all kinds of vile names? Nah! That’s like asking kneegrows to act….you know…mature!

To go way out on a limb and in trying to overstand where she is coming from, i am just asking…how many of you, ever thought that eating ass would have been such a popular practice just 10 years ago. Hell, how many knew it would be so blatantly celebrated three years ago.

“Eating the booty like groceries”

But according to science and common sense…ass licking is also oral sex. So in reality your preference dictates your response. If you want to see things through her eyes. But let’s delve into the his-story of oral sex for a minute. i personally thought that Oral sex came about around the time of the Marquis Du Sade and the self same sect…the French…who is said to have created the “French kiss”. Sucking the tongue.

Sex in Ancient times

 According to those who lack much overstanding, Oral sex was only  brought into the modern mainstream by The Godfather and Deep Throat, but in doing a bit of research, I found that — it has a long, rich history that dates back thousands of years.

Author and scholar Thierry Leguay told Salon in 2000 that “the first clear real traces of fellatio are from ancient Egypt … Osiris was killed by his brother and cut into pieces. His sister Iris put the pieces together but, by chance, the penis was missing. An artificial penis was made out of clay, and Iris ‘blew’ life back into Osiris by sucking it. There are explicit images of this myth.”

To be fair, I have never heard about Auset, “blowing” life into Ausar’s penis and unless an Afrikan scholar can correct me, I am chalking that up to Yurugu projection and wishful thinking. If this is the only definite example he has, then its not much. Though I am not going to go out on a limb and claim that Afrikan people NEVER PRACTICED ORAL SEX!

In the city of Pompeii, which was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, archaeologists uncovered ancient baths decorated with erotic frescoes, reported the Independent in 2010, including depictions of oral sex.

A History of Oral Sex, From Fellatio's Ancient Roots to the Modern Blow Job

Antonio Varone, who helped lead the excavation of the baths, told the Independent that the frescoes include depictions of “fellatio and cunnilingus” as well as group sex. Another ancient building uncovered in Pompeii, a brothel called the Lupanare, includes similar erotic frescoes as well as a sign advertising the services of a prostitute whose specialty was oral sex.

The Moche people, who lived on the northern coast of Peru and whose civilization likely collapsed around 560 to 650 AD, made utilitarian ceramics that also happened to be depictions of fellatio (you can see some of them in person at the Museo Larco in Lima, Peru).

 One of the most popular books on the subject, The Kamasutra, one of the worlds’ most famous erotic texts, was created in northern India, “probably in the second century,” reported the Wall Street Journal in March — and the original Sanskrit text includes descriptions of fellatio in various, sometimes complicated, positions.

A History of Oral Sex, From Fellatio's Ancient Roots to the Modern Blow Job

Additional information on the subject can be found here.

So what this woman states is off. Way off, especially when she equates it with homosexuality. The Chrisitaninsanity worldview is really skewed in such away that common sense is thrown out the window. I have read where some idiot Christian preacher in Afrika, state that missionary sex is the only acceptable sex. According to him, doggie style sex is a sinful position.

She would have done a better job in stating that unnatural attention to sex, over emotional and intellectual attachment in a relationship dooms said relationships and turn them in to situationship. She should have stated that many people who engage in a sexually active lifestyle, must be careful about where they dip or what is dipped in them. Be aware of the transference of negative energies from toxic individuals into your own person. She should have spoken on how many teens and even adults fail to clean their genitalia or even practice good internal and external hygiene in order to not pass STD’s and other nastiness around.

I think people like her should accept that people will be highly sexual in a society that is highly sexually charged and open. She should attack these schools that teach pre-schoolers and grade schoolers about the joys of Oral, anal and homosexual sex. Adults can do anything they want to do. This is a proven fact. She and people like her should actually strive to accept that young people will have sex, so teaching them about self discipline around screwing any and everything that moves and cautioning them about the pitfalls of promiscuity and all the known consequence, would go a long way into getting people to take her serious.

Other than that, just throwing this out without rhyme and very little reason has and will continue to invite ridicule and laughter. It is also proven wrong that hue-mans ONLY engage in sex for procreation. Number one reason being while many women in tuned with their bodies, know when they are ovulating, huemans are still not animals in heat, that ONLY copulate during their urges. Having sex outside of procreation is not the same as having recreational sex and is really a non issue, particularly in modern times, when almost everybody lives in a urban setting and is not tied to an agrarian lifestyle. A lifestyle that takes up a majority  of your daily life.

I think deep down this issue triggers a lot of sub issues we as Afrikan people striving to dismantle white pathology faces. The main one being how people react to sex in general and selective sexual practice. I remember one dude was all up in his feelings last year, when i stated that a man inserting his penis in a woman’s anus, is prepping for doing the same into a man’s penis. Dude…who admitted that he spent time in the pen..claimed that this is as enjoyable as vaginal sex and he was more manly than me. I couldn’t make this nonsense up if I had to me to do so.

What do you think folks? Do you think she is just uninformed, ignorant or has some deep seated psycho – religious issues? Do you think we as a people use sex as a drug and a salve to heal psychological scarring? Are we focused too much on sex, over the kind of quality of life that would elevate us up and out of the over all wretched position we are seen and we see ourselves?

Chime in please…

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sex baby….

  1. Very good post! Living in an anti-life,anti-nature, Greco-Roman culture means everything will be perverted. Sexuality must be perverted in European culture. That’s just normal for them. We as African people should not practice what they do. I do agree with Kelley though. We live in a hyper-sexualized society. All this homosexual/lesbian promotion is a part of the agenda. I do think we are too focused on sex. But that’s because we watch too much television and films. It has corrupted our minds on what REAL sexuality is. We know think perversion is normal.

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  2. Im not gonna lie, when i first read the womans post i was on board. That’s because oral sex is not my thing, personally i dont get anything out of it. But hey everyone has their thing. If she just stuck to the natural part of the argument she could have went somewhere more productive with it. She went kind of overboard with the homosexuality bit though. You can’t really prove that through that act alone. There are other factors obviously. Besides the entire thought process on sex has been warped in this society anyway i.e.the idea that a man must ejaculate every time to achieve an orgasm. We don’t even know the fundamentals on sex to be making that assumption Smh

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  3. We definitely live in a super sexualized society; you cannot avoid it. And yes, I do think many people use it as a drug. Sex may be the only thing they’re good at or good for, so they use that “power” unwisely-to control and distract their partner[s] from their otherwise worthless being. But, like most personality traits, you only involve yourself in things that you deem yourself worthy; a lot of these kids and adults are walking around with a self-love deficit and accept any kind of “love” and attention they can get.

    Great post.

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